Shang Hai and current news. on JC

Shang Hai and current news. on JC

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Laurie G

Chicago, IL

#1 Mar 19, 2008
His new movie is now going to shoot in Thailand and the UK. they already spent 3 mill on the set in China.

With his schedule he seems to be still spotted with Jodi (march 8). Hey, give him credit.

Think he deserves a home type girl. Know this is far fetched. Oh well.

Also, if anyone ever has read Shera K's articles on him (one titled in part Mr. Meany).... please share your thoughts. True or not - I think its a vicious piece.

Darlington, PA

#2 Mar 23, 2008
I read it
It may show he's not ~the perfect Lloyd~
like we all thought or so wanted to think he was like.

We all have sides to us that we aren't proud of
thats why we ~keep the faith and fight the fight~
we can put the past behind us or past hurts
Even trashy rumors
whether true or not

I think he deserves permanent batchelorhood

Its funny, I ask someone pray an important prayer for me lastnight
And, I dreamed about my mother
and I
watching Craig get a haircut
strange hunh?
I love it best when I dream of my mom
Craigs eyes were so blue
I could see them even in the dark
such a vivid dream.

this was my horoscope:
Hold onto your dreams and don't let go! You can't let anyone tell you that what you want won't ever happen.
You have the passionate determination you need to make anything happen, and you don't need naysayers bringing you down right now.
Stand firm. You want what you want, so give it everything you've got.
Even if it looks hopeless, as long as you have hope in your heart, hope survives!
You have a vision of what you want the next year of your life to be.
Go out and make it happen.

Hope your Easter going great!

ps. I remember reading that article and posting something positive towards Mr.Sir
but I always try to keep an open mind.

one more thing,
if JodiO'Keefe can put up with him(DonsWand) dating others
well, shes got the heart of a snake or the constitution of a saint

I don't really know any of them
so its none of my business

I am just wondering if Craigs gonna change that black floor he had them put on the set
I told him I can't see him from the waist down
im sure he will get a kick out of it!

God Bless Laurie

Delavan, WI

#3 Mar 26, 2008
Hey Laurie,

I live an hour from Chicago and I know many people who have met him at restaurants or on the town and they all seem to think he is a very nice, polite person. I have not heard any mean or rude things about the poor guy. I have hear a couple of amusing things but never anything bad.

Delavan, WI

#4 Mar 26, 2008
Laurie, what article are you talking about? Mr. Meany? Have not heard of this one!

Chicago, IL

#5 Mar 26, 2008
i bet if you google Mr. meany as an article title you will read the female authors posts.

Per IMDb (great cusack blog)-- proofer says that this author is pretty crazy. Still there may be a minute truth to a small part of the info.

He is just a guy trying to have some privacy. He could also be fairly "shy" (for lack of better words) around everyday folk.

For example - part of the article says that on his staff there is a person nicknamed "dog catcher". Need I say anything more ? Actually - it would be vicious.

Also, for some reason it was stated that at a Walmart type store he went with someone on his staff. The staff member had to do all the communicating to the store dept employee. JC wouldnt look at him/her. They were all inches away from one another. Supposebly the employee had enough rudeness and called him an a** directly to his face and walked off. so much for customer service I say.

Nice to hear back from you Kelly. I no longer live in MOntgomery, but a nearby next door town.

For the most part I hear very nice things about him too. simply put yourself in his shoes. Know its hard to do. He is just set in his ways and politely blunt. Some dont get this.

My friend has a brother who worked on the staff/one of his movies long ago. Said to her that he was in one of the special boxes at a Cubs game and said he would take her to meet him. When the brother spoke to the "security" at the box- security then talked with John and he promptly came over to the door and chatted/introduced himself to them again for quite awhile. She said his demeanor was very pleasant too.

If you still want more information on this article I can hunt it down for you.

Once again.. check out the website blog on JC. You will enjoy it.

Chicago, IL

#6 Mar 26, 2008
I heard that Thailand is NOT a safe place to be in at the moment.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed for safe filming for him.

Travel advisories are in fact present on the web for Thailand. Sheesh.

Delavan, WI

#8 Mar 27, 2008
Anywhere out of the states right now is tricky. They do tend to buff up security but you can never be too safe.

I found Mr Meany site thanks. I do believe that there is always a grain of truth in everything. It just is a matter of figuring out what it is. I do think that when you are a celebrity you get special treatment and that you probably get used to it. I know I would love it! So why not take advantage of it. As for playing the field, why not! You and I would probably do some of the same things ourself if given the chance.

As for the rest. Well maybe he was having a bad crappy day. God knows I have my share of those and it makes me quite unpleasant! LOL

Have a great one Laurie.

Chicago, IL

#9 Mar 27, 2008
so true. I am older than Cusack and can recall my "escapades" in the 1980's. Dont know how I survived. But I did.

Chicago, IL

#10 Mar 27, 2008
not trying to compare myself to anyone on my former comment... sorry if it sounded like it.

say, just a suggestion... if you havent yet - set yourself up for google alerts for JC or anyone/or any topic of interest you wish. It works nicely.

Delavan, WI

#11 Mar 27, 2008
I already did, thanks.

And as for being a wild child, there is nothing wrong with that! I always say never regret anything that makes you smile.

Also did you know himself or someone in his posse has a blog on Facebook? You can send a friend request and he sends notices of upcoming events. Then there is a link to Joan Cusack who claims she is hosting a birthday party for him in June and you can RSVP. We have no idea what is going to happen with it but it is really fun! They said more info coming! You have to sign up like My Space but it is free and his updates are nice to receive!

Darlington, PA

#12 Mar 27, 2008
sorry so long,

I was what they call "bornagain"
in the 80's
So my running around consisted of many churches

I had some bad relationships
I had lots of things happen to me!

