A solitary stage

A solitary stage

There are 43 comments on the Baltimore Sun story from Dec 7, 2008, titled A solitary stage. In it, Baltimore Sun reports that:

Cellist Troy Stuart furrows his brow, saying, "Something's not right." Violinist Tai Murray agrees and asks the pianist to come in "more joyfully." She kicks up her fur boot-covered feet in a little dance to ...

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Baltimore, MD

#1 Dec 7, 2008
It is Bush and Ehrlichs fault.
Mezzo forte

Utica, MI

#2 Dec 7, 2008
Think it would be cool if I started a chamber group for whites only? Oh, no, that would be racist.

Rosedale, MD

#3 Dec 7, 2008
Perhaps it's because rap and such do not inspire the better music choices of blacks. Does these mean Obama needs a Music Czar in his cabinet? Always comes down to race, doesn't it? I note no loss or orientals in the seats. Do you? Let's see: how does National Association of African Clarinet Players sound?
Henry Bowman

Annapolis, MD

#4 Dec 7, 2008
If there are no institutional rules against the inclusion of non-whites in a symphony orchestra and the auditions are blind to ensure that only the best players get the gigs regardless of race, then the problem is not with the orchestra....it is with the culture that places little to no value on orchestral music.

Perhaps the author could have done more justice to the subject by delving into the reasons that blacks are not part of the orchestral world due to their self-imposed lack of participation in that genre.

Let's take a look at parents who do not value music education for their children, a peer culture that castigates a child for carrying home a violin or clarinet, a popular culture that places far more emphasis on vulgarity and materialism and maybe we'll be getting somewhere.

It's not the failure of the orchestras, it's the failure of a culture that does not place value on this music.

Royal Oak, MI

#5 Dec 7, 2008
.........and how many white musicians play music in companies that specialize in music of African origins? Pluzzzze, this article is soooooooooo self-serving. I surprised some of the people interviewed for this tripe didn't complain that some white folks mistook them for profesional athletes.........

Parkville, MD

#6 Dec 7, 2008
Have you noticed that there are no white cornerbacks in the National Football League? With more than 150 miilion white people in this country, how can it be that not one is good enough to be a third string cornerback for the worst defensive team?
With the election of Barack Obama to the presidency we have completed what Harry Truman started in 1945. As of January 20, 2009 I do not want to hear about it any more.

Westminster, MD

#7 Dec 7, 2008
what, no quotas? quick appoint blacks to the orchestras, even if they are not qualified as the next applicant.
and then we can workmon quotas on the professional sports teams. as whites make up a majority of the population, they should make up a majority on every team. and if a white guy is not as good as a black, the position should go to the white in the names of fairness and entitlement.

Walled Lake, MI

#10 Dec 7, 2008
If this result is a surprise to most people, they haven't attended a elementary or middle school music recital in the past several decades. The lack of A-A children in these programs is responsible for the lack of black orchestra members. Is it an intelligence thing? Asian kids are over-represented in the string section and in the academic societies. What gives America? Well, at least the A-A factor in the NBA is strong,(N)othin'(B)ut (A)fricans. Go Obama, it's uphill from here. The election was the easy part.

Montgomery Village, MD

#11 Dec 7, 2008
Why not an article about how 90% of the NBA players are black and whining about the lack of diversity in the NBA. Why are there not more white, latino, asian etc. players in the NBA?
The Truth

United States

#13 Dec 7, 2008
Heidrich wrote:
... Let's see: how does National Association of African Clarinet Players sound?
About as ridiculous as the rest of the "blacks only" institutions.

“Making A Big Splash”

Since: Mar 08


#14 Dec 7, 2008
It is time to encourage more of our children in music studies.

Salisbury, MD

#15 Dec 7, 2008
I was going to comment, but was surprise to see so many with my point of view. Well said everyone. Tipical front page story in The Sun. Its always about race with The Sun. No story? Let write about race.

