Robert Newman - The Mozart Myth

Robert Newman - The Mozart Myth

There are 298 comments on the TruthSeeker24's anti-N.W.O. corner story from Apr 12, 2009, titled Robert Newman - The Mozart Myth. In it, TruthSeeker24's anti-N.W.O. corner reports that:

Monday, April 06, 2009 Robert Newman - The Mozart Myth March 29, 2009 Robert Newman has been researching Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for 15 years, we talk about the Myth, PR campaign and lies surrounding Mozart life.

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Robert Newman

Stockport, UK

#265 Oct 12, 2012
George Butler,

I share the wise opinion of Mark Twain on voting that,''if voting could change things they would have banned it long ago''.

As for Mozart and my work having been in progress for over 20 years, you may appreciate I am not flipping burgers or assembling engines with a clock in mind but actively connecting together data on a subject so vast it can be said to be finished only when it has been reduced to simplicity so potent that men like you may read it as an antidote from the paradigm of 'knowing' what you never once studied. Quite a challenge, you may agree (?) But you are so busy rendering unto a corporate Caesar in high office I wish you every success in your taking part in the next corporate opinion poll, aka 'election'.(Caesar having already seized all registered persons who are willing to serve him, etc. with promises of a policy suited for mass audiences and more of the same). As we see also in the subject of music history, so-called. But I will certainly not spoil your fun. Just put your 'X' in the right box and declare yourself incompetent.(There was a time when the illiterate did the same and it seems to me that voters these days are unshaken in their goal of continuing the tradition.

Mango, thank you for being so persistent. I hope to share with readers details of the life, career and achievements of a certain W.A. Mozart to provide proof of just how absurd and falsified the Babylonian invention of our western 'musical history' really is. There is, I must say, no history of fire making, of making beds, or growing cabbages. Nor is there a history of music. Which may even explain its coincidental arrival with the music industry. But do not tell the children, will you ? In fact, the unusual thing about musical history is it seems to provide more answers than questions. One really must be aware of this. Though it makes the subject rather difficult to handle and you will first be tempted to start trying to disprove it by trying to disprove a negative,(which is of course impossible. The realisation of which took time and has certainly shaped the approach I've taken and am still taking. Criticising the the icon, the 'genius' who is spoonfed to us with laughably little question of any serious kind. The Zientific age having answers to everything, yes ? And especially here where it has merged with the dogmas of science itself, so-called.

Anyway, we may allow ourselves to ''think out of the box''on music and its supposed history, yes, but, we must be careful, since we must realise we will no longer be invited to the 'best parties' by the cultured and educated of our own times. C'est la vie. Musicians have known this for a very long time. They too have their moments.


Southfield, MI

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Judge it!
Friday Oct 5

You have talked about this book for years and years. you will never publish it.
BTW, to everyone on here, I bet you Robert Newman can also show us how Barak Obama actaully won the debate the other night. I can't wait to hear this.


Colchester, UK

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Judge it!
Sunday Oct 7


Thanks for your reply. I had given up expecting one. On closer inspection of your reply, I'm left wondering exactly what it is you're intending to publish, as you don't actually say it's the long-awaited book on Mozart's alleged
Robert Newman

Plymouth, UK

#266 Oct 21, 2012
Thank you Mango. You again fail to talk of the life, career and musical achievements of W.A. Mozart (1756-1791). Isn't this becoming rather, well, tedious ? We wonder why you bother posting. But your failures bring surprise to nobody who has followed them on various forums ? Opportunity after opportunity given to ask sensible questions. But you don' take them.
That's what a 'Mozartean' education does. It fills heads with candy floss, with eulogies, nonsense, and no appreciation of anything except more of the same hyperbole and falsely attributed musical attributions. And they call it 'science','history' and 'culture', don't they ? LOL !
I have talked about this book for years and years. You are certainly right there. But you may be wrong to say it will never appear. I'm trying hard to dumb it down to a level where the most infantile consumer of the Mozart myth can see they have been worshipping at the altar of the Babylonian managers of western civilization, so-called in matters of music. You have convinced me as much as anyone that the statues, processions, pantheons of 'great composers', the fairy tales surrounding their mythical lives and all the general fiction which surrounds there supposed achievements 'must be true'. Because the alternative would require you to stop and ask some basic, I mean really basic, questions. The priests of musicology have done this for you, right ? Our zientific age has made a disciple of you. Right ?And you are a heroic defender of its monuments, right ? Rarely has a Goliath been so mystified by common sense.
Robert Newman

Plymouth, UK

#267 Oct 22, 2012
''Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rightly confined to the governing class and the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated ... Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they will be incapable of thinking or acting otherwise than their schoolmaster would have wished.''

