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Southfield, MI

#307 Mar 1, 2010
jay z is cold but he rusty.wayne is colder.he can freestyle better and rap better.wayne is a beast

Bowie, TX

#308 Mar 4, 2010
i 've got 2 give it to lil wayne he is more tallented is musix r crazy just listen to his lyricx

Los Angeles, CA

#309 Apr 2, 2010
I think hands down jay z because he has been rapping 4 a long time now and weezy has not
Roberto Sanchez

Miami, FL

#311 May 21, 2010
Lil Wayne is the best rapper,,,their would not be another rapper like him
Roberto Sanchez

Miami, FL

#312 May 21, 2010
Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive,,,forever
Roberto Sanchez

Miami, FL

#313 May 21, 2010
Lil Wayne is the beast of all the rappers alive

Macy, NE

#314 May 26, 2010
i dont know what u ppl r saying jay-z suck well ya hes ok but lil wayne is way better then that big lips f*****.lil wayne has better songs better vice and better looking well not realy but u get my pont so LIL WAYNE is better shit i guess only reason u ppl pick jay-z is becase hes has beyonce and dont get me wrong she fine for her age

Marana, AZ

#315 May 26, 2010
Jay Z sucks. he is so over rated. Lil Wayne is by far better. He is the best rapper alive

Silver Spring, MD

#316 Jun 3, 2010
What a dipshit question. As if this even requires a response!

Silver Spring, MD

#317 Jun 3, 2010
Oh yeah...These broke-wrist ankle-grabbers on here speakin on a brothers looks, nuff said!

Silver Spring, MD

#318 Jun 3, 2010
You all would dickride the guy who likes bussin slob with other guys.
Ihatethemodernwo rld

United States

#319 Jun 23, 2010
They both suck!!! I cant stand this rap crap!!! Its always about gangstas, 22s, doin woman until there hole is wider than the grand canyon, gettin higher than the sky, and runnin from the cops, and whinin about how hard it is in da hood when most of em don't know a thing about it!!! Oh and did I mention shootin innocent people down for the fun of it? What happened to all the good music? As far as I'm concerned rap is noise pollution. Wait I take that back cuz thats to high of a position for it. Its alot lower. The lowest of the low! If you've seen the videos, which I bet you have, they are always flashin there grills, and surrounded by women throwin there clothes of and feedin the rapper his weed! Since so many people are in love with rap I guess that just means that there are only a few sensible people in this world who still have good taste in music! No wonder the freakin world is gonna end! It has to do with rap and its cause of juvenille dilinquincy, and all the good stars and musicians dying now to be replaced by total biothes with sissy names such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Lady Ga Ga, Lil "weaner" Wayne, are takin over! If I was Elvis or John Lennon or some past famous person Id be rollin in my grave right now tryin to bury myself deeper so I can get away from this awful world of sissy disney channel SH1+ and meat suckin gutter trash of the whole drugged up sexed up freaked up rapper world!!! Sometimes I feel like Im the only one who isnt freakin brain washed! Another thing!!! I don't get why all these black people keep saying quote "Im a real n-word" and "Wus up my n-word" and "Whos dat n-word ova dare?" They call themselves n-word and are convinced they are and seem to be perfectly happy with that and its cool to be one for some reason but oh god forbid someone of another race call them a n-word even though they introduce themselves and others with that title!!!! Whats the point of fighting for racial equality and to eliminate the N word to just go and say you are one afterwards? Come on people!!! What the heck? N-word isn't even a word against any specific race! It just means stupid person! So why the heck does it freakin matter anyway!? Another thing I cant stand is when a white person says he doesn't like Obama the blacks and even the whites pull the freakin racial card on them? He could be freakin asian I dont care hes still an evil bastard tryin to ruin this country with all the power hes got and his army of brainwashed loonies!!! So basically color doesnt matter to me! Its the person on the inside that I look at! How Ironic it is we have a prez with a freakin muslim name and acts just as worse as a terroist tryin to take over this country when the ones that are killing our american soldiers are the exact same kind of savages as obama! What is this government coming to? I still believe in good americans out there! Any good american that is out there and is reading this you should not be afraid to overthrow this screwed up government we have!!! The people shouldnt fear the government, the government should fear the people! Thank you! Good Night!!! HA HA!!!
Ihatethemodernwo rld

United States

#320 Jun 23, 2010
Congratulations to anybody who read that whole thing! LOL! By the way none of this is in anyway against any race at all! It is only against certain types of people that are of whatever race I may be talking about. Another thing I will clear up is that not all muslims are evil savage world takers! I was only refering to the kinds that we are fighting in this current war. And not all black people use or like the use of the n word. I only meant the ones that do. I am not in anyway racist. Im writing this all out cuz I know you people like to twist words and meanings and make false accusations against anybody that does not agree with your point of view or you disagree with theres! Nuff Said!

Garland, TX

#322 Jul 18, 2011
Check out this cover for How to Love!

Thank You!

Dubuque, IA

#323 Jul 24, 2011
rock_climber wrote:
both! rap sucks
so then u shouldnt be on here about lil wayne and jay-z haha what a dumbass u are, so it looks like u like rap if u were on here or your just a troll

“Never go to my youtube channel”

Since: Sep 13

United Kingdom

#324 Oct 9, 2013
Nobody is better, not Lil Weenie or Lazy. Elton John knocks these two out the map, they lost the debate.

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