Will he ever adopt?
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Galway, Ireland

#1 Aug 11, 2011
Keanu always seems to get along with kids,over the years I have seen pictures of him playing with the kids on the park,holding their hands on the street,shopping with his god children,etc and imo he is always extra-sweet to his little fans. It is really cute to watch him with the kids and I remember he was talking about having kids one day, even in his early interviews.

Obviously fatherhood must have become a painful subject for him after losing his child and at least for now he looks like he has given up on the dream which is such a shame, because imo he sure has a lot to offer a child and he would make a great father one day. I'm thinking maybe in future he would consider adopting,if he really wants to try fatherhood, what do you think? Could it happen or he would rather stay as he is and would rather play the older uncle to the kids of his friends and that would be enough for him?

And before you answer, have a look at this video of Keanu with the kids:

“Dum Di Dum”

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#2 Aug 11, 2011
There are so many orphans outside. I´m happy about every single one, which is adopted. No matter, where he/she is coming from. Now, I don´t know, what Ke would do, but I still think, that he should give it a try. Friends told me, their life changed as they became parents, on a positive way. That this was the best, what happened into their life. There are few challenges along the road, but hey nobody said, it would be easy to educate children.

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#3 Aug 12, 2011
Long time lurker. I doubt he will ever adopt a child.

I worked on Constantine as a caterer, and a relative was part of electrical crew on Constantine and couple of other movies with Keanu. Us low-level flunkies get to observe a lot because people forget we are around. It's like we're the scenery.

Impressions: Good guy. Professional, not a swell-headed dick. I liked Keanu more than any other HW star I worked around. He had a kindness that was very real and very attractive.

But not your average guy.(Brad Pitt is an average guy in a lot of ways. Hard to believe, but he is.) Keanu is very remote and distant, more so than other stars. All stars are in their own world but him more so. But always polite and aware. I said that flunkies are part of scenery and no one pays attention to us, but Keanu was always very aware of everybody around him, including low-levels, crew, etc. It's like he had antenna. You know he knows. Most stars are oblivious, they could stumble over you and wonder whether you are an electrical cable.

His mother came to set and we were all "on notice." Can't tell whole story, but we were all scared bleepless. She's very formidable. Don't put a foot wrong around her...Very tall and striking and "done."

HW is a rumor ridden town and there are many about Keanu as there are about Clooney, Pitt, Gylenhaal...you name him or her, there are rumors. You learn to take everything with a grain of salt and just go by what you see.

So what I saw was a lonely, remote guy with a very dominating mom.

Maybe it was the part he was playing - could very well be - but there is a sadness to the man that I think went beyond the part. A brooding.

Keanu's future? Who knows. He doesn't seem to have any HW projects lined up. I am no longer in the business so I have no scuttlebut. But I wonder whether he wants to strike out in a different direction, and whether getting away from his mother has something to do with it.

I liked him a lot and hope he finds satisfaction and fulfillment in something other than movies. I don't think anyone really finds happiness in movie-making. At the end of the day trying to find happiness in movie-making is a bit of a trap, which is why I quit.

But Keanu is very rich and can afford to do whatever he wants now. I wonder what that will be?

Peacin', Carmen


#4 Aug 12, 2011
Do you think Patricia is itching to be a grandmother? Don't you think when Keanu was in his early 20s, his Mom controlled his money? If Keanu got a girl pregnant but didn't want to have the baby, how would that work out? How would you know she was domineering? Did she read him the riot act on set?

There are all kinds of rumors about Keanu and those other actors. Some are very interesting.

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#5 Aug 12, 2011
I don't see KR adopting by himself. He obviously enjoys little people, but I don't think he's wired the same way as a middle-aged single woman with no kids and no (immediate) prospect. Plus he's a guy and his chance of fathering a kid in mid-life *could be* easier than someone with 'dusty' eggs.

I see him wanting the "whole ball of wax" or nothing. So I could see him a dad if the right woman at the right time came along. But I don't see him making it happen a priority.

Interesting post, Carmen. Thanks for your insight.

You said:
"...So what I saw was a lonely, remote guy with a very dominating mom. "

Earlier, I posted about parent/child relationships, although metaphorically. In the literal sense, the outcome is the same: All kids grow up. Sadly for Keanu Reeves, he himself is an industry and it's not so easy to "abdicate his responsibilities" when so many depend on him for (fill in the blank). Making room for a companion in his life doesn't mean that.(Although he might be made to feel that way it doesn't make it true.) If what you say is true, Carment, then if/when the time comes for him to fall in love, I hope he's strong because without his support a confident woman won't put up with it. jmo

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#6 Aug 12, 2011
I neither know his mother nor did I meet her before, therefore...I prefer to let other dispread the rumours...

