Hi Everyone ,

I am 30 years old Filipina from the Philippines and now living in USA. And my husband is 56 years old his American and we both live in Ogden Utah USA. We travel to Egypt and take alot of picture and we lost our SD memory card in Paris this Nov.16,2011

We lost a SD memory card 2.0 GB/Mgplex and its has a plastic case cover of sd and its full of picture from our trip for 3 weeks from Egypt to Paris.It has a short video of my husband giving speech to his mother funeral day.

He think he lost it in metro while getting out our ticket From St Michel -and we transfer again to another metro to see the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triophe and the Champs -Elysees. We stayed at 17 RUE Mattree-Albert 75005 Paris France

Then we did a short walk in the shopping area near the Arc de triophe and went to Mcdonalds and then decided to go back to our condo to get ready for early flight back to USA.We lost the sd memory card around of November 16,2011 between 9am to 12 noon.

I am hopin someone will read this and find us any info you will give us will be greatly appreciated Thank you and God bless to everyone.