Happy birthday, Kareem, and here's hoping you'll enjoy many, many more! As a a long-time fan of yours, I've enjoyed watching your extraordinary basketball talents during your playing days. I consider you to be the greatest basketball player ever. Although I've long admired you as a player, I must admit that I now enjoy you even more as writer, historian, etc. because as an intellectual, your influence goes well beyond your fandom and expands boundaries in the world-at-large. Thanks for sharing the breadth and depth of your knowledge by writing such outstanding and well-acclaimed books. I have enjoyed reading such insightful material, especially that which brings to light some things that have gone unknown as far as black history is concerned. Now, I have begun reading ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS:...and once again, am inspired by the wealth of knowledge it provides in revealing the influences of the Harlem Renaissance that blends the literary, music, and basketball of the period into one harmonious picture. I also enjoy your commentaries on how this era influenced you as a young man growing up in New York. Again, thanks for such great works! Keep them coming!