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Spring, TX

#83 May 27, 2012
Buck wrote:
I am just so totally surprised that BrianL. would agree with anybody making ill comments towards Vince and Amy. Brian L. wants to shock us sometimes I or he can't make up his undeveloped mind.
I read at least 2 replies that he agrees that,
Vince is a homewrecker but not Amy. Come on!!
Gary didn't have an affair and write love notes,
but it is fact that Amy did.
I know, GOD forbid that BrianL.'s precious Amy would ever do anything wrong!
Brian L. needs a thorough check up head to toe.
Can the board get a full report when it's done?lol

My post got eaten again. I'll explain later.
Tex 38

Spring, TX

#84 Sep 28, 2012
GChap wrote:
It'll help.
Well, there's your side, her side and the truth. Which side are you coming from?
Now, looking back, it's true she didn't hide her friendship. It was out there in plain sight, on golf courses, at charity events, at "chance" meetings out on the road. She even claimed that the National Enquirer stuff was blown out of proportion and that she saw her man walking out in the sun and offered him a ride as any friend would do. She's his only friend, the only one to give him a ride?
Come on, folks.


#85 Sep 28, 2012
this is OLD NEWS now TX Next......

Spring, TX

#86 Oct 12, 2012
GChap wrote:
It'll help.
They'll just say your memory is bad, Gary.
Or they will ramp up ads and touring to bury your book.

You and Janis need to collaborate. Two threads are stronger than one.
If you can get a third thread (collaborator) in there, you will be set.

Spring, TX

#87 Oct 14, 2012
I doubt the person posting about wanting to have a glass of wine of Amy was Janis unless she was trying to say that her ex's #2 drinks without coming out and just saying it. I guess at Jenny's wedding they would have had a chance to have a glass of wine together to toast the new bride and groom, but I never
saw them acting friendly at all. Jenny had her half-sister in the wedding party, but the step siblings were not in the wedding party. I don't understand how her stepmom could host a big lavish wedding and not expect her blood kids to be involved in some way and not just guests.

I can't imagine how Janis felt having to be the guest in her ex's Southern home.
I would imagine she is glad it is over. It's good to see that she and Jenny's dad can be in the same space. I think he was gracious enough to not sing Amie and sang Let Me Love You Tonight instead although he didn't remember the words. I think the daughter may have sung Whenever You Come Around.
Feels Like Urp

Spring, TX

#88 Nov 2, 2012
Buck wrote:
If your son or daughter married Vince Gill wouldn't you be happy?? lol@son

Since: Jun 13

Monroe, MI

#89 Jun 10, 2013
He who is without sin cast the first stone, Amy Grant and Vince Gill hid in their shame for years that is why they would not talk about it for years.


#90 Jun 18, 2013
they didn't hide, ok maybe they had some secret get togethers but most of it was seen in the eyes of the public to see.
they didn't hide "for years" unless you have privy info you're not sharing hmmm
they didn't have to talk about it, it was known how they felt about each other.
2 years after she divorced Gary she married Vince.
who is casting stones, people are just commenting on the truth of the matter.
it's a known fact that the truth hurts.
Cdn Hoser

Vancouver, Canada

#91 Jul 30, 2013
Iced Coffee wrote:
<quoted text>
He bought a house next door to hers.
He had it BAD.
She bought a cabin in 1994.
They got married there.
Connect the dots.
Duh. The duh is 4 you, hungry hog.
I think you hit it on the head and I think she had it bad too. I remember seeing the making of the house of love video and looking at the interaction. Amy sure looking like she was the cat with the canary in part of the video with VG. The emotional connnection was there for happens.
Not throwing the first stone here. Got my own life to sort out. ITs water way under the bridge now. I hope for VG and AG, GC and Cassie they all have a chance to live in peace. hope they all learned/learning from thier mistakes and good choices. Only they know whats is good for them and what they need. not us.
Christian Pastor

Pensacola, FL

#93 Nov 18, 2014
Amy Grant used gospel music to get famous, then dumped on Jesus by encouraging adultery with a married man. In essence she definitely fulfilled the definition of "home-wrecker." I am not saying anyone is perfect, we all have our faults. But, a highly respected, Christian singer who totally goes AWOL on her Christian fan base, because of her selfish lust for a married man is not a true Christian. Many have their doubts that Amy Grant is even a true born again Christian. The Word of God says, "Many will say to Me on that day, "Lord did we not heal, cast our demons, preach and minister in Your name. And, I will say, "Depart from Me. I never knew you!" (Matthew 7:13). AMY GRANT IS A DISGRACE TO THE CHURCH, A HOMEWRECKER LIVING IN LUST AND AN APOSTATE.

Hartwell, GA

#94 Dec 2, 2014
Hi, Christian Pastor.

You make some very good points. What is your definition of a "true Christian"? It's possible to be saved yet live a life of sin.(In the New Testament, the Corinthian believers had all the gifts of the Holy Spirit but were living in sin. However, Paul never said that they weren't saved.) As for whether Amy is a born-again Christian, only God knows that. We as humans cannot see into another person's heart and tell for sure whether someone is saved or not. Some people who are not saved seem to live very clean lives, while others who are saved live worse than unbelievers.

However, the Bible does say that by their fruit you shall know them. So, it's pretty obvious that, because Amy is living in immorality, she is not *abiding* in Christ.(Of course, you could say the same thing about Gary too, because he is also living in adultery.) And I do agree that Amy used Christian music to get famous. Maybe not in the very beginning, but definitely later on. So, we do agree that Amy is a terrible role model for someone who calls herself a Christian singer. She and Gary could definitely use our prayers—and perhaps most of all their children, who are innocent in the whole matter.

Pensacola, FL

#95 Dec 11, 2014
Amy Grant and Vince Gill both are MAJOR HOMEWRECKERS!!!
What comes around, goes around.
You guys make me sick!!!

Pensacola, FL

#96 Dec 11, 2014
Christmas is a time I think about the family I could have had......

Downey, CA

#97 Jan 12, 2015
Gary wrecked his own life. Cocaine & Cassie.

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