why i find kelly annoying...

why i find kelly annoying...

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Clarksburg, NJ

#1 Sep 6, 2009
don't get me wrong, i like kelly ripa for the most part, but she has been getting on my nerves these past couple of years. see when she first came on the show i loved how down-to-earth she was and she was such a breath of fresh air from kathie lee. however, lately (since 2005/06) she has really been getting on my nerves, because she keeps bragging on and on about her "fabulous life" and her hamptons vacations...and what the hell is the deal with her and her stupid shoes?! i'm a woman and i love shoes as much as the next gal...but taking up practically an entire hour just to show off your shoes?! that's pathetic! and i also hate the way she rags on her husband and humiliates her kids. if i ever heard my mom telling the world about an embarassing experience i had, i'd want to give myself up for adoption. another thing...i hate her kissing up to madonna, as well as other female celebs, all the time. she seems a little standoffish towards the men at times, but she treats the women celebs like they're her best friends in the world. talk about obnoxious! no wonder priscilla presley was so hostile toward her! and i absolutely hated the whole clay aiken thing. i mean, yeah, he was a bit of a jerk for slamming her halloween costume of his, but in turn, she shouldn't have gotten all up-in-arms over him putting his hand over her mouth, because she clearly was taking over the entire interview and didn't want him stealing her thunder. and she's done it a million times to regis already, as well as to a few celebrities, especially men. for her to play the whole "if-i-were-a-man" card is really stupid! i mean...she thinks by stating "women rule the world", showing off her designer duds and complaining about a man playfully putting his hand on her mouth when she's done it alot of times, not to mention kissing madonna's a$$ as well as every other female celebrity that comes on the show, she's being some kind of "feminist icon", then she's got another thing coming! and i think the final straw came when ringo starr had to cut his performance short just so kelly could brag on and on about her designer jeans and her "fabulous" jimmy-choos/minola-blahniks!! i didn't blame ringo for getting pissed off and storming out of the show! and i really got a kick out of him backhandedly dissing kelly by saying, "i love regis". seriously, paul mccartney's my favorite beatle, but you don't cut a former beatle short just so you could go on and on about your "fabulous life". and the new electroLUSH ads really do it in for me! "i can be even more amazing by using ELECTROLUX!" on the flip-side, she still isn't nearly as bad as kathie lee and she does have a great bubbly, perky persona still, but she just needs to get over herself and become more relatable again. i miss that kelly ripa. we all do. still like her, though.

Clarksburg, NJ

#2 Sep 10, 2009
Yeah I agree. I used to like her, but now I can't stand her. I hate how she's always talking over people, kissing up to people and taking up time during the morning chat to talk about her new shoes, or her sex life. I actually liked Kathie Lee, because she was funny. But Kelly really needs to get over herself. And speaking as a HUGE Ringo/Beatles fan, for him to have to cut short his set just so Kelly could take up a half hour talking about - what else?- HERSELF was appalling!! And yet they give crappy acts like The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus perform two songs!! PLEASE!!! And what the heck is the deal with Kelly screaming and squealing like a 12-year-old over the stupid Jonas Brothers?! And they have them on more than any other musical guest, which SUCKS!!! They SUCK!!! I think Kelly is going through a midlife crisis...AND menopause!! She is so beyond pathetic, it's sad!! If I had to spend my mornings next to that skinny, squealy moron, I'd have to shoot myself...or HER!!! I don't blame the celebs for dissing her, because she talks over everyone, usually to brag about herself! Seriously, I think all of us are sick-to-death of her CRAP and think Regis should either get his wife, Joy, to co-host with him, or try to get Kathie Lee back, or just host the show by himself.

United States

#3 Aug 23, 2010
Kelly Ripa is arguably THE most annoying extant female celebrity: She is talentless, insulting, intellectually retarded, and the quintessential embodiment of the washed-up-soap-opera-actress-g one-talk-show archetype. Her loud, squawking voice grates on the nerves, and her mannerisms and performance style are thoroughly self-obsessed, giving the impression that she has pushed, elbowed, and kicked others aside to get in front of the camera simply to be seen and heard, rather than to demonstrate any genuine creative abilities. I challenge anyone to name an enjoyable performance by Kelly Ripa (and no, histrionic daytime meltdowns don't count). Everyone bashes Mark Consuelos, but I definitely find him easier to tolerate than her.

There are some couples in the public eye that make absolutely no sense from a compatibility perspective…Mark Consuelos/Kelly Ripa and George Stephanopoulos/Alexandra Wentworth being the best examples.

Albemarle, NC

#4 May 10, 2011
Maybe if she'd eat something she might not be such a bitch!!!!!! Once Regis leaves the show, I'll be changing the channel!!!!!!!

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#5 Aug 22, 2011
When she first came on the show, I thought she was pretty good. She was quite funny and down to earth. Now I just find her downright annoying and rude. I guess her instant celebrity status went straight to her bleach blond head...and now she needs to come back to earth. I'm sure Regis wondered how he could have made such a blunder in hiring her. Could you imagine having to sit with her for an hour every morning? No thanks!!

