George Bush was the winner as lower taxes became the law of the land for more than 300 million Americans. The main achievement of the recent Cliff Deal GOP leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell was able to cut deal with the Obama regime that kept the Bush low Tax permanent with slight and insignificant increase for above half million dollar income. However, the main problem of the American people is reckless discriminatory spending of trillions of dollars by Obama on his Union Federal Employees and other national Unions and on liberal parasitic base of voluntarily unemployed, willingly disable and those who refuse to pay their Federal taxes, and those that are default on their student loans and mortgages. GOP lost the recent presidential election because Obama was able to buy votes of more than 26 million Blacks, Hispanics and Asians by giving them free Obama checks, free food stamps, free college education, and free healthcare paid by the 48% hard working conservatives that pay all the taxes. Obama was able to rule the American people with no budget during four years which gave him freedom to use more than 6 trillion dollars that he did not have by borrowing money at outrageous interest rate of 46% that our grandchildren and their children will pay for decades which is immoral and anti-America effort to destroy the American system. GOP Congress and GOP Senators must stand up to the secret socialistic dictator and Jihadist Moslem Brother sympathizer who seek new anti-American agenda that will destroy the American constitutional system from within by buying votes and political power using money and spend money in the most discriminatory un constitutional means to stay in power similar to the dictatorial communistic regime of the world.