Kurt Cobain quotes at age 14
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Portland, OR

#146 Apr 28, 2009
well at least i used to know him.
obsessed with kurt cobain

Havertown, PA

#147 May 16, 2009
caitlin wrote:
you guys are lame. i bet you know nothing about Cobain without looking him up on some information page on the internet.
that is not true. Im only eleven years old and i know more about kurt cobain than all of you put together. I have read his journals at least 5 times. Read books and books and books about him. Seen documentaries, read online, my fu**ing walls are covered in nirvana!!! Ask me any question, and i can answer it!
obsessed with kurt cobain

Havertown, PA

#148 May 16, 2009
grungegirl wrote:
Oh my god!!! SHUT UP! none of you know shit about him!! I am the biggest fan in the world and it upsets me when eveyone trys to say what kurt was! Kurt was kurt and he was awesome so just leave him alone. him and his music belongs to me and cry about him all the time. grrrrrrr. and you dont have dreams about him you stupid lowlifes
grungegirl is not the biggest fan in the world. I AM. I own every fucking thing he ever wrote and have photos, quotes, lyrics, all of the walls of my room. i dream about him every night. i cry for him, i cry for dave and krist, i cry for nirvana fans, i cry for myself. you guys know nothing about him. he is just too great and awesome for me. Rock on! RIP

"I'm going to be a superstar musician, kill myself, and go out in a flame of glory just like Kurt Cobain!- Obsessed with kurt cobain
Jason Larson

Berkeley, CA

#149 May 22, 2009
"I have suicide genes."

Beaverton, OR

#150 Aug 3, 2009
The actual posers would be the ones that go to far as to making a religion and crap about him...he didn't want fame just to make music...
The true posers are the ones who don't know what the songs mean...ala "In Bloom"

Troy, NY

#151 Sep 21, 2009
Yeah I agree with the stuff on the first page about Cobain not wanting to be a generic icon...

I only really just recently started reading about him and was shocked to realize how much I sympathized with the guy. He is someone who did his own thing- someone brutally honest. I would like to be myself, but am often afraid or shy of it. He inspires me to do so.

I was also surprised to see, on reading his suicide note, just how much I related to all of that.

Plus he was freaking hot and his voice was epic.

I hate that he's dead =_=

Tulsa, OK

#152 Oct 25, 2009
You guy's are funny. You shouldn't be obsessed with anyone-alive or dead.
I love Kurt too though..the 'magic' of who he was and still is now. I am a little bit psychic and sometimes feel him..But not around me...more so his essence.
He is happy now I feel though. Live, laugh, dream, and be yourselves.


#153 Oct 26, 2009
Hey peoples. Yeah, Kurt Cobain was qouted to have said that, but honestly, he was young and didn't actually believe he was going to do what he did. Lots of people pre-establish ideas and they never come true. The only reason people care about him saying that is because he died...ironically after becomning famous and burning out, like he said. But gauarteed, when he said that he really did not have plans laid out quite yet.


#154 Oct 26, 2009
and hey, obsessed with Kurt Cobain, um fuck you, theres no way u can claim the rigtht o being the biggest Nirvana fan ever, ur not the only one that is hurt by the loss of Kurt, so u think ur the only one that cares and u care the most, well. I say, shove it up ur ass. Have a nice day.

Naples, ME

#156 Oct 29, 2009
laurey wrote:
Kurt Cobain is God whether he wanted to be or not. I love him, and I AINT no f-in poser okay. I love his music and find his quotes and thoughts and the way he presented himself and gave interviews extremly impressive.I dream about him every night. I do think that people should quit blaming people for killing him because he is dead. Thats extremely sad and Im just some stupid teenager without a single friend in the world. I suck so dont listen to me.
This seems a little harsh on yourself. You sound a little upset. Are you okay? I mean...i feel sympathetic towards you. I remember when I was in middle school I had no friends. Cheer up.

United States

#157 Jan 12, 2010
Jerica wrote:
kurt cobain was amazing.
i wish i could've seen him live
or just met him
how amazing would that have been...
i know ur not suppose to be jealous but if u ever saw them live or got to meet kurt cobain i envy you to no end.
he was amazing and touched everyone
there is no doubt
even if u don't want to admit it
i really wish he was still alive
because it has been 14 years since his death and rock still hasn't recovered.
i miss kurt
but i'm grateful for what he did while he was here
and i think it made us appreciate him more...
R.I.P.(rock/rest in peace)
Kurt Cobain
{and yes Courtney loved killed him}
oh you mean the coldblooded insane beotch he married because she would abort his child if he didn't. true story.

United States

#158 Apr 27, 2010
Kurt NEVER said he was going to kill himself when he was 14. He never said it period. This is all misinformation fed to the media by Courtney Love.

United States

#159 Apr 27, 2010
Alice wrote:
"I am going to be a superstar musician, kill myself, and go out in a flame of glory." � Kurt Cobain, at age 14
This is nonsense. Kurt never said this, where did you hear it -- from that pack of lies "Heavier than Heaven"? You should know Charles Cross gets his info from Courtney Love, a proven liar! She does everything she can to make Kurt look bad!

Auckland, New Zealand

#160 Jun 22, 2010
curt suckt alot of c*ck in his time , the beetals are the only gods


#161 Jun 24, 2013
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Forestville, Australia

#162 Dec 3, 2013
just some kid wrote:
<quoted text>
seriously i'll argue anybody that courtny killed him it's such bull that people think it was suicide there was so much god dam evidence right there that it was in-f*cking-posssible erg pisses me off i just wish they'd at least reopen the case...bitch needs to be taught
p.s. it made me cencor the "f" word
I've been researching Kurt's death and alleged murder. This case cries out to be reopened, and that woman punished and knocked down from her ill-gotten pedestal and pay for her crimes. Has anyone seen the photo of her with Kurt's body in the ambulance?? She's wearing her vile red lipstick even though her "beloved " husband is dead!!! How can she live with the lie? She's must be a true psychopath. There's so much evidence beautiful Kurt was killed. Let's pray justice is eventually served.

Forestville, Australia

#163 Dec 3, 2013
craig wrote:
curt suckt alot of c*ck in his time , the beetals are the only gods
You are a true moron! At lest spell Kurt correctly. And it's Beatles not beetals . You imbecile !!!!

Dee Why, Australia

#164 Dec 24, 2013
caroline wrote:
aha this is getting stupid.

Since: Mar 12


#165 Dec 27, 2013
He said he was going to become a huge rock star, then kill himself just like Hendrix (must have been under the impression that Hendrix death was intentional at the moment he said it). This is just the sort of thing a teenager aspiring to fame and thinking of a rock legend/idol would say, it doesn't indicate suicidal tendencies. Neither does referencing suicides in the family (uncles, i think) by saying i have suicidal genes predict anything.
i agree, the case should be reopened, if only to try and answer some of the questions once and for all, and, because it looks suspicious that with such controversy there is a seeming unwillingness to do so.

Since: Jul 15

Vijayawada, India

#166 Jul 21, 2015
I was tired of pretending that I was someone else just to get along with people, just for the sake of having friendships.~ Kurt Cobain

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