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#61 Nov 28, 2011
Yelanav, I'm really enjoying your posts.

Thanks for the link! I loved that photo shoot! KR riding his "beast"!:0)

It's weird to have Keanuweb back up again. I never think of it anymore and yet it was the first board I ever hit in KR fandom. In any event, I was able to catch-up somewhat on what's happening in Keanu-land. A casting call for his leading lady. Apparently KR is God (according to Jada Pinkett-Smith) over there, so could you imagine what a casting call to work opposite KR would be like? To get that call from your agent.:0) Those girls must be popping Imodium like Advil the morning after the night before.


Greenville, SC

#62 Nov 28, 2011
yelenav wrote:
Don't know, did he find hs leading lady for Man of Tai-chi, but it seems, he has found some new closes.At least, I never saw it before.Is this velvet or satin? How it comes with his length that his sleeves and pants-legs seems to be too long?Does he buy every time 2 pares and make 1?

P.S. There is a war between me and my computer, and I'm loosing it, I suppose. So, Don't be amazed about strange words, you can find in my post. I give it up :(
Yelenav, I was thinking some type of microsuede or ultrasuede. And instead of making one pair out of two, I would suggest using this material for making a throw for his couch or bed and sticking to the leather/denim look in the pic of him riding the Ducati, lol, but he could wear a burlap sack for all I care...it's what's underneath those clothes that I would be more interested in...;)

Good luck with your computer!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!

Charleroi, Belgium

#63 Nov 29, 2011
Cindy wrote:
<quoted text>
he could wear a burlap sack for all I care...it's what's underneath those clothes that I would be more interested in...;)
truth, only truth, pure truth, nothing, but the truth

Charleroi, Belgium

#64 Dec 2, 2011
it's Friday back, and today my weekly action "Support local economy" contented "Brugse Zot". As it written on the bottle, " The people of Bruges are known as "Brugse Zotten" ( Bruges fools).Lovely, charming town. The people there speak very special dialekt of Flemish ( which is , actually, dialect of Dutch), hardly understandable for the strangers.Hier 50 km to the left or to the right - already strangers.When I lieved hier just a few years, Iworked once with the team of West-Flamish.They were very nice, gentle people, very kind to me, all the time joked, trying to speak "common Dutch".Every evening I was terribly tired, not from work, but from trying to understand, where their jokes were about.Brugse Zot was accompanied by my old friend ,stilton-chees (almost too dry, such a shame!) and also delcious Cantal entre deux, Bleu d'Auvergne, St.Marcellin and Crottin de chèvre ( heavenly!). Sometimes life turns to us with her beautiful side!

Charleroi, Belgium

#65 Dec 2, 2011
This morning I came close to the edge of madness trying to post this story. Not only looked my post like written by extremly dyslectical person, button Post Comment didn't work. I tried it 3 times, I mean not only click on the button, but hole text disappeared every time, and I had to retype it again and again.Now I try once more to tell my story, which is very little connected with our main thema.
Ther is one Belgian director, Eric Van Looy, very known and popular hier. I'm not so crazy about his movies, but he did some TV-shows too and ther I really enjoed him. He worked also in Hollywood, but I don't know, what he has made there.Some time ago he filmed a book of a famous Belgian detective/thriller writer Jef Geeraerts. However, detectives are one of 3 things, I need to survive and I swallow almost everything what passes by, Geeraerts is not really my thing ( can I say thing about the writer?).Feel uncomfortable with his books.The movie was hier super-hit, won some international filmfestivals and was noticed in Hollywood? Now Eric Van Looy asked to do big-budget HW remake.
This morning I heared on radio that Van Looy is a great fan of football club "Antwerpen". It's not big, not too successful (hope EVL never read this post), they play even not in the premiere ligue.Doesn't metter, he is supporter.And in all his movies, as the red thread, comes something about his favorite club. In one you can hear radio)reporter to say : "Antwerpen" won over "Beerschot" 3:0 ( the last one is well from premiere ligue). In another one character sings club-song just before he'll be killed. And in "Altzheimer-case" there are some red-white pilles, in the club-colors. Van Looy already declared, he'll insist to keep this detail.
In my eyes, that's a nice example of true, sincere fan. And I like the way, he does it - these detailes don't disturb story-line, but who knows- recognizes.
Do you have some of such subtile, half-hidden signs of your passion?

Brussels, Belgium

#66 Dec 16, 2011
It's Friday evening, time for my weekly "Support Local Economy"-action. Today it gonna be "Omer", Bockor brewery, alc.8%vol., hmm, "Gold Award World Beer Cup 2010" ( I hear it J&A, I must not believe all this "world" -things, it's like intervew in "People"-magazine :D). "Top-fermented beer, re-fermented in the bottle. Traditionally brewed at the Bockor brewery, owned since 1892 by the Vander Ghinste family. Theeldst sons have been carrying the name Omer for five genrations." It should be accompanied by my old dearest friend,stilton cheese (Thomas Hoe Stevenson Aged Blue Stilton Fro the heart of England's shires...Poetry, isn't it?).And while I became tipsy, I'll tell you my endless stories, very loose connected to Keanu Reeves. But it should be interrupted by making/eating food and some other family duties

Brussels, Belgium

#67 Dec 16, 2011
It's first snow falling right now! OK, it's more melting snow, though.It's still a reason to drink a glass of something nice, isn't it?

