DID O.J. simpson kill his wife

DID O.J. simpson kill his wife

Created by americanman101 on Nov 19, 2008

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his friend killed her


Birmingham, AL

#68 May 23, 2011
all that matters is that GOD knows the truth.

Superior, WI

#69 May 25, 2011
Hello the truth about oj is not guilty! The scam of the century will be revealed soon when the "Racist of the Century" is off his ego-trip I wish I was O.J. Tour! Yes many police know he didn't do it. That's why, even though O.J. didn't know the verdict they had the white vans ready to take him home hours before with heavy security. Bone-headed racist people have destroyed this country with garbage like you read it's all racism O.J. not perfect but not a killer! Get it?
jbm, your calling those jurors "12 dummies" just indicates how ignorant and backward you really are. But what more can one expect from just another in-bred MF on this site. You dumb ass retard you can't even remember that the Simpson judge dismissed two FBI special agents from testifying in the Simpson trial. They were analysts set to be some more prosecution "expert witnesses" from the FBI's own crime lab. The judge, Ito, stopped them from testifying because they had been exposed by another FBI special agent/analyst/whistleblower named Dr. Frederick Whitehurst because they had been involved in manipulating DNA and explosives evidence by falsely slanting said evidence in favor of prosecutors around the country.
I don't know where the real murderer is, but I do know that there was a real killer that LAPD knew about who should have been considered well before handcuffs were placed on OJ Simpson within hours of his return from Chicago, the day after the murders took place. The killer I speak of was later convicted of murdering 4 women, and by his own admission possibly as many as 74 women, in the same manner as Nicole Brown Simpson. A serial killer who Nicole had allegedly been dating, whose criminal record, like Ron Goldman's, was protected under the Confidential Informants Law of CA. A useful psychopath working for police across the U.S. and who is now on death row in Florida for the 4 other women he killed within 6 weeks time in the fall of 1995. Here!!!

Holliday, TX

#70 Jun 26, 2011
Does anyone remember that he beat Nichole almost to death, but thats OK for OJ. Anyone that can do that should get about 10 years, and they are also capeable of murder. Lets not forget about the freeway chase,a felony,having a gun in the Bronco,a felony. How many years does all that add up to?
If he would have been in prison for beating Nichole, she would still be alive.

United States

#71 Dec 16, 2011
bigben wrote:
Simpson was on a plane to Chicago while his wife Nicole was on the telephone talking to her mother Juditha Brown. Both the prosecution and L.A. defense lawyers knew this and concealed the Juditha Brown phone records from the jury. Deathrow Records hired by this man's friends at Goldballz Productions DJ Midas was paid $3million dollars to deliver the drugs.

B.A Aka Baddboy Similar books and I got the guns to prove it in my apartment I got machine guns. I sell the guns to gangs ONLY you have to be in a Gang to buy from our friends .
KeithConwayLane wrote:

http://www.facebook.com/people /Keith-Conway-Lane/1840186185
Keith_Conway_Lane UPDATED:

Keith Conway Lane
B.A aka Baddboy myspace
Here is proof below that even Johnnie Cochran was involved in the conspiracy to cover-up.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =oZfbCRZvoyoXX
Deathrow Records hired by this man's friends at Goldballz Productions DJ Midas was paid $3million dollars to deliver the drugs.

B.A Aka Baddboy Similar books and I got the guns to prove it in my apartment I got machine guns. I sell the guns to gangs ONLY you have to be in a Gang to buy from our friends .
KeithConwayLane wrote:

http://www.facebook.com/people /Keith-Conway-Lane/1840186185
Keith_Conway_Lane UPDATED:

Keith Conway Lane
B.A aka Baddboy myspace

Since: Dec 11

The Colony, TX

#73 Dec 24, 2011
OJ Simpson did not kill his wife because his wife was still alive at 11PM when OJ was entering the backseat of a limo to LAX. His lawyers went along with concealing Nicole's mother Juditha Brown's telephone records that we know, what for, we don't know other than what was evident, pecuniary gain, i.e multi-million dollar book deals. Even Johnnie Cochran is caught up in the betrayal admitting they concealed those records from the jury. http://youtu.be/Bk3Muy_MgJA
boot lip

Florence, KY

#74 Dec 31, 2011
oj's onlyest crime is bein a black man.
Ojs Guilty

United States

#75 Jan 13, 2012
Simple IQ Test - ask someone if they think Oj is Guilty, if they say YES - you can talk to that person.
If they NO (Oj is innocent)- run far away from that idiot!
He is SOOOO Guilty, the evidence was SO OBVIOUS, it alomst could have been a video of the murder.
Ex: His car was crooked, parked on the street. Then when he jumped the wall, he banged into the wall of Kato's room (Kato heard the noise). Then while the limo driver was waiting for him - he see's OJ run into the house and answer the intercom. Right hand cut badly, shoe size - perfect match, 911 calls shows behavior pattern, then he is on the FWY w/$10,000 cash headed for Mexico and wouldnt pull over for the cops. Easy Case - Dumb Jury!(One Juror was quoted that she "liked Johnny Chocran's suit") Really!
At least he is where he belongs, because of his own stupidty!
In Fact, I predict - he will just admit that he killed Nicole and Ron one day, because he is just that dumb.
rus gib


