New Airwolf Movie???
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Since: Dec 09

Madison, Wisconsin

#1 Dec 7, 2009
Someone mentioned on this site that there will be a new airwolf movie. I've checked the imdb--and I can't find anything on it. However I did read that they are doing a movie on Magnum PI and Ba ttlestar Galactica both coming out in 2011.


#2 Feb 9, 2010
I was reading an article here on this site that really ticked me off, about them talking bad about Jan Michael Vincent. Here is a copy of my comment posted there:

I know for a fact that if Airwolf is re-made from my production company, it will come back as a feature Motion Picture, with Jan Michael Vincent, if Jan wants the role.

I personally have spoken with Don Bellisario about optioning the rights to re-make Airwolf, and have spoken with Alex Cord to re-play the role of Arc Angel.

I personally would rather have Jan Michael Vincent as my leading actor in this re-make, more than anyone else in the industry!!!. He is great!.. and long ago before becoming an director, producer, and actor myself, I watched Airwolf when it was in it's prime, and will never forget all of the episodes of it. Jan made it very very special!!.

Jan is the best of the best!!. I hope to speak with Jan about the possibilities of production by next year sometime. At the present time, we are searching for funding. I think you are living in Mississippi now, aren't you Jan?.

Please don't pick on Jan, and express what you feel about a person you don't know, until you have experienced what they have in their life, and their health issues at hand!.

Even the special effects people, and the original designer of all the Airwolf Suits, and the inside of Airwolf back then, think my choice is great with them, to bring back Jan to do this role.

Just because you get a little age on you, does not mean you can't still act!. And besides, Airwolf shouldn't have never ended the way it did back then, the fans were furious about it.

Well, we have a wonderful script now, that could just bring Airwolf ( The Lady ) back into play!.

I just hope we can obtain production funding soon, we are still negotiating with private investor groups. So from the horses mouth, leave your negitive comments about Jan alone!.

Ask yourself anyway, what the hell do you really know about acting anyway?.

Thanks Lee

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[email protected]

Winter Haven, FL

#3 Jun 1, 2010
With respect sir. JMV can not even remember how to tie his shoes let alone act anymore. Have you seen him of late?

If a remake happens, it will be ether a reboot or a continuation of some kind. Bu tin this age of space sagas and fantasy I doubt helicopters adventures would survive.

Plano, TX

#4 Jun 1, 2010
You Lee are so full of ZHIT I can smell you threw my computer speakers.....
scott bower


#5 Nov 8, 2010
my self being a big Airwolf fan think that it is a wonderfall idea to bring back Airwolf as a motion picture and a grate choice of a idear to bring back Actor michael jan vincent to play string fellow hawk once again how about this for a idea i would like to see you bring back half pint that was in it to wards the end to help string fly airwolf. string son comes looking for his dad who is dying then he finds string and Airwolf Archangle deals with half pint to fly Air wolf on missitions hawk passes it down to him new genaration of Airwolf poilets u could have string fellow hawk die at the end of movie and half pint fly Airwolf u should do this film in the same vaine as Stelth lots of Action dog fights keep orinal choper and ideas loves scott bower
scott bower


#6 Nov 8, 2010
please remake Airwolf lee that would be shit hot of a film

Northampton, UK

#7 Dec 24, 2010
who in the right mind believes the shit this lee has wrote? saying he is an producer. give ya head a big shake and carry on train spotting. jan was a great actor and never will act again. to make airwolf will cost millions not some stupid kid who thinks he is a producer. oh bring back jan. you are having a laugh. he cant even stand bless him..
michael spinelli

Kansas City, MO

#8 Dec 26, 2010
i think that jan should fly the lady the movie should be like a the tv they need airwolf to save the day
but keep the black and white airwolf they use now
scott bower