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#7 Aug 12, 2011
Carmen, thanks for sharing your impressions with us.
It's always interesting to read what people who actually met him and/or worked with him say about him...
and it adds yet another piece to the puzzle ;)

thanks again :)

Bochum, Germany

#8 Aug 12, 2011
Carmen of Sedona wrote:
I said that flunkies are part of scenery and no one pays attention to us, but Keanu was always very aware of everybody around him, including low-levels, crew, etc. It's like he had antenna. You know he knows.
That's exactly what I observed at the book signing, he promptly knew and heard every single comment which came for someone in the audience. I was stunned that he had such a good ear and eye and antenna.

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#9 Aug 12, 2011
Very interesting topic,thanks Leb opening finally a sensible discussion!
Imo it is obvious he is still yearning for fatherhood somewhere deep inside him but he would talk about it only when the mood strikes and it is not a goal he actively pursues, bec he has to find the right woman first somebody who will be worthy of having kids ( yes on my dream world I imagine him with many kids,lol). In that sense what Andromeda says make perfect sense to me, he either wants the whole package or nothing. Could he have a change of heart on future and to for adoption? Dunno, I hope he does bec it would be such a big loss not to experience fatherhood even late at life, but that's my opinion maybe he feels differentky maybe after 50 it will all seem like a lot of hassle to him, who knows...

And welcome to the board Carmen! Thanks for sharing your insights! It sometimes breaks my heart how a lot of people who has met Keanu described him as this sad, lonely, brooding guy yet I have to agree, there is a sadness to him maybe which is instric to his persona, not that I think he is gloomy all the time, he has plenty of laughs and he seems pretty cheeky but he definitely has that other side as well. And now I'm curious about his mom, could she be part of problem as you suggested? I have to think a bit and maybe post later and you are more than welcomed to expand on your impressions a bit more...

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#10 Aug 12, 2011
Ouch, sometimes you write something and you click, and then you say, "what the hell?"

When I wrote: "So what I saw was a lonely, remote guy with a very dominating mom." I realized afterwards that I was going over the line. So let me try to walk it back a bit.

Keanu does keep his distance, and his mother is a commanding looking woman with "take no sh*t" aura, but that doesn't mean she dominates him.

I have no idea what their relationship is. Maybe he dominates her. I don't engage in guesswork, I only wanted to contribute something I saw, so I should not have written that.

I am sorry. I apologize.

OK, let me just give a little more background on some of the things I wrote. Keanu was playing a very disturbing part, and he is known to stay in character. Perhaps that accounted for his brooding quality. However - this is just my impression - I don't think it was just the character. I think it's part of him. Where does it come from? Your guess is as good as mine.

About his being distant. This is something that is true of any movie set. The star is removed from other people because he or she is the most important person on the set apart from the director (and the investors). If they aren't good, the production fails. He or she has a lot of responsibility and it's expected that they are treated in a special way.

But -- the good guys and good girls don't take advantage of this, and they behave courteously. They don't do dick things. Keanu is one of the good guys and doesn't do dick things.

"Someone" who shall be nameless once literally smashed into me as if I wasn't there, on the set. I am 5'9" tall and hard to miss, but I was a nobody, so they didn't care.

I never had a personal interaction with Keanu but I did observe him. This kind of crap NEVER happened with him. If he walked past me, he made way, like a decent human being, or a gentleman. Common courtesy means a lot to us low-level flunkies, so when I see him dissed in public, I feel a need to point out my good experiences.

And it makes me ashamed that I said something I should not have.

My apologies for saying something uncalled for.

I wouldn't recommend anyone I like go to into the film industry. Better to get a good education, get a job where you can contribute to science, health, knowledge, and peace. Have a family. So many of the people I met in the industry do not have satisfying private lives.

I never spoke with Keanu so I really don't know for sure but I always felt that he knows all this, and wants to break out, but as Andromeda pointed out, "he's an industry." A lot of people would be threatened if he stopped being Keanu, and a lot of women who are in his support group would be very put out.

Peace from Sedona


#11 Aug 12, 2011
Van Sant said people identify with his pain.

He also said Keanu's self confidence has been so decimated that he sometimes finds it difficult to pull off even a simple performance.

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#12 Aug 12, 2011
Thanks for clarifying 'dominating mother' part Carmen! That is very considerate of you, bec believe it or not there are people who are ready to slash the guy in the first opportunity they got and of course if somebody who actually met Keanu writes smt nice about him, unfortunately they got their fair share of insults from those crazy bunch! And if you are somebody who believes Keanu is a gentleman, have a look at Keanu is a gentleman thread and see for yourself what I mean...

Anyway back to Keanu's momma, we would never know whether she is really 'dominating type or not, but Keanu himself described his mom as a strong-willed woman in one of his early interviews and if that will make you feel any better I think one of his chikdhood friends from Toronto also told that his mum was very protective of Keanu and she would even accompany Keanu in some of his early works, so I guess if she might look intimidating to some.

