I can't understand how anyone can idolize a man that produces a show dedicated to trashing his own country. During the entire show ont one good comment was made about the country that gave him the opportunity to become successful and rich. Not one.

In his presentation he stated that America dropped atomic boms on Japan without notice. Well that simply is not true. Leaflets were dropped ahead of time warning the people of what was to happen but they ignored the warnings. How many more lies has this man told and for what reasons?

How come Mr. Damon has not addressed all of the good that has come from America? How the American soldiers in WWII pulled the jewish peolpe out of the Nazi concentrations before they starved todeath? My dad was one of those soldiers who placed his life on the line to help them.

What about the hundreds of billions of dollars given to the foreign nations around the world never to be repaid?

I ask you if America is so bad Mr. Damon then why do people from all parts of the world place their lives at risk to come here?

You know its easy for the fat cats to sit on their asses in their ivory towers and demean the very country they were born in, but would they leave and live among the socialist and communist of the world? No.

Matt Damon is an ungrateful human being who should have been born in Russia or China so that he could fully appreciate the benefits of socialist societies and doctrons as hundreds of millions of others do daily. If he had been you can bet he would be the first in line to make his way to the United States of America the country he likes to trash.