#76 Feb 26, 2012
joe mamma wrote:
who did oj kill first.?!
Furman killed them both, then set OJ up. Furman had fallen in love with Nichol after he was called to her house durring the domestic abuse calls. He was just a cop back then. he did not like the idea of Nichol going back to the most well loved black man in America. He was a Neo-Nazi.
Same Here

Cayucos, CA

#77 Mar 12, 2012
CarebearWalker wrote:
Michael Gargiulo and the Nicole Simpson/Ron Goldman murders 1994...
I was reading on the internet how Ashley Ellerin died in 2001 and saw some similarities with Nicole’s attack in 1994
This psychopathic, serial killer killed his neighbor in Illinois in 1993….then moved to Los Angeles California there after…both woman had their necks slashed to the spine and their heads and other parts were stabbed continuously…Just wanted to mention this…I know so many people think OJ Simpson killed her and Ron….but who knows and why not say something…be curious if there more killing from this guy dating from 1994 to 2001…he was known to drive a white van for his profession…and some witnesses claim they saw one at the time of the Simpson/Goldman murder…this killer seemed to watch woman living alone for some time and then strikes…he could have easily formed a focus on Nicole and Ron Goldman was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he struck…

Dallas, TX

#78 Apr 5, 2012
rich cracker wrote:
why would the police want to frame an uncle tom like simpson,it's not like he was malcom x.
grow up!
cracker, Mr. Simpson name is not Tom and he's not your uncle. The murder scene had all of the indications of a drug deal gone bad. In most major cities drug lords have the police in their back pockets. Los Angeles is no exception.

Dallas, TX

#79 Apr 5, 2012
Beatrice wrote:
HEY DUNDERHEAD, O. J. Simpson didn't have a wife to kill.

Dallas, TX

#80 Apr 5, 2012
There is a plethora of evidence and withnesses that clearly indicate that it was impossible for Mr. Simpson to have killed Nicole and Ron. Fred Goldman is a pathetic excuse for a human being. If he cared about his dead son, he would be out trying to find the real killers and not trying squeeze Mr. Simpson for money. The mainstream media is partly to blame for keeping people misinformed. The robbery kidnapping B S was a classic example of a Kangaroo court.

Dallas, TX

#81 Apr 6, 2012
hank wrote:
sorry,...but anyone who thinks this idiot is innocent of anything needs their heads examined! OJ is and always will be a murdering piece of garbage and everyone deep in their hearts knows the prick is guilty! He's gonna fry! Bad Kharma man,...Bad Kharma. Morons like OJ don't deserve the air we breathe! I say cook him!,....SLOWLY!
I'm sorry to inform you but you are the idiot.

Preston, UK

#82 Apr 20, 2012
bigben wrote:
Listen, cracker, when you're trying to hide the embarrassment of a major conspiracy over here, you conspire to promote another over there. LA county avoided a major sunami, in the form of a major drug scandal, that reached very, wery, high places by bringing you this Simpson farce.
And if you want to beguile and befuddle white folk, and foolish negroes, too, you promulgate a diversion based upon race. 9 out of 10 times it will work all the time. They will argue, like we do, threaten one another, like we do, foam at the mouth, like we do, hurl racial epitaths at each other, like we do. At the same time that those promoting the diversionary conspiracy skip merrily out the back door.
Simpson,(you white folks uncle tom) was perfect for this type of scam. Despite what the slick Jews like Geraldo et al preached to you, OJ Simpson was an icon of white folk, not blacks. Therefore, whatever insult that was perceived by blacks would not cause a major upheaval that could spin out of control because, as you say, Simpson was not a Malcolm X. He was undoubtedly an expendable negro probably thrown overboard to protect the disclosure of the real conspiracy. The one that we saw when the truth was revealed in the "LAPD Rampart Scandal" in 1999-2000 and subsequently turned into the 2001 "Academy Award winning" (joke) "Training Day".
seriously bigben you need some serious help with your delusions
brain dead

Naples, FL

#83 Apr 24, 2012
I read comments and there is no way OJ was on any plane to Chicago when his wife was talking to Judith Broiwn on the phone. She was dead. It is nice to read so many ignorant supporters, proof positive that if you really believe that, you will remain on welfare and so will all your off springs. Just plane ignorant..

Dallas, TX

#84 May 9, 2012
Don't be imbeciles. O. J. didn't have a wife.

Dallas, TX

#85 May 10, 2012
Beatrice wrote:
Beatrice, you're an idiot. Mr. Simpson didn't have a wife.
rymes r better then books

New Fairfield, CT

#86 Jul 5, 2012
Stanley Olenick

United States

#87 Jul 27, 2012
Anyone who believes O.J. didn't kill Ron and Nicole, also believes whales can tap dance.
Curious K

Simi Valley, CA

#88 Dec 30, 2013
Maybe serial killer Michael Gargiulo killed Nicole. He was in LA during this time. He and stalked and killed young beautiful woman the same way Nicole was killed.
R.I.P. Nicole Simpson beautiful lady. The truth will come out!

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