Married to one of Gary's old girlfriends

Spring, TX

#63 Feb 28, 2010
Ilovemusic wrote:
I find it disturbing that Gary will come here and not discourage people from posting awful things about the mother of his children.
It says a lot about him.
It wouldn't do any good. It would be like a pastor going into a strip club and trying to discourage patrons. People are going to do what they are going to do.
Brian L

Nashville, TN

#64 Feb 28, 2010
In other words, Holy_Water is going to post negative comments about Amy and Vince over and over and over. There's no stoping.

Spring, TX

#65 Mar 12, 2010
Queen B wrote:
"I have always believed that Mr. Chapman had some 'issues'. As far back as when he released "Sincerely Yours" - the song - there was something about him that never set well with me. I don't claim to be the know all about people, but as a Christian, I am called to be discerning.....and I discerned that Mr. Chapman had issues."
Actually, David, you are pretty astute. My mother is a therapist, and years ago she said that she thought Gary might be Bi-Polar. He's apparently got many of the symptoms, including addiction. Cocaine addiction, by the way, according to dear old Mom who is an addiction specialist, has the lowest success rates for recovery. And once they kick coke, they usually turn to alcohol. Bi-polars can be very manic (and if any of you have seen Gary in action, you may know what I mean), impulsive (terribly addictive behavior with finances, infidelity, and substance abuse) and compulsive. When Mom saw this blurb about Gary's recent DUI, and drug possession...she said that clearly he's not "clean and sober", and that Amy's life with him must have been hell on earth. He was always very resentful of her success, tried desperately to get a career of his own going...and it never florished. Probably in part due to the fact that despite his incredible talent and often-charming ways...he was very hard to work with, had a huge ego, and was desperate for attention. A narrcisist can suck the life right out of you. In joint interviews with Amy and Gary (years ago, of course), she would look like she was holding her breath sometimes when he'd talk. I can't imagine the stress of what she went through. The class and dignity she has shown in the face of the public whipping she's had to endure has been down right saintly. Did any of you ever go to his web site and read his blogs, after they divorced? He was a ranting, bitter, guy. I sat one day and read everything...he blasted her left and right, tore to shreds all the people who were "siding" (his words) with her,used some very nasty innuendo in reference to Vince Gill...and all I could think was...YOU'RE CHILDREN COULD READ THIS, GARY! It was the saddest public display of someone totally unhinged. I went back to the site a week later to see what was happening...and it had totally disapeared. I would not be surprised if his attorney told him it could be very damaging in terms of his custody situation, professional image, etc. Gary is an insanely talented guy, and I think his heart is sincere. That doesn't change the fact that he's deeply troubled. Let's all pray for everyone in his life, instead of pointing fingers at Amy and blaming her for his addictions.
Queen B. You should "hook up" with the quack doctor poster who is handing out
labels. Why does everyone feel the need to play psychiatrist when they don't have any
credentials? Why did Amy feel like she needed to discuss her mental health issues?
Wouldn't that best be kept between her and her therapist?

So, was there a cease and desist order? Is that why there is nothing but silence now?
makes sense. Silence the exes. Alrighty then.
Brian L

Nashville, TN

#66 Mar 12, 2010
1.) You're responding to a post from Sept 2007. Do you honestly think that "Queen B" cares to here your response after 2 1/2 years? LOL

2.) Nobody is playing psychiatrist. Anyone that has spent more than 10 minutes reading this board can pick up your OCD and BPD. Look how much you have posted in the last day, week, month, year. And about 95% of them are negative. You will never see that because you lack self-awareness.

3.) Amy felt the need to talk about her depression to help others struggling with the same issue. She struggles from Seasonal Affective Disorder and had situational depression due to the bad marriage she was in. Good for her for talking about it openly and not being ashamed.

4.) There is nothing but silence here because you have monopolized every post on here. How can you not see that people don't care to come to a forum like this is see negative after negative comment? Are you really that out of touch with reality? Seriously?