(Bertrand Russell)
Edward F

Port Richey, FL

#268 Dec 12, 2012
I contacted you last year about this time about my support for your work. I have been following your work for a few years (remember me earlier in the thread ?) I have been, through circumstances, in situations that have caused me to lose your contact info. Could I have your email address, again?([email protected] is mine) Thank you.

Again, your work is very true and give you encouragement to keep it up the effort in face of all the adversity. I admit a person with an idol in their heart will not likely give it up in the face of even stubborn facts and truth. The complexities of the players and parties involved in Mozart's manufacture can only be sorted out, in terms of understanding, with a meek and humble spirit. Scriptures say in ALL you getting, get understanding. Selah. I have the at moment been reading what I can on this topic on the net, going through the various forums of your work...It takes quite of bit of understanding and grasping world systems and subjects as you know to place the implications of this fabrication into context. It's massive.

Recall a quote from Aristotle, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" Hard to with an idol in your heart...such a shame. I speak generally.
I hope more seek out reality, because ultimately seeking truth will lead you to the Father. Keep up the great work and am very much looking forward to your book.
Edward F

Port Richey, FL

#269 Dec 14, 2012

I have located your email address. I will email you

Interesting news day, be safe all.

Sherlock holmes

Farmington, MI

#270 Feb 27, 2013
this is the most hilarious thread I have ever read.
Robert Newman

Ascot, UK

#271 Apr 28, 2013
I am plesed Sherlock Holmes is amused by this thread. Is that not the best form of education (?)- one in which we stop for a moment in our consuming wholesale of the Monsanto version 'history of music' in which candy floss, teddy bears and musical geniuses perform like circus seals for our education and entertainment, unquestioned and irrespective of our own common sense. There were no 'great' composers. There is only an attempt to replace history and reality with a pantheon of 'great' composers so fragile in respect of the episodes of their lives, careers and achievements - told ad nauseum in the name of culture and the academic world that we cannot/must not see them as constructs, manufactured (and controlled) products of the music industry - as members of a pagan pantheon - their images as controlled as the 'news' and as fabulous as any of the myths of pagan antiquity. The revival of the same pagan antiquity being an indisputable feature of our modern society and of our 'zientific' society. Babylonia has even been built by the adoring admirers of such nonsense. To the applause and approval of experts and consumers everywhere. And 'we wouldn't have it any other way'.
The music of 3500 composers of the 18th century do not matter. Let us instead have a round of applause for the grotesquely faked lives, careers and achievements of surrogate musical icons such as Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Josef Haydn, Beethoven and Herr Schubert. With the music of Mozart specially for pregnant women, aiding in the raising of intelligence amongst students too as a 'Mozart effect' and no serious questions asked of our gullibility. Ever. Always remember,'we must not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories'. Our scientific age sits daily in judgement on art itself. As we see here in the 'science' of musicology. As for truth, well, why should be bother ourselves with such inconveniences when we deal with sanitised facts instead ? We 'know' the history of music because, well, because 'experts' are united in agreement. Our heroic civilization has come under the regime of science. And we shall, with our patronage, produce a scientific future in which reality and fakery are one and the same. A govern-ment of popular nonsense.
Sherlcok holmes

Port Huron, MI

#272 Apr 28, 2013
Robert, I would bet that you believe the mother of the Chechnian bombers in Boston that they were framed, set up and they did nothing despite all the evidence. also you probably believe that the recently found landing gear wedged between 2 buildings that was from one of the 911 planes was set up just now too.

