God and Sex
I Am Thin

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#1 Oct 9, 2012

Great job, God?

I've never thought God was responsible for sexual pleasure.

Of course, I never thought Vince Gill was either.
These days, he looks horrible.

Maybe she has to think of God when she is with him.
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#2 Nov 5, 2012
Maybe she should read the Shades of Gray books or 9 1/2 weeks.
A blindfold might work. Then she wouldn't have to look at what happened from when she met him in 1991 to the current senior citizen age. I can't imagine what her husband looks like without clothes and I don't want to. Maybe she has realized she should have gone younger.

Also, you look at her youngest daughter who looks a lot like she did at that age. Will her daughter have to tweak her looks by either having subtle procedures done or excessive makeup? Or will she see that she is beautiful just the way God made her? I hope her mom doesn't belittle her for being built big like her daddy or make her run laps until she falls out. I hope her daddy will intervene if this happens.
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#3 Nov 5, 2012
And from Christianity Today 2010:

I think I understood angst when I was young. I might not have known how to write about it, but … On my first record (1977) I had a song called "I Know Better Now." It started off, "Some people always know the right thing to say / I don't really think I was born that way / With the gift of charm they're well endowed / I love to watch them float right through a crowd." You know, that's no different than looking at an eight-year-old and saying, "Some day you will have the wherewithal and the stamina to clean this entire house, do all the laundry, and cook dinner for a family of six." They just look at you and go "Why would I want to? Who cares?"
And, "What's 'wherewithal' mean anyway?"
Yeah!(laughing) It's funny, watching my children as a grown woman—this is really going to make me sound like a weirdo …
Go for it!
All right. If the relationship with Christ to the church is most reflected in a relationship between a husband and a wife, then my early Christian music and my early relationship with God, and what that meant, was not unlike (9-year-old daughter) Corinna coming home from school and saying, "I think Will likes me. I have long hair, and he says it's beautiful." Her idea of love is just any attention at all. How do I explain to her that this little thing that makes her flutter will change? I can't say to her, "Some day you will flop down completely naked with a man and enjoy and perform the most earthy, reckless abandon, physical act that you can't even imagine, and eventually, because of that kind of interaction with a man, you will have a baby, and it's going to be a mess, and it involves pain and life and work and laughter and all of those things." Real relationship is gritty and earthy, the stuff that life is made of.
That's the physical version of what God says we are with him [as husband and wife]. So when you take a kid singing "Jesus Loves Me," they have no idea how raw and gritty this is going to get. They have no idea the depths of joy and the depths of vulnerability that will come. It would be ludicrous to try to explain that to me when I was at seventeen.
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#4 Nov 5, 2012
More From Christianity Today 2010 - just prefer to get it in one thread.

Really? Isn't that a conversation you could have with (17-year-old daughter) Sarah?
I think you have real conversations as life happens. At 17, no matter how much she's been in love, no matter how much she has or hasn't done with a young man, nothing in Sarah's brain right now is going to really understand what a committed relationship looks like. I just feel like, as life happens, it's less about telling somebody what's ahead as just being there when they go, "Oh my gosh, this is what is happening now," and you talk to them about it then. That's what my mom was like with me. You don't want to be sitting in a movie when somebody's telling you the plotline. It ruins it. Just let me watch the movie, and afterwards we'll go discuss it.
Speaking of Sarah, you recorded a song with her ("Overnight") on this album. Is that something you've wanted to do for a while?
I have wanted to do that from the first time I heard her sing, right before her sixteenth birthday. I thought, I love the timbre of her voice. She had met a friend through church who's a piano player, and he comes over and they sing and sing. About six months ago, I asked Sarah, "Would you be willing to sing a song with me?" And she said yeah.

Grant has much to smile about these days
Do you look at Sarah now at 17 and think Whoa, that's the age I was when I was getting ready to record my first album?
Yes. I was exactly her age, to the month, when my first record came out. But she's not pursuing music the way I did. I was absolutely glued to my guitar. Sarah loves rock climbing, running; I see her most often in a pair of sneakers with her hair in a ponytail. The idea of getting up on a stage and singing songs is not on her radar. She just happens to have a good voice. All I wanted to do is just capture how she sounds right now, and we had so much fun doing it together.
Several songs on the album were written in the mid-'90s when your life was in turmoil. Your marriage was failing, you had already met Vince, and you were an emotional mess.
Tell me more about choosing some of those songs for this record.
Well, they definitely fit the concept of a journey. I had not heard the [previously unrecorded] song "Come into My World" in ten years. But when I listened to it recently, I thought, Oh my goodness, that song captured in a very raw way probably what everybody feels at one time or another, when they are just having to put on a brave face on the outside and feeling like they're crumbling on the inside. I didn't want to release that song when it felt so indicative of my world, because it seemed too vulnerable. But like anything, you get distance on it and you realize that most experiences are common to everybody.
Yes, my marriage was crumbling [when I wrote it], but I would bet that every woman, even one happily married with children, feels that way at times, but does not have the freedom to say, "I am crumbling on the inside." Maybe it's just a feeling that lasts one day, maybe it lasts for a season.
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#5 Nov 5, 2012
Feels Like 133

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#6 Nov 5, 2012
Amy, her band and her singers pray backstage before every show and Finto visits them on tour every few weeks to conduct prayer meetings and give communion. Yet her pop success has alienated some religious followers. At the Detroit performance the night before, she was handed a box of flowers containing a note that read: "Turn back now. You can still be saved if you renounce what you've done." Though such occurences are fairly common, Amy wept bitterly in her dressing room after the show.

"They hate my leopard jacket," she says. "It sounds crazy, but the way I dress and talk is offensive to very conservative Christians.

"Isn't it ironic that a singer like Madonna can get away with wearing nothing but a purple lace bra onstage, and I'm in trouble with leopard spots and necklines up to my chin?"

Despite any criticism, Amy's music remains far more wholesome and uplifting than what is being produced by today's rock stars. Amy says she finds their racy lyrics a turnoff, and at one Prince concert she attended, she says, "I felt strangled for three hours.

"He made a lot of references to God, which bugged me," she recalls. "He kept saying,'I'm trying to be a good boy; God, I'll be a good boy. Oh, come sleep with me tonight.' Prince is very talented, but the whole evening was tense and sexual. It took hours to air out a smoke-filled feeling inside my heart."

And what is her impression of Madonna, the material girl who was recently pictured in adult magazines wearing very little material? "Madonna and I have a different emotional makeup," Amy says. "Very different. For one thing, I wouldn't want to be seen in naked photos; for another ..." She breaks off, and smiles.
Tex Empires

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#7 Mar 28, 2013
She makes digs at Madonna and Prince. Like she is better?
It's her smug attitude, the way she postures, smirks and has that
phony baloney smile that irks me. Wish she'd just be herself.
She has done that smile for so long that even when she is tearing up,
she is cracking that smile. Does she realize how fake that makes her seem?

She takes a pile of potatoes down to the Mission and oh my gosh, she's sainted.
Must she announce every charitable thing she does?

What will she be next Halloween? Why doesn't she do Minnie Pearl or Loretta Lynn or Jezebel?

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