Anyone actually believe this was actually Natural Weather System?


Yeh ... maybe.

(Quote EVERY Meteorologist that covered it , Highly Unusual , as was trhe preceeding snow ... der.

If you deny the possibility that this was designed (nicely timed for the election btw :p).. you are purposely denying your own capacity for intellect ;)

In Australia a tiny whiule back they conducted the LARGEST Weather Modification experiments in the history of our country (check sky news for the quote if ya don't beleive me , lol)... Malcolm Turnbull (potential opposition leader fyi) is part of Australian RAIN CORPORATION , dig it.
You would be very foolish indeed to deny weather modification , & that's without mentioning (until now) the American (Legislation?) Document entitled "Owning The Weather By 2025" - Not too far away really , if somehow we survive this overly toxified atmosphere (and ABC NEWS Last night mentioned (leak) that 'Privatization of the weather' is very much a Goal within the Corporate/Economic Structures of the Fascist Tyranny in Control.

'Paperclip' that ya Dodos'.

Are you all truly as Dumb as you appear?:)