Baltimore, MD

#6 Oct 3, 2011
I agree....she is so full of herself! I used to like her years ago and now it seems like Kelly is not even listening to Regis or the guest because she is so eager to talk about herself that giving someone else the spot light for 2 minutes is tough for her.

Franklinville, NJ

#7 Oct 4, 2011
I've noticed she's becoming more and more annoying. Her comments have been very insensitive and cold. She's also way to thin. She looks ridiculous.

Her last comment was so awful, I just wrote it in and complained. She needs to hold her stuck up tongue!!!! What a snob!!!!!!

Port Alberni, Canada

#8 Oct 24, 2011
Kelly Ripa is the most annoying tv personality in the history of media. This includes Rachael Ray, which says a lot.

On a side note - It's funny, only women complain about other women's weight. Who cares what her weight is?? Women just love to hate other women but the pretend they don't when around each other. Us men laugh at that as we see right through it. Let me guess, the women here complaining about Ripa's weight have overweight issues?

Medina, OH

#9 Oct 28, 2011
I am, have always been curious how someone so annoying and talentless is able to keep such a high profile job. doesn't it say more about us than her that she's there. people's sense of what's good is so warped in this country that ones like her thrive. Sheep, sheep, and more sheep.

United States

#10 Nov 17, 2011
I never liked her! she is without doubt the most annoying and talentless TV personality (she must have bitten and clawed her way to the top!). I don't even remember ever finding someone so obnoxious as her.
The real clincher was a few years back. She hosted a TV special show celebrating the funniest women in TV history- you know the likes of Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball... Well, she had herself at like #6 or so in the funniest women in history. I couldn't believe the friggin gall of putting herself anywhere in that company. I hope she finally gets booted from her cushy digs after Regis leaves.
captain spaulding

Albemarle, NC

#11 Nov 23, 2011
it was regis who made her likeable without him she is unwatchable
Mike D

Brooklyn, NY

#12 Jan 1, 2012
I agree with most of these comments. She has gone from charming to annoying. After she is seated for host chat she re-wlcomes co host with Oprah scream " Here is Michael Strahaaaaaaaaan !" Ugh ! Then she ends every host chat with "We have a big show today" Everything in between is sipping coffee and interrupting co-host with an I can top that comment. Another thing. What is with her "Literally" moment every day, which is nothing literal? IE: "I literally slept for 4 days" "I literally slept under the airplane seat" " I can become literally invisible" Notice her cigarette voice gets deeper every day? She still smokes.
juliette ross

United States

#13 Feb 1, 2012
she smokes so she wont have to put a morsel of food in her mouth. it gags me to hear her talk about not having a desert or eating pretels instead of cheetos, oh puhleeeez...i cannot stomach this smurf and i turn to the weather channel instead!!! why oh why is she still on the air?? says a lot about all the t.v. and hollywood crap we tolerate these days.

Philadelphia, PA

#14 Feb 1, 2012

Brookhaven, PA

#15 Feb 22, 2012
She is o.k. just sometime I wish she'd get off the helium and use her "regular" voice. You'll wake up from a snooze( I work evening's) and say "What's that sounding like that???
Noah J

Whitefield, ME

#16 Feb 28, 2012
They should rename the show...'It's all about Kelly'.
Funny how they can't find a permanent co-host?
I don't know why they need one, she never lets anyone else talk anyway.
Why she thinks we are all interested in Joaquin, and her other son, "who's name I can't mention" is beyond me.
At least there is one person who thinks she's wonderful and sexy.....herself !

Fitchburg, MA

#17 Apr 29, 2012
She is so damn annoying, and kisses ass big time. I liked to watch her on "All My Children" years ago, but now she is an anorexic women, married to a loser, and has a big mouth. What happened to her acting skills??? Now she is just a TV host, obnoxious, and so annoying-I do not even watch her stupid show. What happened?? I do not think she will last to long in the Hollywood business because all she has going for her is "Regis and Kelly" and no one watches it because there are much better shows on that time slot. She hosts the TV Land Award Show 2012 and was just a baby when these shows came out, but she acts like she knows everybody. Give me a break-she went and continues to go downhill!
Tina K

Orlando, FL

#18 May 6, 2012
I tried to watch while Regis was on because I love him. But watching her constantly push up her sleeves while doing that thing with her lips to try & look sexy and looking in the moniter at herself drove me crazy. I did try to watch it after Regis left. Now when her co-host begins to say something she's too busy picking up her coffee mug and doing the lip thing to even listen to what he is saying. At least Regis could talk about what he did the night before. All Kelly can talk about is how much she worked out, which spinning class she attended, how it's difficult to make the "little feller" look good (so true, eat something), me, me, me. Ugh! I've already changed the channel.

United States

#19 May 10, 2012
Please take kelly ripa off the this show already.. I find her so annoying.. everything about her is annoying" she always talks over her celebrity guests, and her co-hosts.. and she always brags about her family... I don't know how mark consuelos can't stand her, he is too good for her... cancel her contract" and get someone else to replace her... she is also too skinny.. looks like she doesn't eat much... She is not good enough to have her own talk show...

Pearl River, NY

#20 May 13, 2012
Glad to see that I'm not alone in finding Kelly Ripa to be the most obnoxious TV personality. I actually change the channel when one of her commercials comes on. Ughh!

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