Interesting theory on Stairway To Hea...

Watertown, CT

#65 Mar 27, 2010
I agree. Records are meant to be played forwards, not backwards.

Watertown, CT

#66 Apr 3, 2010
They might have put it in intentionally and Jimmy did buy Aleister Crowley's house, but they could have just been looking for attention. It does say "Cause you know sometimes words have 2 meanings", so maybe they're trying to show us that. A song is meant to be played forwards.

Watertown, CT

#67 Apr 3, 2010
Here's one comment on sing365 I believe from a Christian Ledhead:

"My brother and I think this song is about the road to Christ and not just taking the easy way out to get to heaven. It's about a woman who thinks that no matter what, everyting that looks good to her IS a good thing, but she's wrong. Life's not that simple.(I.E.) Cookies are delicious, but if you have too many, that one good thing will make you fat.(And I'm not saying the song is about cookies for all the idiots out there that don't understand symbolism.) The stores that are closed aren't literal. It's as though even if she feels like she can't find someone to talk to or communicate with, there is always Jesus. So she's trying to find the easiest way to heaven, hence "a" stairway. The sign on the wall is the words and the book of the Lord, but she wants to be sure what is written is the Truth. Because that beautiful voice of the songbird may be the manipulating voice of Satan.(Does that make you wonder?) So when you realize where you've been heading isn't the right way, you begin to think about how to get back without falling back into your old ways or with the people who took you there. But if you listen to Jesus, he will lead you back to where you need to be: Eternal Happiness. So if you do slip up and find yourself back on the old ways, don't worry, just have faith and pray and Jesus (the piper) will lead you back to the right path. It's never too late. Whether it's early in life or on your deathbed, there is no time limit. So if you find yourself falling behind, and you hear a voice inside yourself trying to tell you to catch up, that's Jesus calling you back to him. So the woman realizes that not all the answers are obvious, but they're there right in front of you. Like the wind. You can't see it, but it's right there in front of you. So as we walk through life with our sins and burdens weighing us down, God is always there to help shed them and light the way.(The "lady we all know" is NOT the lady buying the stairway, she is GOD. Some people refer to God as a she.) And GOD wants to us to know that even the things in life that might seem dull and unappealling, really aren't. They are important in the walk with GOD. Like going to church, or work, or school, or turning in that wallet filled with money you found in the mall, because doing the things that are good and help you succeed in life are GOLD! So if you "listen very hard", you will realize that GOD is there for you with faith. That no matter what sins were committed or how bad something you did was, you are his child and he loves you. As long as you accept Christ as your savior, none of the sins of your past will matter, even if you don't realize that until you're on your deathbed. When all of us are in heaven together we will all be happy. Utopia. The tune is Christ. So "to be a rock and not to roll" could be to be solid in faith and not to wander. Or to know of GOD, but not have a realtionship with HIM. It's up to you on which this sentence takes meaning, because sometimes words have two. And so now the woman realizes this. She is not buying any stairway to heaven, she is buying THE stairway to heaven, because there is only ONE way to get there. For those of you who aren't particularly religous, he's still there for you as well. Even if you're bying (passing) the stairway to heaven, HE will always love you until your dying day."

Hagerstown, MD

#68 Jun 8, 2010
Forward its a song about heaven and backwards it's about hell. Its pure genius.

Houston, TX

#69 Jun 22, 2010
I dont think that it was acidental and I dont know any man smarkt enuf to do this it is definetly from the spirits
bobby ray

Nevada, IA

#70 Aug 5, 2010
If you play this song sideways then you will find that the meaning translates to a brutal discription of page getting raped by a bear.
Amber Harville

Madison, IL

#71 Aug 6, 2010
phillip Amato wrote:
<quoted text>
how are they not evil when they're album cover is a picture of a fallen angel (satan). I agree that most people read into things and most of it is bullshit, but i think it would be wrong to discredit this theory, because its an entire paragraph in series.
Even so, Satan himself was created by God, so how could simply using the image of a fallen angel make you evil? Is the man who created the image evil too? and if so, are we all not evil then? for we all can conjure up an evil image in our mind and then depict it. Also, it is not satan, but Icarus that is depicted on their cover. Simply a mythic creature who flew to close to the sun against his fathers wishes and fell to earth because his wax wings melted.

before you judge someone or a band, research it first before making unfound assumptions.