#9 Jan 13, 2011
Hi im Scott i am a big Airwolf fan would love to see Airwolf return to the big screen as a block buster
how ever oi think that all these rumours about Air wolf coming back are ball shit ive beemn waiting years ever since the crapy new team took over dont get me wrong the van dykes are good actors but they ruined Airwolf 4 th series that was crap Air wolf doing court room drama fuck off Air wolf was beter in Dog fights aS FOR THE RETURN OF air wolf on the big screen they have done Ateam Night rider why not Air wolf im still waiting a a couple of years well we are still all hoping our dreams will come true more then wining the loto would be to see Air wolf come back to the big sreen so stop sending in ball shit to make money on your perfectic scheams and ruining Air wolf s fans dreams of a come back its not working we are not bying it and stop dishing Jan micheal vincent he was a brill actor To those true people that do wana make Airwolf movie fare play to you boys hurry up thow and keep the same choper brill choper We ana see Air wolf movie 2011 not ball shit about making it and not doing it bless be to you all on here you lot are cool
De Janitor

Renton, WA

#10 Mar 31, 2011
Oddly enough, Airwolf itself (Bell 222) was instrumental in my wanting to be a "chopper" pilot. 20 years later as a commercially rated rotorcraft pilot, I'm still watching the new 430s in awe and would love to see them in the Airwolf revival. It's just a matter of time, be it this seemingly fictitious Lee character or if Universal decides to reboot a bulk of their 80s programming, Street Hawk included!

So I say to you all - bring it!

Albemarle, NC

#11 May 31, 2011
He used to be so handsome!!!!!!!!!

Wentzville, MO

#12 Jun 20, 2011
No one can play Stringfellow Hawk like Jan Michael Vincent. If he is willing to take up the role, I would drive a hundred miles to see the movie. However, I don't want to see them use the new Bell, I think they need to keep the old Bell 222. Leaving everything as it was is the best way. Alex Cord will be a better Arc Angel than anyone. I say bring the old crew back.


#13 Jul 4, 2011
new air wolf was in the uk 2 months ago

United States

#14 Jul 30, 2011
An Airwolf remake for television, made by someone with a real respect for the source material would be welcome. A real helicopter augmented by CGI would also be welcome. Please no big budget movies, with 50 million in CGI, no real script, no real characters. The problem with any remake is that those doing them often have no real understanding of the original material. A good example is the new Battlestar Gallactica. Whether you liked that series or not, it was not the Gallactica we original fans loved. The remake could have been tooled and called something else, and it would have been just as good. A new Airwolf would have to be updated to modern times, but to succeed it have to understand why, even with its star drunk most of the time, the series was still compelling.


#15 Aug 16, 2011
I love airwolf but did not like it when jmv was taken out he is the best for the flim please bring it back I would like the lady back just upgrade to todays techology

Saint Louis, MO

#16 Aug 27, 2011
i have a idea for a plot string and kate have a child named scott hawke

Uttoxeter, UK

#17 Nov 2, 2011
I am s big fan if they do make a film they must do justice to thr original.universal must not be alowed to ruin it like they did with knight rider
Anthony Rant


#19 Dec 18, 2011
Just wanted to comment that if they did remake Air Wolf then at most I would feel JMV would be good to see in a cameo but the film could be done as the whole premise about Air Wolf is that it is a Wolf in sheep clothing which could still be used today & the Helicopter (Bel Air 222a) they are now on version c or maybe d but the helicopter still more or less looks the same).
I do not hold much hope of this happening though as they are having more than enough problems with Knight Rider being turned into a feature but if they did get it going that would be great as I heard it (unreliable source) that the movie would start from scratch with the same story line about the brothers but they would substitute Libya with Iran.
But either way to JMV or anyone else don't go kicking someone when you do not know fully about anything.


#20 Jan 4, 2012
First off didnt they kill off hawke in the series ?? So if there is any continuation it will only involve hawkes ghost !! If it is to be set prior to hawkes death then all you numbnuts must surely realise that jmv has got to be well into his 60's now .. actually is he still alive ??
to say bring back the original cast is ridiculous ,imagine george peppard playing hannibal smith in the new a team production ... be like a geriatric convention.. if this movie gets done ,which after the success off the a team and countless other reboots (although as i read in one post im not familiar with knight rider eva making the big screen) it has to be aimed at the younger generation off viewers as well as the people that loved the original 80's tv series.. that unfortunatly probably means its outta the window with the old bell chopper cos being reslistic its a antique nowadays .. the one thing the producers off this movie should keep tho is the original music score. it just would not be the same without it !!
Anyway im done .. comeon guys, make this movie i want to see the ' lady ' in action on the big screen !


#21 Jan 4, 2012
Oh by the way lee .. your a complete and utter idiot :)

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