Judge Sherry Klein Heitler Closes Her Ears to the Cries of Corruption and Misery of the Litigants of Judge Laura Drager and that's easy to do, because the drone of the Hairdryer at the Beauty Parlor is drowning it out!

Judge Sherry Klein Heitler can't combat the corruption of Judge Laura Drager and Raoul Felder, she is busy grooming and coiffing all day in the beauty parlor.It is reported that this self-involved Judge has a princess complex...and if she could she would prance around the Court House With Pink ballet slippers and a crown.

She closes her ears to the cries of corruption, and it is easy for her to do, because the hair dryer is drowning out the misery of women and children who have by cheated and abused by Judge Laura Drager...CEO of the Divorce Company...or "El Corrupto" as she is called by her fellow legal banditos of the Divorce Company