You think you are smarter than everyone else on the planet, and have the need to do that to feel like you are a person of power event hough you don't neceissarily seek power, it boosts your ego to say "ha, I am smarter then 240 years worth of experts!" and it boosts your ego so much. So you go right ahead and enjoy your dream world. have fun with it, you are a barrel of laughs and very entertaining. Hey, I like you a lot you are a nice person and mean well, but you are not living in the real world
Robert Newman

Bridgwater, UK

#273 May 1, 2013
Sherlock Holmes,
Your mentor once said 'If you rule out all other possibilities you are left, whether you find it easy to accept or not, with the truth'. Thanks for associating me with the events in Boston and the view that Boston was yet another false-flag to rob the American people of their freedoms but this thread is actually about Mozart and the fraudulent musical careers of the so-called'great' composers. Isn't it ? Yes, it IS ! So please focus on this if you can.
There were no 'great' composers. It's a man made pantheon. Of course it is ! It was designed to be so. And it has been brilliantly succesful. If you really, really try, you can find this to be true in the lives and careers of ALL 'great' composers. Palestrina, Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Josef Haydn, W.A. Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, etc. etc. etc. You don't read that material do you and you have never questioned the attribution of that fine music to those men, have you ? The 'history of music' is really an invention. It ignores entire continents and it ignores thousands, and thousands of years. It ignores thousands and thousands of composers. It's a fairy story dressed up to look real. There were no histories of music till the arrival of the music industry. At which time the 'experts' all ununamimously decided who the 'great' composers were. Strange, yes ? I mean, anonymous people made that judgement of who these 'great' composers were. And the 'experts' all agree. This is science fiction.
I do not think I am 'smarter than everyone else on the planet'. I think ordinary folk are smarter than those who never question the official version of news and history. Such as Musicologists and their faithful wholesale consumers. I'm one of those strange guys who asks why musical 'history' is never questioned in detail and why tens of thousands of musical composers are unknown, unheard of and flatly ignored by students who graduate with the usual myths of the 'great' composers. I am one of those who have seen tens of thousands of musical works in manuscript which nobody has ever heard or studied or recored. The closer we examine this nonsense the more artificial we see the 'news' and the 'history' is. Take heart in the fact that you have and I have as much musical talent as W.A. Mozart, who never studied music, never went to school of any kind, and whose 650 works are not by himself. The kids love it but it's nonsense. That music having been supplied to him during his fraudulent career and even decades after it. No less than 300 of 'his' works have been ditched from the list in over 200 years since his death. This is ridiculous. Mozart, the real Mozart, had no more musical talent than your next door neighbour's cat or dog. So says the evidence. The western musical pantheon is a giant academic and cultural scam of a revived Babylonian civilization. Like so much of the fraternal control system of the public domain. Welcome to reality as we remember,'We must never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories'. LOL. We must always listen to the 'experts' who speak with one voice. And welcome to the 'zientific' consensus of monolithic fairyland.
Robert Newman

Bridgwater, UK

#274 May 1, 2013
p.s. Whether Boston was a false flag or not, there are only two kinds of government. One which serves us or one we end up serving ourselves. 4 days lockdown in Boston was greeted with applause by the residents of Boston. Looked awfully like martial law to me. But hey, I'm just a guy in England. These Boston lovers of robocops must be devoted admirers of the genius of Mozart. So it seems to me.
Robert Newman

Bridgwater, UK

#275 May 1, 2013
''A Homage To The Potato Farmers of Iowa'

Let's hear it for the potato farmers in Iowa. They know more about musical history than Musicologists themselves. That's right folks. They know birds produce music and those birds have been singing their own individual songs for as long as birds have existed. No history there. Nature tells us (and the farmers of Iowa would agree) there is NO 'history of music'. None at all. The potato farmers know nature has no 'history of music'. So the 'science' of Musicology finds no support from nature. This is bad news for the educated and cultured readers of this thread. You will be pleased that 'experts' of a fake science called 'Musicology' know better. And you believe them. But those professors, quoting what somebody quoted from somebody else, having quoted somebody else who invented it are 'Professing themselves to be wise and have become fools'. Our 'zientific' news reports and our 'zientific' history will never lie to you. As said before,'there will be no whitewash at the white house'. Our corporate history is completely reliable. And that's official.


Since: Sep 13

Whitby, Canada

#277 Sep 7, 2013
Hi Robert,
On the link above, I was first introduced to Mozart being a fake. It's a new concept to me, but as you may tell from my blog, I definitely will entertain the idea.
Please contact me at so we can discuss this.

