Haters ask questions and get answers

Haters ask questions and get answers

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MichaholicsRejoi ce

Lubbock, TX

#1 Aug 20, 2006
dumbness wrote:
Q: Does Michael Jackson really have skin disease that changed his skin color?
A: No. The skin disorder he claims to have has completely different symptoms. As we know, Michael has invested a huge amount of money to change his appearance. He has changed his nose several times, so why is it not believable that he could change his skin too?
Being an acquaintance of Michael Jackson's long time make up artist and speaking to several who were consulted on Michael's skin problem I can tell you first hand that Michael spent years using dark make up to cover light spots that kept growing until a time when it was decided that it would be easier and in his best interest medically to move the color to the lighter and use less make up. Michael Jackson does have a skin condition and that is a fact even if it has nothing to do with why he personally likes being light skinned...
dumbness wrote:
Q: Does Michael Jackson take pills to make his voice high-pitched?
A: No. He has always sounded good. That has never been an issue.
This is completely off the wall and what is called filler to make the list look longer in the hopes you will not read it. There are no pills to make your voice higher only medical procedures and some gases such as N2O we have all played with and Helium. And yet the hater is correct for a change - Michael does not take pills to make his voice higher and his voice always SOUNDED GOOD! YEAH BABY!
dumbness wrote:
Q: Is Michael Jackson asexual, homosexual, or bisexual?
A: Although he claims to be heterosexual, there has never been any proof of this. Fans love proof, but they are sniffing the wrong tree if they expect to see any here. As we know, even the children were fathered by someone else.
A simple DNA test can prove who the Father is or is not so that point is off the table. The topic of this is if Michael likes girls and sex with women and while the hater claims there is no proof he fails to mention all of the women in Michael's life publicly and privately. Of course this would destroy the false claim and the list would be even shorter there again. Even the structure of the question leaving out the correct answer is the mark of a skilled and trained assassin of someone's character. It may just be luck but I would say this poster has put some thought if not training into this endeavor. Dangerous!
MichaholicsRejoi ce

Lubbock, TX

#2 Aug 20, 2006
dumbness wrote:
Q: If he wasn't guilty, why did Michael Jackson settle molestation allegations in 1994?
A: Simple, he was guilty, and his only escape was to pay at least two children off. Children who have suffered abuse are rarely willing to go to court.
First off it was 1993...
Notice the lack of oppositional answers to choose from. Another mark of a con. Never give them a choice and if it the truth and oppositional well for God sakes what fool would print it? Put your hand up. Come on, you know like the Sista's when they are sayin, "Talk To the Hand!" and go and check for yourself. Here is what you will find...
Michael Jackson was accused of molesting a young man (not raping or having sex just molesting which is easier to convict than sexual or more serious charges. He was advised that his best move was to settle the claim for two reasons. It was going to ruin his life for years to fight it while it would only sting a little while if he just took it on the chin. Furthermore he would be spared any expense because the Insurance from one policy that had been purchased would pay the accuser and the matter would be over.
It involved one child and that person has begged to be left alone and has said he has nothing to say about the matter. He has never publicly said Michael harmed him in any way even before any agreements or settlements. Only the adults involved. The smoking gun which was a description of Michael Jackson in private to describe his skin disorder on his privates was found to be easy information to get through his fan base or other sources and would not have stood as proof in a court of law because it was public knowledge among his doctors, family and closest friends. The same proof of guilt is ignored by haters as they say he had no skin disorder as this hater has done even in this false report.(See the first false answer)
dumbness wrote:
Q: Does Latoya Jackson, Michael's sister believe he is guilty?
A: Nobody, apart from her, or very close family would even know. So silly question.
Filler. Makes no sense. The only point this could serve is to identify this poster as surfing and mingling with Fans at Fan sites. A rumor that she spoke out was called like a bluff and she stood by her brother and admitted she over reacted like a simple Fan and had no reason to doubt her Brother. It has no purpose but to make this list appear longer in the hopes you do not even read it but instead just look on in awe. Something this person desperately seeks. Fame and to be looked upon with awe. Disgust maybe, awe, no...
dumbness wrote:
Q: Did Michael Jackson father twins/(that's quadruplets hater) with a woman named Sholeh Bocchelli?
A: No. He has never fathered a child.
I guess the poster means with this woman because the statement is false. Joseph has many kids which we are now discussing one of them named Michael. Fans are also aware of a daughter admittedly Fathered by Joseph of which the family knows. This has nothing to do with the subject and is once again filler to make the list against Michael Jackson appear longer. Are we having fun yet?
dumbness wrote:
Q: Why has Michael had so much plastic surgery?
A: Because he is mentally unstable. He should have received (that's counseling hater), not surgery.
Michael was severely burned by an explosion during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial. Beyond that how much is overshadowed by the quality and poor job reportedly done that had to be corrected. Factors which are a matter of record for anyone who wishes to look. I haven't taken the time myself.
MichaholicsRejoi ce