As for him being distant, I also believe his co-star Shia made a similar remark in one of promo interviews but he also added he was very cool and when he is in the mood very funny,so there must be some truth in the distance thing as well..btw how was Keanu's relation with Shia on the set? He was just a kid in Cobstantine but they seem to get along, if remember anything would you mind sharing? Thanks!


#13 Aug 12, 2011
One of his childhood friends said he was often left alone. Even Alice Cooper said he felt sorry for the kid being left alone...so he took him to the studio. Sam said his mother raised the kids. Kim said their mother was never there and keanu said, when he did Hamlet, he realized how much anger he had against his mother...so, what should we think? When the kids were young, apparently his mother said just because she had them, didn't mean she had to raise them.

Did anyone ever wonder how, when they were young, she got Richard Avadon to take their pictures? Just curious.

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#14 Aug 12, 2011
Le Boeuf? I formed no strong impressions of him, except he was inches shorter than me and cute. Keanu is 4-5 inches taller and amazingly handsome.

No knocks on Shia, but I think he should cash in while he can. I do not see a long career for him.

The reason I wanted to speak up is because stars can get away with practically anything on the set. They can and have assaulted people - not saying that is the rule - but it has happened. The victim will be hustled off the set and paid to shut up. I think the story about Julia Roberts ordering everyone to strip down to their skivvies is true. I'd have quit. No one has the right to do that to someone else. Stars get away with a lot of bad behavior and until they start fading and failing, no one says a thing.

So, when you come across a star who acts not only with common courtesy, but with actual kindness and consideration, you appreciate it. The words "Please" and "thank you" from a star are rare.

"Van Sant said people identify with his pain."

I agree with this. They see it in his eyes.

"He also said Keanu's self confidence has been so decimated that he sometimes finds it difficult to pull off even a simple performance."

Oh well that's Van Sant talking about his own inadequacies. Actors are all needy children. A director's job is to work with the talent. I think that Lawrence worked well with Keanu and that's why his performance in Constantine was so terrific. Maybe I'm prejudiced but I love his performance in Constantine. Also he got along well with the divine Tilda. I wish he would marry Tilda but she's on her own galaxy way out there. Keanu is of this earth.

Anyway guys, that's about all I have to say. I don't know any more about him than you do, probably less!

Wishing you peace and harmony from Sedona,



#15 Aug 12, 2011
Once on the set of Feeling Minnisota, Keanu put his fist through a wall, because he was so upset about getting his lines and acting right. On the Matrix extras you can also see he is nearly in tears because he couldn't complete a stunt the way he wanted it. Hackford talked about his inability to go where he needed to go but Hackford got the best out of Keanu, as far as I can see.


#16 Aug 12, 2011
Why would you feel the need to wish peace and harmony to strangers? It just seems uncalled for. I mean, what else would you wish strangers?

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#17 Aug 12, 2011
Thanks again Carmen indulging my little request!
For me somebody who is outside the industry it is just interesting how somebody who plays a kiddo, a young sidekick to Keanu becomes the leading man a couple of years later...Yet I coudn't really take any guesses on Shia bec I haven't seen enough work of him but what I could say is imo there is not a lot of people in HW who has Keanu's charisma, dedication for his craft and basic courtesy and he really deserves appreciation for keeping himself in the Hollyweird, indeed imo that is one thing very distinctive of Keanu, another insider Sandy for example called him anti-HW...

Personally I think like any business where big bucks and even bigger egos rule, HW is just another looney bin and that is why probably keeping his distance and surrounds himself with friends who choose to stay out of the lime-light and it is really nice that you cared enough for the guy to post what you witnessed...

As for VS remarks I assume Donna is again taking PINK as her reference which is a fictional novel and you might be interested to know VS never names Keanu, Donna believes a character in the book must be Keanu, so I'd suggest take all VS refences with a grain of salt...

And lastly, nothing is wrong with wishing peace&harmony to all, that is just a kind wish and nobody would complain having too much of any of them in their lives imo...

Hope to see you more on the boards, we need more voices like you..

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#18 Aug 12, 2011
Oops sorry typed too quickly!
I meant 'Keanu deserves appreciation for keeping himself sane in Hollyweird'

And also somewhere 'Keanu' is missing in the middle of sentence, but I hope you will get the essense of what I am saying;))


#19 Aug 12, 2011
I don't know but it seems like Keanu has friends in the industry. Like Mailhouse, Robert Downey, Josh Richman, Tiger, Hamel. I remember seeing a picture of Tom Hanks getting in a car with Keanu and also references to Dan Ackroyd and Devito. I remeber he supposedly tried hard to buddy up with Kurt Cobain. He was friends with the Chili Peppers...I could go on. Anyway, I don't think he has an aversion to Hollywood...I actually saw film of him hugging Joel Silver.


#20 Aug 12, 2011
Odi, if you ever read anything about Van Sant or his films or his friends...if you ever read PINK, you might be enlightened. Since you won't try and learn anything about the subject...you sit and judge from ignorance. You really are such a neophyte, you honestly believe Sandy was a know it all.

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