Blondie wrote:
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Dustin Hoffman was so cute in that movie called "The Graduate." I just loved all of his movies.
But that voice of his just gets deeper every year, until by now he sounds like...I just can not tell you what!!! Some kind of talking bass drum. We women love that in a the morning, when her wakes up...over the phone. A deep-voiced hello, can sound so sexy, and stimulating.
Jennifer even started squinting her eyes like Dustin for a while. And giving those long meaningful pauses like Dustin, after she would make a in the movie called "Tootsie."
Let's just hope that Jennifer is not hell bent on breaking up Dustin's very happy home.
They need to have a rating that says "lunatic" with someone in a blonde wig by it. You are gone, Blondie, gone. Were the 60's too good to you?
Did you drop a lot of acid? What did happen? Why won't you talk about Mickey Rourke? Don't you think he has a shot at winning? Don't you ever root for the comeback kid?