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#1 Oct 23, 2012

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Byline: Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith

Singer/songwriter Gary Chapman wants us to know he's hurt and dismayed that his ex-wife, Amy Grant, has been portraying their 16-year marriage as troubled long before her involvement with Vince Gill.

``That's not the case at all,'' insists Chapman, who candidly reveals,``Our marriage had a rough start, because I had a substance-abuse problem. But on Sept. 2, 1986, I stopped - and through the ensuing years, we had three gorgeous kids and the world by the tail. So, this notion that our marriage was perpetually on the edge of death is completely erroneous. I've got way too many pictures and family videos and love notes and letters and faxes ... way too many reminders of some really wonderful years to allow that fallacy to remain unresponded to.''

Chapman's responding to an article in this week's People magazine - which also notes that Grant and Gill have been steadfast in their insistence that their relationship remained platonic until after their respective divorces. But Chapman, whose divorce was finalized in June, alleges,``Since the beginning of 1994, they had what I would call an inappropriate friendship, which was destructive to our marriage. My family, friends and most of the people in Nashville who have at least two brain cells slapping against each other have known for years what has gone on.''

Despite everything, he says he and Grant ``are still very friendly. She's moving on, and so am I. Even now, we openly discuss how to get past this with as little injury as possible.''

Chapman and Grant share custody of the children (Matthew, 12, Millie, 10, and Sarah, 7). He says the past year hasn't been easy for the kids, but ``they're doing so much better than I thought they would. They're the best example of God's grace that I have ever personally viewed.''

He adds,``This may sound strange, but I wish Amy and Vince well. They've both wanted this a long time, and I hope they're very happy - for my kids' sake.''

(that's enough of a chapter for me - Gary says by early 1994 - Case Closed)
Come Clean

Spring, TX

#2 Oct 23, 2012
Come Clean

Spring, TX

#3 Oct 23, 2012
Gary has already written a book in all of the articles where he expressed his opinion. I never knew he wanted to work for National Geographic. Guess he wishes he had been invited on the trip to Africa. Guess there wasn't enough money in the Grant-Gill egg and butter money jar to secure seats for him and Cassie, huh?
Come Clean

Spring, TX

#4 Oct 23, 2012
Come Clean

Spring, TX

#5 Oct 23, 2012


#6 Mar 25, 2013
sorry TX I don't buy his talk it is cheap
he does lie and Amy said this too
Gary did not stop drugs at all his #2 wife proved this in 2007.
and Gary forgets too well People mag.
confession (repeat) he says in 1991 he has been dealing with addiction for 6 years. uh hum try more like a # beyond 6.
that makes it sound as if his addiction began in 1986 and continued on and past 1991. that means he lied, he did not stop drugs in 1986. Amy was gonna leave him in 1986 because of drug habits,so the problem existed long before 1986. Gary cannot get his stories straight. addicts do tend to lie
adopting a baby will not stop his addiction nor help solve his problems.
Cassie has not been good for him since day one. Matt moved out when Cassie moved in that says something.


#7 Mar 25, 2013
and still no book from Gary, are we surprised TX? No no no no no no......
Tex Empires

Spring, TX

#8 Mar 29, 2013
This article has some errors. She didn't meet Gill in 1993. Oops. They may have gotten close in 1993, but she claims she knew him from 1991 and had crossed paths with him for 10 years prior to that. Maybe she had something brewing in her head for longer than ever her then hubby knew. He seemed very blindsided. What was he doing that he didn't see the writing on the wall?

But, according to Chapman, Grant came to him in late 1994 and made a declaration that took him by surprise: "I don't love you anymore. You're the biggest mistake I've ever made… I've given my heart to another man." In the November cover story, Grant told CCM MAGAZINE that she did not have an affair with Vince Gill, whom she met in 1993 at the taping of a network Christmas special. Chapman says he "chose to believe [Grant]" when she told him that the relationship with Gill was not sexual. In an interview in the Oct. 9, 1999, issue of Nashville’s daily paper, The Tennessean, Grant noted that while her relationship with Gill may have hastened the end of her marriage, she believes the final result was inevitable.
Tex Empires

Spring, TX

#9 Mar 29, 2013
LH: Going through a divorce is tough for anybody. But doing so in the public eye of an oft-times unforgiving and finger-pointing subculture must complicate things even more at times. What is it you want from the public right now? Privacy? Understanding?

