I'm hoping you can pass this on to Michael J. Fox since he doesn't seem to have an e-mail address to contact him directly. Thank you for your assistance.

Michael, I have been an admiring fellow actor, of yours, for many years. I truly loved your spark and enthusiasum all this time, however, you have disappointed me with recent events. I work in the medical field so I understand how much you want a cure. However, do you honestly know the statistics of what you are endorsing. First of all, stem cell research has been in study for quite awhile now and the healing rate for adult and umbilical cord stems cells have shown great healing rates. Did you realize that embryonic stem cells have shown no progress, whatsoever. And why do you feel it is right to kill one human being to save another, no matter who they would be. What makes that child any less sacred then yourself. And do you realize, if this amendment would pass the way it is, there would be no hope in ever reversing it.Yes, let us have abundant stem cell research(!), but not at the cost of someone else's life. Please!!! work for the good that stem cell research can do, not the senseless destruction of one life to save another.