Canton, MS

#72 Dec 6, 2010
no he worked for alister crowley he had demons in his body so looke up that and you'll see so did elvis michael jackson and beyonce

Owensboro, KY

#73 Mar 29, 2011
if you dont have the lyrics of it backwards in front of you, and you play it backwards, or listen to it with your eyes closed, you can only figure out what some of those words are. But using the power of suggestion people can put those words in their and your brain will fill in the gaps and say yea that fits wether it does or not.

Bangalore, India

#74 Apr 1, 2011
They r f**king morons who listen to such heavenly music backwards.
It is Heaven as straight.

United States

#75 Apr 9, 2011
jimmy b wrote:
People, stop playing your music backwards. It was intended to be played forward, plus it sounds a lot better that way. This is just another example of irresponsible people trying to blame their problems on the music and film industry. ROCK ON !!!
You are an idiot. Not one person on this forum is talking about blaming problems on anymone...much less music or film industries. Think before you write. Some of what you wrote was coherent so thanks for that at least.

Cincinnati, OH

#76 May 22, 2011
One of the best Zeppelin songs!! Who cares to listen backwards? It's too good a song for that. Do you really believe that bullshit!!??

Doha, Qatar

#77 Oct 15, 2011
Teresa wrote:
One of the best Zeppelin songs!! Who cares to listen backwards? It's too good a song for that. Do you really believe that bullshit!!??
you know I listened to it backward and slowed it down to see if it was true.
The things its said is kinda true but it not clear as they proclaim.
At first when I listened it was all gibberish but reading those reversed lyrics it kinda sounded like them but not exact.
so I assume it's not as true as everyone says it is.

Handen, Sweden

#78 Oct 16, 2011
Led zeppelin saga Amen..........

Mexico, Mexico

#79 Oct 23, 2011
I don't know what to think, but I can say it creeps me out. I'm not sure If I'll be able to listen to the song again with that in mind.

Nashville, TN

#80 Dec 28, 2011
"One wish today is that you'll all pray for three who will make it here late."
Okay this is the line that interests me.I tried looking it up and haven't been successful on finding any possible meanings for it. Getting to Hell late or getting to Heaven late? Why would they be late? if you've got any idea on the meaning please comment. Thnx.
hey guy pagey here

Sacramento, CA

#81 Jan 24, 2012
Um so glad ya all liked me song, but if you must know the true about it i really wrote it with the intension of (*^(*&%OYhklasd'oiklsdasdl 'kafikafdlknadfvo'inkafd'lknaf dlknadfl'knadfl'knadfv89671450 9145_(*^&)*&%(&^) &*^_(*^&_(*^SD_890fuqe rl'kqjerg[09quregqj45g0897245y igqer[9u34t0897q34to'irg[09qrg oh my gooooooo;jf.kj

Gainesville, VA

#83 Jan 29, 2012
As humans we naturally try to make sense of things that make no sense (like the ink blob test, the ink is 100% abstact yet we still try to see things that are unintentionally there) hearing the mumbling of a song played in reverse we apply the same concept, if we hear something that sounds like satan well assume it says satan. As to if Led Zeppelin actually back masked a satanic message in stairway to heaven only they will know

One idea i did have is that played forward it talks about heaven, played in reverse it talks of hell, the opposite of heaven so it couldve been just a cleaver gimmick, which knowing Led Zeppelin rocks, wouldn't surprise me

Cork, Ireland

#84 May 10, 2012
Sometimes people her what they wanna hear I guess.

Cork, Ireland

#85 May 10, 2012
People hear what they wanna hear.

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