Keith Urban defying gravity

Keith Urban defying gravity

There are 3 comments on the Salt Lake Tribune story from Sep 5, 2009, titled Keith Urban defying gravity. In it, Salt Lake Tribune reports that:

If you stay past the encore at Keith Urban's concert at EnergySolutions Arena on Sept.

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andrew j langham


#1 Nov 19, 2009
a battery connected to two metal plates of a chamber sir robert millikan created an electric field between the plates that would act on the charged oil droplets; he adjusted the voltage till the electric field force just balanced the force of gravity on a drop, and the drop would hang suspended in mid-air.

When a drop is suspended, its weight m g is exactly equal to the electric force applied, the product of the electric field and the charge q E.

The values of E (the applied electric field), m (the mass of a drop which was already calculated by Millikan), and g (the acceleration due to gravity), are all known values. So it is very easy to obtain the value of q, the charge on the drop, by using the simple formula: m g = q E

Millikan repeated the experiment numerous times, each time varying the strength of the x-rays ionizing the air, so that differing numbers of electrons would jump onto the oil molecules each time. He obtained various values for q.

The charge q on a drop was always a multiple of 1.59 x 10-19 Coulombs. approx value accepted today: 1.602 x 10-19 C it is known that charged particles can be accelerated within a magnetic field note so can a frog or any stucture of atoms so therefore we can manage gravity with electrical charges and magnetic fields providing they are calibrated correctly example charge below light emitting level and magnetic field needs to be very powerful 40 tesla and higher for large objects with a saturated flux composition. [email protected]
andrew j langham


#2 Jan 29, 2010
SPECIAL engineering theory for the aircraft industry the sun takes in vast amounts of free energy from space! this vast one way tide towards the sun, of photon streams & space debris, these said photons have mass, which creates a huge gravity push force vector towards the sun, note people always, previously thought of gravity as a pulling force; which it is not, it is analogous to photon rain, ie photons that have mass; and exert a downward pushing force, on our planet this is True GRAVITY. when an aircraft dives at 10 metres per second then weightlessness is achieved. if the aircraft or rocket accelerates away from earth at 10 metres per second gravity inertia is doubled in effect, when traversing an ark the greater the acceleration within the ark or tighter the curve the greater the gravity inertia force this is because the aircraft has to encounter a greater volumed amount of falling photon rain,'ie gravity'
ie downward movement of lower energy photons which have mass and therefore they exert a force per square metre.'the said photon rain which has mass is GRAVITY:' which we experience as G-force-inertia;
The sun receives these type of photons from space that possess mass, note; when the ensembled photons, have shed their mass, giving up energy to the sun, which then uses the this received energy in order to fuse hydrogen into helium and then defractionates the bonded hydrogen/helium etc and then re-radiates the surplus gained energy as light photons and all other electro mechanical waveforms such as intense ultra violet etc, these said radiated morphed photons having shedded their mass,of which most are then re-radiated and mainly become ie visible light photons which we receive as sunlight on our planet earth,;
note; gravity is a pushing force, you cannot gain energy in excess from simple fusion note; when atoms combine energy is released but only as chemistry scientists have calibrated; what actually occurs, the photon cloud surrouding say two or more atoms becomes smaller and the excess photons radiate as infra heat, creating a thermal action as it does in all chemistry exothermic equations; note; energy can neither be created or distroyed it is always in a state of moving flux even within a neutron, when the energy within only appears to be resting until released as it does quite naturally; inertia is created by photon rain! the greater the distance ie the length of string to the ball weight affixed to then the more photon rain has to be travelled through so greater effort is needed. this is inertia force;
andrew j langham

London, UK

#4 May 17, 2011
Note toy high charge lifters have now been made by many people! Note to aircraft manufactures; air molecules to become ionized near high charged surfaces especially sharp points and edges. Usually, two electrodes are used with a high voltage between them, ranging from a few kilovolts and up to megavolt levels, where one electrode is small or sharp, and the other larger and smoother. The most effective distance between electrodes occurs at an electric potential gradient of about 10 kV/cm, which is just below the nominal breakdown voltage of air between two sharp points, at a current density level usually referred to as the saturated corona current condition. This creates a high field gradient around the smaller, positively charged electrode. Around this electrode, ionization occurs, that is, electrons are stripped from the atoms in the surrounding medium; they are literally pulled right off by the electrode's charge. Note if the under-side of the craft is manufacture as a huge high electrically charged Anode then the surrounding air will become dense! Note; charging air cause it to increase in density! if this is produced and then guided under a craft the increase air density provides buoyancy to the craft! Fact! note; the electrical charge is proportional to the lift generated!

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