i think hugh laurie is one of the best actors ever. if his lack of bedside manner turns your stomach, turn the channel and leave the show to those of us who love it. i watch religiously, even re-runs. if i had a dr. like House, i would have ended the chronic pain i have been in for 10 years. i love the no non-sense way he treats the patients. he doesn't sugar coat anything and i believe he is brilliant. not only is he a fantastic actor, he is fine as hell. if it was my child dying, i would want a dr. like house to take all the measures necessary to fix my child and not waste time and energy that may not exist. don't dog the doc. you have a remote...use it!!! don't like him--- don't watch. i hope they never take this show off of the air. and i hope house ends up with cameron. it's obvious to me that they love each other. even if he is an ass sometimes, i wouldn't kick him out of my bed....ever!!!!