Joe The Plumber, Meet John Doe

Joe The Plumber, Meet John Doe

There are 113 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Oct 19, 2008, titled Joe The Plumber, Meet John Doe. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

You're probably already tired of Joe the Plumber , which is impressive in its own way, when you consider that nobody had ever heard of him until Wednesday night.

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Dillon, SC

#1 Oct 19, 2008
you can be the perfect writer of all times and put your spin on it , but it was just a QUESTION , do you not get that . what does this really mean , under obama you will not be able to question him , what does that say..

Brooklyn, CT

#2 Oct 19, 2008
"Joe the Plumber was a guy who accosted Barack Obama"

"accosted" ??

like judy said, it was just a QUESTION. you are just a typical,run-of-the-mill mindless obamacrat.

folks, please take a look at this

&NR =1

Brooklyn, CT

#3 Oct 19, 2008
i meant this more so than than the other
&fe ature=related

if the link doesn't work google Pastor Manning & the Antichrist

United States

#5 Oct 19, 2008
Terrific stuff. Thanks much. Not sure when anyone hasn't been able to "question" Obama, nor when he doesn't answer the question when asked (as he did with Joe the Plumber).

Meet John Doe is brilliant Americana, and fits the situation perfectly. And come to think of it, as NY Magazine once asked: Where is Gary Cooper now that we need him?

Damascus, MD

#6 Oct 19, 2008
Can someone please tell me how the Republican campaign were able find out what "Joe the Plumber" thought of Obama's response if no one from that party had talked to him. I am a little blurry on how he became the game point for McCain at the debate, how did they even know who is was since he didn't use his real name?
Wrong Again

Klingerstown, PA

#7 Oct 19, 2008
Colin, Colin, Colin.... Once again you pretend that the rich aren't already paying an inordinate amount of this countries taxes.
According to the latest goverment statistics the top 1% are currently paying 39% of the total tax collected by the Treasury.
Why is this never mentioned, Colin acts like there isn't already a higher rate in force for the most productive and thus highest paid.
What is also left unsaid is the fact that the bottom 50% of earners pay only 3% of the taxes collected by the Treasury.
How is Barry going to cut taxes for 95% of Americans when the bottom 50% barely pay anything now?... Is he going to give them back money they never paid in....ooops we already do, it's called the earned income tax credit.
Everyone is for helping those with the least but that is best done by offering lower corporate tax rates so that new jobs can be created...not by giving my tax dollars to those who never paid in.
Al Gored

South Windsor, CT

#8 Oct 19, 2008
More from Colin the Esoteric Blatherer.
Not tired

Buzzards Bay, MA

#9 Oct 19, 2008
No, I'm NOT tired of Joe the Plumbers. I'm extremely grateful that it continues to be in the news, because it shed light on Obama's true philosophy, and that IS to spread the wealth. Democrats are very generous with OTHER PEOPLES' MONEY. I'm all for spreading my money around - TO MY OWN FAMILY & THE CHARITIES I CHOOSE. I'll be darned if I will let the government take it and pass it on to strangers including who DON'T PAY ANY TAXES to begin with. How rhw heck is Obama going to cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans when 40% of Americans pay no taxes at all???"
Richard Simmons

Woodbury, CT

#10 Oct 19, 2008
Check out the turkey neck in Colin's new picture. He's Thanksgiving-fabulous!
Not tired

Buzzards Bay, MA

#11 Oct 19, 2008
Colin, you WISH we'd all be tired of this story by now, but suggesting it won't make it happen! All of the Joe's and Jane's of American need to think about this. As flawed as it is, I enjoy living in a Democratic, Capitalilst. SOCIALISM is not my thing.

Glastonbury, CT

#12 Oct 19, 2008
a progressive system would be the more you make the less you pay. the less you make the more you pay. with everybody paying. i really do not believe that the top tax tier would need to pay in more than 10%.

with the obama plan you could however set up a rewards system for taxpayers. top taxpayers get:

special line at airport check in - taxpayers line up here - one minute line and your are in

special freeway lanes for taxpayer - 2 left lanes for taxpayers only - everyone not paying taxes stuck in right lane

taxpayers only weekends at national parks only taxpayers get in

best response police and fire protection for taxpayers only
Not tired

Buzzards Bay, MA

#13 Oct 19, 2008
jles658 - Could it have been YOUTUBE???
Productive Slacker

Bradenton, FL

#14 Oct 19, 2008
So, when a conservative asks a liberal candidate a question, it's considered "accosting"?

There is a reason that the Communist Party has all but endorsed Obama.(Along with Ahmadinejad and friends).

Woodbury, CT

#15 Oct 19, 2008
Bourgeoisie columnist! Colin is only one person, yet he consumes 25% of the world's resources. So many chins!
Mary H

Chicopee, MA

#16 Oct 19, 2008
"In the movie, Gary Cooper feels so bad about his lie that he tries to jump off the roof and kill himself at the end. We don't need that kind of contrition from Joe the Plumber. Just don't do it again, OK? Somebody once said if you tell the truth, it will make you feel big and strong. I think it was the mother of Bob the Moderator."

Colin, Colin, Colin. Your arrogant elitism is showing once again, as it so often does on the air.

So, some ordinary guy asks Obama a legitimate question.

Obama puts his foot in his mouth and actually reveals his socialistic leanings, which naturally disturbs Americans who disagree.

That is the fault of the questioner because it turns out he is not at the point where he can actually buy the business?

The fact is that the scenario Joe presented does apply to many Americans - and maybe even to Joe in the future. They deserve an honest answer.

Unfortunately for Obama, he inadvertantly gave him one.

You, Colin, can't stand the fact that some plumber's helper tripped up your Ivy League guy.

You should be admonishing Obama about HIS multitude of lies throughout the campaign. You should be telling HIM not to do it again. After all, HE is the one who is seeking power.

Peter Stonge said, "A society that values its philosophers over its plumbers will find that neither its ideas of its pipes will hold water."

So, Colin, does picking on the little guy make you feel "big and strong"?

You are a snob who has contributed nothing whatsoever of value to society.

West Hartford, CT

#17 Oct 19, 2008
Sigh. The word "accost" means "to approach and speak to."
Downtown Girl

Milford, MA

#19 Oct 19, 2008
Interesting that all you "blathering" critics of Colin, and the Democratic presidential candidate, seem to have no problem that your "average Joe" was a bald faced liar. A good indication of where your values actually lie.

This isn't a comment forum. It's just an opportunity for angry big mouths with little substance to sound off. Most of you don't seem to actually be reading, or absorbing the column. Just looking for an easy opening to make fun of the accompanying photo or a writer who idealogically differs from you. Too bad there is so little content on these threads. An interesting conversation might actually contribute something. Instead, we get a bunch of playground bullies, or wannabes. How many of you have your own weekly newspaper column? Radio talk show? Daily blog? Published book?

Yeah ... figured as much.
Shawn M Lang

West Hartford, CT

#20 Oct 19, 2008
Let's not forget that McLame was the one who was exploiting the "plumber". We cracked up everytime he invoked his name during the debate. It was jsut another desperate ploy by McLame to pretend he is closer and better understands the middle class (in what parallel universe would THAT be?)and not-so-lamely link Obama as a socialist. This country (and state BTW) have VERY regressive income tax structures. Obama's plan is to make that particular playing field slightly less so. The lack of critical thinkers in this country and this thread is really frightening!
Guess who

Las Vegas, NV

#21 Oct 19, 2008
Is that wade verses Roe in the dow?

Pompano Beach, FL

#23 Oct 19, 2008

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