Lubbock, TX

#3 Aug 20, 2006
dumbness wrote:
Q: Does Michael have the elephant man's bones?
A: No.
1987, his interest in the Elephant Man`s bones was reported but no representative of Michael Jackson's ever said he bought or owned them. This was another tabloid sales pitch to wrangle another few million out of the public at large.
dumbness wrote:
Q: Did Michael really put a voodoo curse on Steven Spielberg?
A: No.
See response above this one as this is also just filler and hype generated by the press for sales and added to make this list appear larger.
dumbness wrote:
Q: Why did Michael Jackson create Neverland?
A: To possible answers. 1. to create an illusion that he is still a child � in order to get away with misbehaving with children. 2. to lure children into his home.
No correct response if you will notice no opposing response either. One of Michael Jackson's favorite movies is Peter Pan. Can you tell? He is rich. He never wanted to grow up after seeing how adults acted and treated others even without the missing his childhood at the insistence of his Family to produce. There are many reasons he created Neverland and even after all of the hurt and damage has not yet been able to completely part with it now. You could fill a stadium with all of the children that have visited Neverland and will tell you today it was a dream come true. Enough to make a hater sick.
dumbness wrote:
Q: Why is Michael Jackson always around children?
A: Because pedophiles like to be surrounded by children.
Adults always pushed Michael Jackson either for something or away. His Brothers looked at him as the hot shot and little brother in their way. Children have always been the only resource to never want anything from him but friendship and a chance to spend a day with a lasting smile. We judge because we are forced to grow up but any man alive who was rich enough and free to do as he chose would find children the best of friends. Of course there are bullies and pricks and sneaky children that are found in almost every family as Michael finally found out. Even children will hurt you if you give them time and half a chance.
MichaholicsRejoi ce

Lubbock, TX

#5 Aug 20, 2006
dumbness wrote:
Q. Did he molest Jordy and the other boy?
A. Yes. He paid them to be quiet and allegedly gave them apology letters.
Who is this "other" boy. And if I pay a bill for you and it gets you into trouble or you wish I had not paid it can I just say "you" paid it. Again, it is common knowledge that Michael did not pay the accuser it was settled by an insurance company and never supposed to be mentioned again. Of course a few moments later it was sold to the tabloids and off and running.
dumbness wrote:
Q. Would an innocent man pay kids hush money.
A. Of course not. He has access to the best legal teams in America and could have easily quashed any claim, but he didn’t because he was unquestionably guilty
Yes another attempt to make the list seem longer. These type of people hardly ever get checked or actually followed up. They usually just get away with their con and their manipulation because people do not care to deal with them. An exact repeat of the item above so look at that response if you want.
dumbness wrote:
Q. What happened when the Jordy case came into the news.
A. He hid abroad until the heat died down (sound familiar?)
The case was all but over by the time it hit the airwaves. Of course real time is a little slower and reports seem to outrun the truth or current events. The point that pegs this as a con and another fake item to make the list appear longer is the constant use of the word Hide or Hid... We are talking about the One Man on Earth that has as much Chance of hiding as an all white basketball team has to win and they think it sounds cleaver. He could not hid fully covered and in disguise when his vision being impaired caused him to walk into the woman's bathroom in a foreign country. It does not matter where he goes there he is.
dumbness wrote:
Q. Has he always lied
A. Yes, ever since his very early public performances when he lied about his age.
Let's get a list of lies out of Michael Jackson's mouth. Not his agents or any other source. Right out of Michael Jackson's mouth. Not heart broken statements we can see why he made, not some childlike game like I will not step on that crack and then doing it. Not some tabloid he said and then didn't. I mean MICHEAL JACKSON WAS DOCUMENTED HERE SAYING THIS AND HE KNEW IT WAS NOT TRUE. HERE IS WHAT HE ALREADY KNEW. And then show the proof not add an opinion or gossip.
Your list will be very small and it will look silly. I have followed Michael Jackson since he was 11 or 12 years old and he is the most honest person you will ever meet. I didn't say perfect, I said honest.
dumbness wrote:
Q. Why does he grab his penis when performing?
A. It is a sexually thing when performing in front of children. He probably does it subconsciously.
He is grabbing his pants and not his penis per say. I have never seen a line of children in front or anywhere as a group at a live Jackson performance - you? Moonwalk, vocal sounds in the middle of a beat, hat and glove, and so many trade marks you are silly to ask. It is the shock and awe as well as the capturing it before someone else along with the sales value and water cooler talk subjects that make or break an artist. Some quick thrill in front of a child is a stretch even for haters to try and pull over on someone when it is so much more.
MichaholicsRejoi ce

Lubbock, TX

#6 Aug 20, 2006
dumbness wrote:
Q. Why did he not give the fans formal thanks, or release a proper video thank you?
A. He was too busy packing!
He did. Where were you?
dumbness wrote:
Q. Why did he move abroad so quickly?
A. Because he has huge debts, a multitude of court cases (one was lost just last week) and heaven knows how many other children may start talking….
The case last week was not lost and is yet to be concluded. A hearing next week will probably offset any advantage for the plaintiff and this hater knows it has nothing to do with children. You know how all broke people just up and move overseas and survive for years on nothing. He was attacked and the support came from within law enforcement. The DA broke laws and committed illegal acts to try and secure the case. Why would you leave a Country that ignored an injustice like happened to him.
dumbness wrote:
Q. He has lied constantly, so why do fans still believe him?
A. They choose to only believe positive things, and tend to ignore the parts which go against their hero
This is really getting irritating. Repeating items just to make the list appear longer is so childish. See the response above...
dumbness wrote:
Q. Why do fans always bring up his music and abilities as an entertainer?
A. It is the only good thing about him, and they hope it excuses his behavior around children.
This one is moronic even for the handicapped. Fans of his trade always bringing up his work. Wonder why! What do you think his fans just like him that much. He is not Jesus my friend. And even if he was close look what Jesus got from haters...

Michael Jackson is a good man who grew up too late to see this destruction coming. Vultures and piranha are the best description of those attempting to feed on him at this time. Haters as the Fans have labeled them. They are unaware that this event and others just like it are designed to bring them out of hiding and to show their true colors.

Judgment to follow.


#7 Aug 20, 2006
go ahead suckers
MJ all time girl


#8 Feb 19, 2014
Why do the haters tell so many lies?
Because there egos so big they cant handle the truth.

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