GC: You know, I am so torn. Out of respect for everybody involved I want it to be private. But my need for justice is huge. At this point I'm just assuming that time will tell the story better than I ever could, so I'm shutting up.

LH: I know it's somewhat out of context, but I've often come to a point in conflict with another person where I've had to let go of it and say, as Sarai did to Abram, "The Lord judge between you and me."

GC: I've got a really good friend who is a recovering alcoholic. He's been sober for 10 or 11 years, and is really an amazing guy. I was talking with him last week about how I'm doing well, but there is a thread of something in me that is so detestable to me, so unlike what I want inside of me, and I can't seem to do anything about it. I pray for it to go away, and to the best of my ability I release it to God. Actually, I think it's hatred. And even saying that kills me. My friend said,'Let me tell you what you need to do. Whoever you feel this toward, hit your knees every day and the things that you want for yourself--in your life--pray that they happen for that person. And I said,'So it's okay to lie during the prayer? Because it's not what I feel.' But I agreed to try it. The next morning I did what he recommended. And you know what? There's something pretty amazing there. It is nowhere near finished in me, but I can already feel a turn.
Tex Empires

Spring, TX

#10 Mar 29, 2013
Does that mean Gary went to A.A. to find a recovering alcoholic? I ask because this is the advice they would give at A.A. You take a resentment chip and you pray for the person every day for 2 weeks to try to get the real chip off your shoulder. I'm not an A.A., but I know about 12 step programs and attended some out of curiosity because I used to work in the field.

Personally, I feel the programs are outdated and I don't like programs that don't let you read anything except their material. I recently came across a program called After Nine. It's for people who want to dwell on steps 10, 11, and 12 and you can bring in other material as long as it focuses on growing spiritually. I'd have to drive an hour to get to one.

I guess Gary chose to deal with his through professional counseling. Most people in 12 step groups I have attended have been referred there through a counselor. The program has a huge turnover rate. I see only people who get addicted to going to the meetings staying long-term. I'm not trying to down the process. It has helped many people. And it's great that you can just find a meeting and attend. There's no requirement except a desire to change your life. There's now programs that go beyond alcohol and drugs. There's programs for food, sex, shopping, gambling, clutter, gaming and many others.
You got a problem? There's a group for it.


#11 Mar 29, 2013
TX is here for my problems lol
TX is my group therapy (heeee heeee)
yeah GaryChap may have done some AA
if he did good for him huh
the topic heading is confusing cause Gary has that book on long hold maybe it's been burned up on the front burners with other stuff lol
a newbeee may not know how things work here whoops lol

Berthoud, CO

#12 Apr 12, 2013
Only Gary and Amy were there, and the kids. And then there is the truth as God sees it. Amy did a whole album on her repentence and her lamenting the loss of her family due to her own selfish gain. She repented and moved on and GOD FORGIVES. I feel for Amy, this has haunted her for over 10 years. Remember what Jesus said,“he without sin, throw the first stone”.
Amy’s album,“Simple Things” has many songs about her repenting and her shame. One of the songs,“Eye to Eye” is how she hopes she and Gary can treat eachother with respect so the kids dont’ suffer anymore than they have.
Best to both of them. A long time fan, Vee, Colorado


#13 Apr 12, 2013
many repent but do they move on?
do they stay in sin?
if you are in an adulterous marriage do you stay put or leave & go back to your mate or spouse while they are still living?
we have God's truth to abide by here
aka the Bible yeah it's a hard path to follow, a strait & narrow.

Bend, OR

#14 Apr 14, 2013
he died for all sins past present future when you except christ not old ones not yeastraday all of them he knew when he was dying on the cross every sin that would be on his sholders.then and now you me everyone.christ didn't sit back and say oh didn't see that one coming..he saw it then.


#15 Apr 14, 2013
but is it ok to keep living in sin?
I don't think so
you make it sound like we never have to ask God to forgive us for another sin, something doesn't sound right with that, don't ya think?
yes Christ died for man's sin, but there is also the process of born again experience.
why should we repent then? unless I am not reading you correctly.
there are those that say once saved always saved
that can't be, doesn't make sense what about all those "if" verses you know?


#16 Apr 16, 2013
why do they keep saying Gary's book has arrived, it hasn't duh
a real book not internet literature

Myrtle Beach, SC

#17 Dec 2, 2013

Elyria, OH

#18 Jan 7, 2014
Where's the book?

Downey, CA

#19 Jan 12, 2015
Too many interviews with Amy Grant going back to the start where one can read it was difficult. This guy is in serious DENIAL.

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