Pastor/Mr. Hezekiah Walker: What a disappointment you gave my church family,friends and me. You appeared at the Third Epitomes Red Carpet Gala & Awards Celebration in Dallas, Texas on May 1st 2010. You behaved as if you did not want to be there.You came on stage for less than five mintues and you were very unfriendly. We practiced a whole month trying to be ready to worship with you. I was driving from Dallas to Frisco every Saturday,leaving work driving fast because I did not want to be late so we would be prepared for you. When a choir member and I tried to speak to you, you did not even want to speak. Is that how a man of God/Pastor and Gospel Artists should act? I do not think so! I am hurt and very disappointed because I have never been able to be a part of something so special as the celebration was. You sing unto the Lord! You touch so many people's lives and to act the way you did is very unacceptable to me and other individuals that were present, too. I feel you owe the Johnsons and all churches involved an apologie. I will continue to pray for you; you don't know who God had led for you to touch that night. However, they may have left with disappointment as I did, too.