Monroe, MI

#278 Dec 26, 2013
Wow, I took a look at fakeologits site. You and Robert are 2 peas in a pod

Anyhow, Robert, you asked about Mozart's education right?
Well I did research on his father. his Father leopolod had lots of education in math, literature, archecture, law and music.
Musci started taking up all his time and he went to school and was even given high positions when he was younger until he was taken in by the church and was highly respected.
now, Wolfgang clearly comes from a very very educated man who was also a teacher of many things.
Young little Mozart you say never went to school. He was too advanced for school for one thing. He was taught certain things to their capacity, music, math and music. He was super brilliant.
However, it is well known that he was terrible with money. he had zero financial education, which he may have learned had he gone to school.
But instead, the family recieved gifts from people of royalty and high places which was supposed to help him get positions when he grew up and it did albelit not as fast as he would have liked.

so your point on him not going to public school is mute
Robert Newman

South Molton, UK

#279 Jan 6, 2014
My point of Mozart never being taught music or ever going to school, of him spending most of his childhood bumping around dirt roads to see nobody in particular is irrelevant. Of course ! Since we believe and are forced to believe in his transcendental genius. As so we go round and round in circles with the actual evidence irrelevant.
Robert Newman

South Molton, UK

#280 Jan 6, 2014
Furthermore, his father, Leopold Mozart, was not an academic. He was a failed student during his early years in Salzburg and was kicked out. He started in the Salzburg orchestra only after being a valet. Then became a 4th Violinist. Rising after many years in that most basic position in music to become only a 2nd violinist. And was promoted a few weeks before he left Salzburg for Italy with his 'genius' son. His violin treatise is stolen from others. To suggest Leopold (a consumate liar and exaggerator) had '' lots of education in math, literature, archecture, law and music'' is simply untrue. But hey, why let facts get in the way of 'history'?

Ann Arbor, MI

#281 Jan 6, 2014
Leopold was kicked out because he had disagreements with the dean of the school, or the president or whoever ran schools back in the 1700s. He was very intelligent. Get your facts straight
Robert Newman

Weymouth, UK

#282 Feb 8, 2014
Bruce wrote:
Leopold was kicked out because he had disagreements with the dean of the school, or the president or whoever ran schools back in the 1700s. He was very intelligent. Get your facts straight
The facts are already straight. They need to invention by you. Leopold Mozart was dismissed from university in Salzburg and did not graduate - He was kicked out for repeatedly failing to show up. He was a brilliant expert only in playing truant - from school .
Aren't you glad to know reality ?

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#283 Feb 8, 2014
My dear friend, I find it intriguing that you talk about reality. Because you have totally convinced yourself of what you believe and nothing I , nor anyone on this entire planet can ever change your mind no matter how much actual proof we have to the contrary of your own belief system because your belief is so strong, nothing can move it and nor can anyone in the world ever even get you to even remotely consider the alternative regardless of how much actual proof there is.
You clearly are a person with great heart and means very well and are clearly someone who wants the truth but here is what happened. I know your story because you did a radio program and talked about it in the past here and there. You loved Mozart at one time. One day you were devastated because you just so happened to come across some little minor thing that you thought Mozart and/or another author of the time wrote that turned out not to be theirs. Then you started noticing the other little nuances, and there surely are those as records were , nor still are to this day 100% perfect. Mistakes are made. So you were completey devastated and shattered. And when this happens, a person can easily fall into a pattern, while you donít want to believe it, you keep looking for other things and you keep finding every little tiny nuance and then at some point it overtakes oneís entire belief system and they now believe everything they ever thought is a lie despite the fact that are simply nothing more than minor errors here and there and only find the very things that support their own , now newfound disbelief as a therapy for their own shattered belief system regardless of any proof otherwise.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#284 Feb 8, 2014
It is sort of like 911 truthers who will show and even edit things and take things out of context and make all kinds of assumption and no matter how many things one shows them that clearly in front of their own eyes, proof contrary, canít nor will believe it. If you believe it is is sort of like religious radicals telling you that fossils of dinosaurs were there placed by the devil to deceive you, that you are part of the conspiracy and if you are not, you are a sheep that has no mind of your own. This is the same deal here. 911 for examples, in the Pentagon they say there are missing parts etc.. yet they only show one side of the building but there are 100s of photos taken that shows clearly airplane parts all over the place, but it makes no difference, they canít see it.
This thing with Mozart and other composers is the same exact thing but with a different issue.
So I propose to you this albeit very hypothetical question since noone can actually do this. But, if we could find a way to make a time machine and travel back 250 years and make stops of a few days here and there in different places , locations and times , while we may need Italian, german and other translators for us, go to Gemrnay, Austria, Italy, france, England etc..(yes it would be great just to get away from cell phones, internet and see the stars at night). But anyway, if we could do this, you, myself and a few others go from 1740-1792
WE actually go visit Leopold at important points of whre this discussion is and observe it. Then we move to 1759-60 and watch little Mozart playing his clavier at an early age and even making some of his own music, to watching his writing of operas etc.. and sit like a fly on the wall, just watching what goes on, going to concerts, going to the palace and live the actual events and see it.
Now, if we were to do that and you found that everything we initially thought (which is that Mozart is who everyone says he is) and wrote everything they said he wrote, minus the few incoherent errors that pop up. Yes maye there are 20 pieces mistaken to be his. But given he has well over 1000 actual works and pieces he wrote, that is only 2% which is within error , especially at a time in history.
But if everything was shown to be what was written in our history, not your version. Would you change your mind?
I believe you still would not.
Robert Newman

