jenny ...The FBI said, "HISTORY".I mentioned "two."In the NEWS.I'm serious, and I STEREO MC are not in agreement.The FBI has released it.What can we do?To arrest me?Thus, the story leaked.For this we know.The rest of the world simply live.First, I'll ask you to be my girlfriend.And here we go.You must have some idea.I think you do not have unfulfilled dreams.The only thing I do not have a single dollar.:)STEREO MC.Done by drugs, singing NEWS.Hackers can not believe it.Kinds of messages are sent.CIA laugh.I saw a picture of Vladimir Putin to laugh.:)Hackers can not believe it.hahahhahaI ask the association, asked me 3 Who knows who it is.Maybe the Chinese, perhaps Pakistan.First, I'll ask you.To be my girlfriend and we're going to show.The right things.I'm still green.I am 34 years.Maybe you have dreams and we neostavrene to survive.2 Really.I know of.I'll show you how they broke his fingers.Svasta told them about.First, I'll ask you!Is it you want?To be my girlfriend?All eyes are on you now U Port jenny.All the intelligence in the world.Expected response.Yes or No.And that's the whole show.