Gibsonia, PA

#67 Mar 12, 2010
Digging up bones here Phanny! And my typing skills are still as poor!

A question I have always wanted to ask is:

Was there ever anyone else in the mix AFTER Gary and BEFORE Vince??? The Elephant in the room wants to know...not that it matters anymore...

Another question I have, which is for Gary:

Whatever happened to that girl named Katie Haas who used to host a Crook and Chase-type show on TNN? She was bust-up funny, quick, smart, and then one day went poof? I guess the entire network did too.

Saint Brian might know these answers, since he appears to know everything there is to know. What about it Brian?
Brian L

Nashville, TN

#68 Mar 12, 2010
LOL@ still. Your post was a breath of fresh air. This is the way it should be...interesting questions and about Gary's life. Please don't take my comments as if I see myself as "all knowing", just trying to help someone notice their pattern of behavior. It's hard to see someone hurting so bad and to see the continous pain posted on this forum. Why can't we just be happy for Amy and Vince, and for Gary and his wife?

Spring, TX

#69 Mar 12, 2010
the REAL Queen B wrote:
I recieved a really sweet note from Gary today, and went looking for any more music of his that might be hiding on the web. I came here not knowing what it was, and I can honestly say that I am stunned by the judgemental, hateful things being said about someone that I'm guessing NO ONE here actually knows! Myself included, by the way. Who are we to judge Gary, or Amy, or Vince? Do any of us have access to their private conversations, thoughts, and truth? These are human beings you are all trashing, children of God. If we are all made in the image and likeness of God, doesn't that include everyone?! I hate the fact that this post has "my" nick name at the top of it, and that this person lives in my neck of the woods. I have a mom who's a therapist too, specializes in addiction too. THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME A THERAPIST. Get the point? Good Lord, people, pray for people you're concerned about and save the slander for your own private business.
<quoted text>
Yes, I'm going here again. Get the hint, anybody?

Spring, TX

#70 Mar 17, 2010
Coke, it's the real thing, baby. Jet Fuel baby.

Spring, TX

#71 Mar 26, 2010
Brian L wrote:
LOL@ still. Your post was a breath of fresh air. This is the way it should be...interesting questions and about Gary's life. Please don't take my comments as if I see myself as "all knowing", just trying to help someone notice their pattern of behavior. It's hard to see someone hurting so bad and to see the continous pain posted on this forum. Why can't we just be happy for Amy and Vince, and for Gary and his wife?
You have written enough. Time to be quiet and rest your carpal tunnel from the 100's of posts, Brian.
Say goodnight.
Brian L

Nashville, TN

#72 Mar 26, 2010
nope, here to stay boo. Learn to deal with it, negative nancy.
Desperately Seeking Still

Spring, TX

#73 Apr 7, 2010
still3363 wrote:
Hey Jersey Girl,
You have your facts wrong!
Considering Gary's website a few years back...that was ME blasting all you aggresive fake believer's out of the water! Some of you got so defensive, cause you didn't like the corner your own words put you in! GET REAL!!!
As far as "addiction" goes, get real again!!! You like the soap box, the finger-pointing, and to put the blame of a failed marriage on Gary! GET REAL!!! Walk in his shoes for one day!!! Look at the complete phoney Gill clan, and then tell me why Vince has that sheepish smile; and while Amy got some coaching on her's: and now has this strange "show lower dental work" one! These are "commercial propaganda" artists Folks! Get real...
You can't imagine the stress Amy went through? Get real! Who is making money off the vulnerable still? Let's do a Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear commercial, while we can still make money off the vulnerable!!! I watched it with complete disgust, and predict that now they will be as effective as Jim and Tammy Faye. You just can't mess w/ the Lord without consequence...take that to the bank!
To lay some kind of claim that Gary is bi-polar is an insult to those who have a genuine problem with this dilemma! How dare you do that, especially since you claim to have some kind of advantage with your understanding of this! You are no better than David, or are a button-pusher too! Take that to the bank!
P.S. Again, it was me who stopped the Gary Chapman website. It was because of people like you, who are so incredibly ignorant and "sold out" with your image of "fame." Get Real!!!
Another "Baby to put to Bed" now...shall we??? I'm good at this by now...HA!!
Don't be a stranger man....God Bless you too...
Still, I don't know what happened when it looked like I wrote this. I'll make sure it quotes you from here on out just in case you are STILL around.
Nicolette Grant

