Democrats can rejoice: End is near

Democrats can rejoice: End is near

There are 51 comments on the Akron Beacon Journal story from May 30, 2008, titled Democrats can rejoice: End is near. In it, Akron Beacon Journal reports that:

WASHINGTON: After what feels like forever, the end of the presidential primaries is in sight.

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Since: Feb 08

Hypoluxo Fl

#44 May 31, 2008
Dude in Phoenix wrote:
<quoted text>
The politics of division, of pitting us against each other, of fear and hatred, is one of the thins ruining this country.
You can disagree with what the Democrats stand for, but they are your neighbors and fellow Americans. They are people serving your as police officers and in the military.
Have some respect for your fellow Americans, even if you don't agree with them about everything. After all, we are all on the same side. Don't let the slick politicians and hate-mongering pundits in the media to instill hatred in you against your own country.
Republicans don't recognize Democrats serving the country in the military. See what they say about Murtha and Webb. For whatever reason, people would rather believe draft dodging Cheney and chickenhawk Bush. And 5 deferment Cheney is not on my side.

Since: Feb 08

Hypoluxo Fl

#45 May 31, 2008
Liberty wrote:
<quoted text>
You say that hard-working people don't vote for Democrats. If that's so, then why are there so many states/regions that are better off than Ohio that voted against Bush in 2004 then? Vermont, the West Coast, the entire Northeast, Minnesota & Illinois.
McCain will need the Florida supreme court, just like Bush did. And it wouldn't surprise me if we got the same outcome again.

Burton, OH

#46 May 31, 2008
The Hillary supporters today have embarrassed themselves. Constant interruptions and yelling, acting like spoiled children. What a disgraceful display.
an observer

Saint Louis, MO

#47 May 31, 2008
SDespot wrote:
.....Oh well, looks like we're screwed for another 4 years!
As before.

Parker, CO

#49 Jun 1, 2008
Mykro wrote:
<quoted text>McCain will need the Florida supreme court, just like Bush did. And it wouldn't surprise me if we got the same outcome again.

Get started on the "McCain stole the election" line!

Whenever your leftie doesn't win, then the other side STOLE THE ELECTION!

Lots of people bought it in 2000, even though Gore never won any of the multiple recounts.

Sorta worked in 2004, even though Kerry lost Ohio by more than 200,000 votes.

Hillary's using it on Obama, even though she was perfectly cool with leaving out Michigan and Florida when she thought she would win the nomination by a landslide.

Seems to be a new Leftie policy, screaming "not fair!" and stomping home with the football when you don't win.
purple guy

Ansonia, CT

#50 Jun 1, 2008
who will be the next prezident then?
purple guy

Ansonia, CT

#51 Jun 1, 2008
yourguess isas goodas minefor next prezident
End Near


#52 Jun 1, 2008
I'll tell you. We should ALL have our votes counted and have one Primary Election in May. Then the General Election in November. It should be by popular vote and throw out all those electoral,delegate and super delegate votes. We the People of America should be the ones voting for our PRESIDENT. The other stuff is all bull****.
We need our Country back,and our jobs. Period!
I know I don`t understand most of how this works and I should BUT I agree WE are the people and our vote needs to vote First, no wonder people say " Why should I vote it doesn`t count anyway" I am not thrilled with any of them but Obama is down right scary to me and I have a good black friend that sent me a write up that Obama is actully healing people in the crowds well, I don`t know about you people but these people are crazy and I try to discount the anti-christ theory but sometimes it creeps back in WHAT IF this could be possible and WHAT IF we are broght down with in our own country, we better think long and hard before we vote for him but there is something about him I am leery of and don`t call me a supporter for the other two for right now none is on my list but if he gets it I cannot truthfully vote this time I have no choice..........
End Near


#53 Jun 1, 2008
This is the write up I received, go to site I was amazed at what I read,to believe that this man is God like is beyond belief WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS GOING TO FAR!! Check it out..........

Obama heals hundreds

AUSTIN ó Ginny McCallum, 43, who has been confined to a wheelchair for much of her adult life, came to hear presidential candidate Barack Obama speak at the University of Texas. Afterward she found herself in a wheelchair access breezeway as Obama and his entourage exited the arena. The candidate spotted her, came over, grabbed her hand and pulled her up. She found herself standing for the first time in eleven years.
"He smiled at me and said,ĎYes, you can,í" she says. "I was so stunned I didnít know what to do."
McCallum is among hundreds of people who say they have been healed by the Democratic candidate, in one of the most surprising and little-acknowledged aspects of his campaign. Reporters have shied away from the story, chalking it up to "Obama-mania" and peopleís feelings of elation.
"We donít talk about it a lot, but yeah, it does happen," says one staffer who says he has seen multiple people healed on a rope line. "We donít know exactly how or why itís happening, and the Senator wonít talk about it. He usually insists that people keep it quiet and just report it to their pastor or priest."
Greeting supporters after a rousing speech in Houston, Obama stepped into the dense crowd and spontaneously began touching people: a legally blind woman, a man deaf in one ear, a cancer sufferer and a lame man.
"Yes, you can," Obama said as he laid hands on afflicted bodies.
The peopleís reactions were so joyous as to be almost frightening. They jumped and shouted and wept. Before they could thank or embrace the candidate he was well down the rope line healing others. Their excitement was lost in the general din of the crowd.
Aides acknowledge that the phenomenon is occurring with greater frequency.
"His power goes beyond simple inspiration," says one aide. "There is something developing here that Iím not sure any of us fully understands."
They say Obama has told them privately that his time has not yet come, so it would be inappropriate to talk about the healings right now. He says he will wait until the convention to speak publicly about the "special calling" he believes he has to lead the country. They do expect him to start alluding to "the providential nature of what is happening on the campaign trail" in an upcoming address, mostly because word is getting around.
People have begun bringing relatives by the score to campaign events in hopes of a healing touch.
"Itís not the speeches that are drawing people anymore, as good as they are," says a senior staff member. "Itís people wanting to get better, and wanting their friends and relatives to get better. Itís the belief that thereís something more here." ē

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Since: Mar 07

Canton, OH

#55 Jun 2, 2008
Dude in Phoenix wrote:
<quoted text>
Perhaps you haven't been paying enough attention. Clearly Obama's younger supporters have been quite excited by his candidacy as have Hillary's middle aged women. Corporate interest lobbyist are very excited by John McCain, at we are left t guess that since he holds some of his fundraisers behind closed doors so we don't really know.
Hmmm, yup. I've paid close attention. I jes' don't agree with y'alls summation of the excitement the liberal nin-com-poop demoncritters have for their paty's candidates.

Unless y'all have had y'alls head where the sun doesn't shine, there's been quite the division amongst the demoncritter party.

Nice shot at McCain. I don't like him as a choice for president either. I do applaud his patience at watchin' the demoncritter party self-destruct though.

Akron, OH

#56 Jun 2, 2008
Hmmm wrote:
Two words come to mind when I hear this about obama. False and Prophet.
How about Black Cultist too?

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