“Keanu Rocks”

Since: Sep 08


#68 Dec 16, 2011
we had snow and terrential rain, sigh more floods!!!

Since: Apr 09

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#69 Dec 16, 2011
yelenav wrote:
It's first snow falling right now! OK, it's more melting snow, though.It's still a reason to drink a glass of something nice, isn't it?
Cheers yelenav!

Just waiting on Mr. A and drinking a glass of wine. The only one tonight because it's his work party...:0) So he drives there and I'll drive home.

Enjoy your snow!

Brussels, Belgium

#70 Dec 16, 2011
Sorry for a long break , I was watching "Midsommer murders" . It looks like I've infected with my passion for crime-genre not only my daughter, but even my dog seemed to watch sincerely interested.
The beer of tonight had an unexpectable effect on me ( except absolutely expectable tipsy-effect). After first sip I had to wash and peel potatos. We have a room in our hous, wich we call "veranda". In fact, it's all in the world, but not a veranda. But each place need a name, and this has , strange enough, biggest window in hus, so- veranda. Sometimes I still have dreams about me , sitting in the winter afternoon in the rocking chair among exotical flowers enjoing bloody sunset with a glass of baccari-orange in my hand... Dreams are free of paiment.
On of the function of this room is washing place for dirty things like vegetables. Most of it comes not from supermarket but from our garden and has ground on it. Veranda was first place where I had warm water after 2 years rebuilding of our hous.But then "The Men" desided, for some ununderstandable for simple female mind, reason, to close warm water. In the summer it didn't matter, but now it became "frosty"
And few sips of beer got me remarcable difference between frozen outside of me and very warm feeling somewhere between my heart and stomach.( Is this not the place, where the soul suppose to be?)I should understand, if I got it after a glas of 40° vodka, but sip of 8% beer?! loosing skills? Old days coming?

Mechelen, Belgium

#71 Dec 23, 2011
It was crazy week, I'm not sure that I survived it, not all y parts. But, I think, I have all Christmas gifts now. I think.
So, it's Friday night, time to support local economy. Today it's "Kwak", family brewery since 1791, a unuque Belgian speciality. An uncomparable belgian top fermentation beerwith unuqe taste.Is best served in traditional glass." 8,4%. I don't think it's blond, may be amber ( semms to exist betwen blond and dark)? Find nothing on the bottle. His company for onight are old good stilton and a new good English-style one-blue Shropshire. What should I say? Kids, life begins after your 40, when you're ripe and crazy enough for good rock and goo beer!
Tonight I'll tel you very belgian story.There is one radio station hier, Studio Brussels or StuBru for the friends.Basicaly, rock musik.My car radio last year. Each year, around this time they organize "Life for music"-action. They bild "Glass House" and sat it in the middle of one of the bigger Belgian towns. 3 presentators stay there for a week , without food, surviving on vegetable juices and smoothies. I think, sleep is also resticted. Peope can offer money for their favorite songs.There are a lot of radom acts to collect the moneys. All goes to certain charity aim.This year it is against diarree. I never supposed, but it is 1st death cause by children.Every year about 1,5 million died from it. There are about 1 milliard people on the planet without proper water, about 2 milliads without decent toilet. So, ths year's slogan is " We do give the sh**t"
I wanted to buy "Washington" of Dogstar - they couldn't find in their files nothing from Dogstar!!!I was so disappoited, tha didn't buy anything:(
But hier a song whic is at 3 place of all asked :
&fe ature=player_embedded
I wouldn't say, I hate Christmas songs. For a few days in the year they are just whatyou could need. But the most are a little beat too much sugar, honey and candy.This one likes me good even by the beer .
Now I needtoo to see, what my potatoes doeswithout me. But I'll be back

Mechelen, Belgium

#72 Dec 23, 2011
"Music for life" action is just finished.They collected 7.142.716 euro. Ther are 10 mln inhabitants in Belgiu. About 6 mln in Flanders.(This is flamish radio).Mostly young public, 20-30ers. Not so bad?
By the way, one of random acts was the next one: 8 Flamish celebrites gave acces to their WC ( of course, you had to offer money, how much - your choice). Presnors were talkig about, what such intime space can say about person, which celebrity's toilet they would like to use, and doubts - should I do such stinking thing by my favorite ? The solution was - clean it up after use. Have I to ask which celeb you would like to choose?. Now; I go watch my murders movie, after I'll tel something about rooms.

Since: Apr 09

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#73 Dec 23, 2011
I love it: "We do give a sh!t."

My two had Norwalk flue when they were 9 mos and 1.5 respectively. My son had to be hydrated via an IV. We went through a 48 box of Pampers in 2 days.

Scary sh!t (pardon the pun).

Everyone get their flu shot. It's worth it.

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