Spring, TX

#74 Apr 8, 2010
still3363 wrote:
David, are you sure that man at your church that gave you a "strange feeling" wasn't the one you met in the mens room?
Oh wait, I almost forgot that you are such a holy christian, and you probably think it's a sin to look in a mirror!!!!
Get some help David, ASAP!
tap tap tap

Spring, TX

#75 Sep 1, 2010
Brian L wrote:
LOL@ still. Your post was a breath of fresh air. This is the way it should be...interesting questions and about Gary's life. Please don't take my comments as if I see myself as "all knowing", just trying to help someone notice their pattern of behavior. It's hard to see someone hurting so bad and to see the continous pain posted on this forum. Why can't we just be happy for Amy and Vince, and for Gary and his wife?
I don't feel ANY pain. Who are you talking about?

Orange Park, FL

#76 Sep 5, 2010
Still3363, you are a very angry person and your comments are arrogant, ugly and filled with animosity. You are the one who needs help. I am sorry for you.

Gibsonia, PA

#77 Sep 5, 2010
Could you explain which comments of mine made you come to this conclusion Sharon?

Was it my...

Jesus for Profit ones?

PR Spin, meant to impress ones?

Cheaters are less than sincere ones?

Vince has a shrill high lonesome voice ones?

Tex is damn funny ones?

My ex follows these boards too ones?

Attorneys are white-collar criminals ones?

Or all the above Sharon? You know I speak the truth and don't deny that I have an "edge" to me.

Try it sometime, it makes life worthwhile, and truthful.


Brian L

Gallatin, TN

#78 Sep 5, 2010
Sharon, you hit this one on the head! She is extremely bitter. Sad but true.

Gibsonia, PA

#79 Sep 5, 2010
You still zippedy-do-dah Brain?

I was praying more for you.

Please don't feel sorry for me. I don't!

Brian L

Gallatin, TN

#80 Sep 5, 2010
I do feel sorry for you.


Gibsonia, PA

#81 Sep 6, 2010
I was telling Sharon, not you Brain, to not feel sorry for me. Move away from yourself Brain, the world does not revolve around you. Newsflash!

Is there a nice, fat, flat spot you can find on one of those branches you travel on? Maybe you can make this your new "mission" Brain, to find a nice, fat, flat spot...

Here's what you need to do Brain. Get yourself into the Lotus position, find your balance, your "center", your inner "voice."

Then, chant Kum-bi-ah to yourself several times, and don't forget about the hand motions, which I'm positive you know too.

That ought to do it for you. DON'T DARE even try to watch the news through those windows you try to ping gravel off of! News is too real and dangerous for your frail thought process. Stick with the chanting and living life in a tree.

Wow, hope nobody goes barefoot around here. Brain's slingshot has been busy! BUT, he'll call you negative nancy and debbie downer???

I could use the quote thing and mention how awful his mouth is, but hey, it's too much effort. I feel sorry for anyone who might have to come even close to kissing his ptty-mouth. It needs a good antibacterial cleaning! Anyone know a Dentist who makes tree-calls?

Gibsonia, PA

#82 Sep 6, 2010
The great American writer Walter Lippman once wrote,“The way in which the world is imagined determines at any particular moment what people will do.” Vision and imagination are important qualities for leaders.

tap, tap, tap

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