I could of had anyone
and chose to run around with some millionaire

it was just a bad situation!
the whole way around!

I will say,
the upper upper priviledge

do act as such!
sometimes, they don't want to address
~common folk~

whether Mr Cusack Sir did
who really knows?

the worst thing they said, was in reference
to the dog catcher!
which I choose not to go into

I just know,
Jeremey(reddish browned hair) if you are reading this
we can still be friends!

yes, cryptic!
but hes followed me around the net for two years now! I think, I know who he is finally!

but I just had to say that!

nevermind why? please!

I saw him(JC) on J Kimmel lastnight
my friend keeps me informed
thats why I am not mad at them
for saying, anything they said
nor will ever be!
if you get this, if you don't it does'nt matter really... its water over the damn now!

when you take many hits!
all your life!
you can with stand anything!

I wasn't sure what to say after your comments here but I chose to be honest!

and I just know I pray for Mr Sir often

I chose to call him that
because so many treat him or maybe not im not sure,
but some act, like people in the public eye are "God's"

I just turned the TV on one day
there he was!
and sought with a diligence to find out
who he could be!

When you truly have a relationship with God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit
~or at best all three~
your different it doe'snt mean
your better

but God truly, does come inside you and resides
he(alone)is who changes you!
your thoughts change, your motives are'nt for your own self!
and maybe Im just trying to explain
I am sorry
for maybe shocking anyone with how I've openly spoke on this forum

whether or not anyone really even cares!
I just know
I was told about him
and pray for him
whoever has been in contact with me because of it!

im postive God has something to do with that also,

and I know everytime he leaves the country
I pray
super much for him!
is all I know
im just a regular woman
but for some reason
when it comes to him
really really pray
and really really have deepness
inside me there!

thanks everyone! for listening!

just remember
noones better than anyone!

I saw the man Who reached me through the net!
on televison lastnight.

Now, I think with my eccentric behaviors
and maybe what seems erractic behaviors!

why he chose to be so hush hush!
Also, why everyone around him is so materialistic and i'm so different to him!
maybe this was the connection!
sorry im putting this all here!

but, when will people get we are all human!
and caring for another as individuals
is just something God gives us!
the ability to ~Love~
the ability to just be a sincere person
to care
to pray
even when of no
for yourself!

this comes from God!
things I just had to share!

sorry, if anyone thinks i've disrespected
Mr Cusack by mentioning (CF) here.
and the well,
although I was misunderstood there.
Everyone was super nice to me!
Go there for any information you might want of him
Mr Cusack

for me,
maybe its just because I was so different!
no disrespect towards any of them either!
in any way shape or form!

Have a great Spring time!
I am just happy the suns finally out!
goodness to all you!
hugs & prayers

Delavan, WI

#13 Mar 27, 2008
Sorry Heather, but you are talking in riddles and I am not getting the point.

You emailed him or you didn't? It was him or some one else? You feel better about him now, after last night watching him on TV or you feel worse?
What do you mean you were different?

Sorry but I'm still having trouble getting the big picture. Help me understand.

Darlington, PA

#14 Mar 29, 2008
Sorry, if what I said, seems like a riddle
I apologize.

1)I heard of him
2)I sought him
3)Here I am
4)Sent a Card
5)No Responce Back
6)Felt Good seeing him on JKimmel

The facts are even hard for me to grasp
the fact is heard of him
decades ago in a church.

maybe this is where the different comes in
or skims even the surface of different!
and why?
the say what? responces
I talk in ramblings/ riddles/ confusing
I make no sence!
Im wacko!
all the above/none of the above
I heard it all!

but, have already explained all this in previous posts
and as you saw or maybe not saw!
it has'nt been really understood
by maybe anyone it seems
but Lucky and Kristy

I think when your trying to explain yourself through a keyboard
and your trying to explain Different!
its probably going to be hard for anyone to do!

thanks for listening

Take Care!

Darlington, PA

#15 Mar 29, 2008
one more thing,

as far as, anyone thinking its all ~nonreality~
God gave me these things a very long time ago
I refer to it as the church story
anyone offended by it
does'nt have to listen nor respond

and I only recalled them(the things about what I was told) when I went to the johncusack site

after seeing him on television (I visited there)
its actually the first place I had ever gone on the net.

It all just seemed to happen

I don't want anything
I expect nothing
also Craig was a part of it to

im just glad
God atleast helped me remember
some things in life are about faith
not materialism!
and glad atleast some people listened
thanks everyone!
God Bless

Chicago, IL

#16 Mar 31, 2008
Thanks Kelly for the info.

I use Google for the alerts. Get info on 4 different topics (inc. John) on a daily basis.

As far as this "party" goes, dont you think that he will be in Thailand or UK around that time? My guess is yes....Its only a guess. The whole thing sounds like a fluke to me.

Still, I appreciate your blogs the most on topix

Darlington, PA

#17 Mar 31, 2008
yeah kelly your super

im treated, like I never said anything!
doesn't so matter!

atleast im a christian
with a sense of humor
and loves life!

Chicago, IL

#18 Mar 31, 2008
John will have a cameo on an upcoming re release of some Liz Phairs tunes.

She grew up in Winnetka, not far from Evanston.

Liz is friends with Lili Taylor (Johns old flame)

The release is set for 4 days prior to his birthday. What a coincidence of a gift. It is kinda nice

Delavan, WI

#19 Apr 1, 2008
And I am very sure he appreciates, that she is easy on the eye. The man does have a taste for the pretty ones!

Darlington, PA

#20 Apr 1, 2008
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
~Hellen Keller ~

Chicago, IL

#21 Apr 2, 2008
heard from the imdb website she is a long time friend/acquaintance.

hope all is okay. cubs playing brewers again

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