London, UK

#285 Mar 9, 2014
Any version of history which freely mixes fiction, exaggeration and downright falsehood (biographical and musical) when these can be shown to have been added in attributing to men 'great composer' status and whose teachers and authors have never, at any time, encouraged criticism or serious question of the dogmas on which they have constructed it is defending, by definition,'science-fiction'. The only question is the extent to which Mozart is a fiction. A form of entertainment. Which enters the minds of the gullible as a folk hero and stays there, holding our attention to be exploited by its managers as a globally adored phenomenon and protected from being exposed as a scam by the experts of 'education' and culture who appeal to their 'consensus view'. The history of music is an invention. Common sense says so. By ignoring literally thousands of years of musical activity on all continents.No such subject existed for 5700 years of recorded human existence. None is refered to. Entire music archives and libraries in Europe (from which ALL the 'great' composers are said to have lived and died of the 'classical era') are today filled with musical manuscripts nobody has ever heard in performance written by men whose music is of no interest to anyone and never has been. This is breathtaking but it's reality. And who decided who these 'greats' are when they had not been studied ? The legendary lives and careers of these 'great' musical individuals is never at any time seriously questioned by those who teach them as its mantra and yet their lessons are consumed, wholesale, to the credulous as products of their so-called science, Musicology. Only a fool could believe in such things. The realities of Mozart are not deemed to be important. They are published ad nauseum as 'consensus', as products of wholesale dogmatism and as components of social and academic control. Does this matter ? It's really an example of a resurgence of the Babylonian agenda on a global scale. Its adorers build statues and arrange pilgrimages, presided over by the priests of their cult. And if shown to be wrong they reply,''Who cares who actually wrote what (?). So the music industry laughs all the way to the bank and we pretend we 'know' what Mozart's own time did not. Since Mozart, biographically, was unknown in Vienna,'capital of music' at the time of his death, just as he was unknown in musical Italy as a boy,unknown in musical Bohemia, unknown in musical France, unknown in musical England, unknown in musical Spain and unknown to everyone else but his patrons and posthumous creators in their salons as a product of 'enlightened' philosophy. It is not one mistake or even a hundred which disturbs the honest researcher but literally thousands of deliberate lies, fabrications, exaggerations and musical misattributions by the hundred (and at each and every stage of this man's life) which are the threads of its fabric. It's like a journalism which we know to be corporate nonsense. The blanking out of critical study by claiming that by receiving as 'everything you've heard is true' makes us 'educated' and 'cultured' when, in fact, we have never studied the subject beyond those dogmas. This is not a science. It's science fiction. Here is an early example of the mind control of the lazy man - the condensed product of a 'scientific' age which cannot/will not come to terms with the biographical and musical evidence and which has never, at any time, stood side by side with those who can show, from actual evidence, the scale of the falsehood that is Mozart. What man calls 'great' God calls foolish, and vice versa. That is our starting point and we end reminded of the same.

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