Montgomery Village, MD

#16 Dec 7, 2008

Baltimore, MD

#18 Dec 7, 2008
The only people who still worried about skin color are people like the author of this "article."

Before Obama got elected, the word was that if he lost it would be due to America still being a very racist country. Now that he's won, no comment.

Here's the template for authors like this:

1. Find obscure niche that has few black people involved.

2. Find one or more black people who are involved and interview them.

3. Write narcissistic article about how evil white people prevent black people from participating in said niche.

4. Profit.
A Epp

Baltimore, MD

#19 Dec 7, 2008
"I've learned from everyone I've played with, people of all races," he says. "But I can't lie. There's something special about making music with other African-Americans, persons whose experiences are a lot like mine. Just looking at each other gives us confidence."
Mr. Stuart, you must be kidding, if a white musician said I prefer playing with whites and am more comfortable playing with white musicians they would be called racist. And for you to add that some people (whites presumably) will stay away just because the group is black, since the large black audience is only there because chamber group is black, is simply poor self justification for an even more chauvanist and also silly comment--whites, and yes even racist whites, have been listening to black musicians for hundreds of years now. Mr. Stuart I am sorely dissapointed that however mature you are as a musician, you are so blinkered as a human being: I hope you may grow in this dimension or at least will pass on your talent; not your prejudices to the next generation of musicians, black or white. A first step would be to think about what you're saying before you say it, your comments do you no credit.

Baltimore, MD

#20 Dec 7, 2008
This is my favorite quote in the article:

"Stuart says, "just as I'm sure there will be others who won't come because African-Americans are onstage."

Really? You are "sure" others won't come because there are AA onstage? I seriously doubt that people who are fans of classical music care much about the color of the musician's skin. Of course, this baseless accusation goes complete unchallenged by the writer.

Woodstock, MD

#21 Dec 7, 2008
This article is a fine example of one of the many privileges of being black in America.
Richard Greene

Philadelphia, PA

#22 Dec 7, 2008
An added component to this article is black classical composers. Research has identified more than 450 names spanning several centuries and continents, but few regular listeners can name more than one or two.
To help with this I have compiled a comprehensive discography of 160+ black classical composers recorded on CD. This, along with other information, is available online at < http://astro.temple.edu/~rgreene/BlackComp> ;.
I sincerely wish to credit the Baltimore Sun for today's article.
[email protected]
In NBA Few Whites

Washington, DC

#23 Dec 7, 2008
Nick wrote:
Why not an article about how 90% of the NBA players are black and whining about the lack of diversity in the NBA. Why are there not more white, latino, asian etc. players in the NBA?
Spot on! Why doesn't The Sun write an article about the transformation of the NBA from a nearly white domain to the current state of more then 90 % black?

Clearly playing in a top notch orchestra requires musical skill that begins with training early in a child's life. The black family as we know it in Baltimore is shattered more often then not (you can look it up!) and playing a musical instrument as a professional is a priority somehwere around studying to be a Rhodes Scholar. No offence intended but this is reality.

Without question the issues plaguing the black subculture are all tracible to poor or absent parenting, on an industrial (continent wide) scale. Black sperm donors must be first on Obama's 'hit list' and he needs to call them out. Whether he serves 4 years or 8 I am holding Obama's feet to the fire on this one. 90 % of success in life is about good role models and strong parenting. With both of these working well one does not need to be concerened about bail money and a felony arrest.

Owings Mills, MD

#24 Dec 7, 2008
Just like hockey - its not in their culture.

PLEASE - lib papers like Sun do not have to force EVERYTHING down our throat.

Maybe the black individuals are just not good enough! My niece is in Boston Symphoney Orchestra - plays the obo - and stated to me that its NOT uncommon to see few minorities for classical symphony music. Much tougher/difficult to understand/acquire this skill level. She told me the asians are probably most adept at getting "it"...but no blacks or hispanics seem to have the TALENT to make it to that level.

How about some MORE affirmative blaction towards that as well.

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