Gary's "The Story of Us" book or Jani...

Gary's "The Story of Us" book or Janis's "Look at Us"

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Phantom Ghost

Duarte, CA

#1 Dec 20, 2007
There were promises of Janis releasing a
"Look at Us" book and Gary perhaps releasing a
"Story of Us" book to go with the article he released.

Oprah thinks this story is TEN years in the making.

Someone really needs to release a book so that when they go on Oprah, The View, 700 Club,
Faith and Fame, Biography and so on, the interviewer will have a book they can refer to do some research.

They can't even get their dates straight. Vince says they went to Fort Campbell in 1990 and Amy says it is 1991. Then they claim they fell in love in 1993 or he did anyway and wrote a song about it.

Amy claims the songs she wrote like "Cry a River" in 1997 were with Vince in mind.

It's still unclear why if they ewre so much in love that they stayed in their marriages except that it would have been career suicide for both of them. It would be interesting to know what finally caused the chain of events that led them to building their own house of love. After waiting so long, it was like gasoline on a fire..DIVORCE, followed by the remarriages and only one of them decided to add to their family.

Eight years later, is it everything they thought it would be?

I have no interest in reading her "Mosaic" as it is just a bunch of random storie and not very well done.

I don't think Janis has any interest in going over the past.

Gary or the kids? Phyllis? Who will tell the tale?
Phantom Ghost

Duarte, CA

#2 Dec 21, 2007
I wrote this in a hurry. Perhaps VG/AG are a little afraid that an ex or someone who knows will write a book, so little by little they are
"fessing" up to little things like falling in love while married to other people. Writing songs to and for each other while married to other people.

Apparently, both of their hearts were unguarded.

Perhaps they kept their marriages as they knew how bad it would look for "Mr. Nice Guy" to use Janis's term and "The Gospel Girl" to leave their spouses and small children to build their own
House of Love.

It is kind of "funny" with the dueling fingers from Vince fans, Amy fans and Gary fans.
Some are trying to blame mental illness like bipolar or borderline personality disorder or the thrill seeker gene on the demise of the marriages. Some say VG was always a skirt chaser.
It is kind of interesting that in both situations the women were the ones to leave home while the guys stayed. SO, does that mean G i l l and
G a r y were neighbors for a while in Franklin.

Even today, they live something like 5-8 min. apart depending on traffic.

Is every peaceful and respectful like reported?
Even Janis wrote everyone gets along now and that Jenny has two families she adores.

One thing for sure, no paparazzi are crawling on ice and snow to get pics of Janis, Gary or any of the others for a breaking story.

So warm up some hot choolate, cider or whatever your poison is and have a holly jolly Christmas. You will have to wait some more for the Christmas and the Grinch who stole "Mommy"...
or whatever it will be called.

My extended family is doing all of the holiday cooking, so I'm just stuck here doing laundry and packing. Boring.
Charley horse

Duarte, CA

#3 Dec 22, 2007
I'm trying to decide whether to fly somewhere there is snow. It's just not Christmas when you have to run the air conditioning.

Let it snow
let it snow
let it snow
Charley horse

Duarte, CA

#4 Dec 23, 2007
It's finally down in the 30's. I'd love to be in New Mexico right now. It is truly a Winter Wonderland. We have taken pics when we have been there at Christmas and pictures do not do it justice.

It's kind of interesting that there are stories of the Chapman kids going snow skiing but no one pic ever from Gary or the Mom. Apparently,
VG skis about as well as Nick Lachey who could at least snowboard but had difficulty with snow skis. His then Wife, Jessica was snow skiing circles around him. That, apparently, was the beginning of the end.
Charley horse

Duarte, CA

#5 Dec 24, 2007
ckbsjkk - how's the weather up in Yankeeland?
Phantom Hourglass

Duarte, CA

#6 Dec 24, 2007
Tomorrow, I leave!
Phantom Hourglass

Duarte, CA

#7 Dec 27, 2007
I said I wouldn't probably read Gary's book, but it couldn't be any worse than some of the other memoirs. Is he waiting for something to happen to Amy Lee like happened to Kathy Lee Gifford?
VG gets caught with another woman? How would she have seen that coming?

If they will do it with you, they will do it to you. Maybe she will just accept because of Vince's bigger budget, a home that is paid for,

She's already taking vacations without him, doing gigs without him. What's next?
D-i-v-o-r-c-e? Have you seen how unhappy he often looks THESE DAYS when he is around her?
Now they are admitting they are getting on each other's nerves. Are the wheels coming off the second time around?

Duarte, CA

#8 Dec 28, 2007
She also said that Vince will be at the Grammy Awards, but she doesn't know if she will be going or not. Maybe she has to bake cookies to freeze for Corrina's 7th birthday party (tongue in cheek) or it's her turn to make beds or clean out the closets? ;-)

Did you hear her stories on her Paula Deen appearance? Paula Deen was great and Amy had her three sisters there. I guess this would be better on the AG Topix, but it seems her fans have gone as have her hubby's fans.

All she could come up with was that they supposedly cook at Christmas and that she served grits with black bugs in them even though Vince told her not to. She just ground black pepper over it and served it anyway. Paula's eyes got big and she told her you can't do that in the restaurant business.

In other places, she tells about getting a corn dish catered for a Thanksgiving deal and then dumping it on the carpet, scooping it up and serving it.

If I were Gary, I'd have a tee shirt that said
Thank God and Greyhound she is gone
or whatever song best describes his sentiment.

She can try to pretend the past away, but she tied three knots between her and Gary when she had children with him. Those knots can not be untied by legal papers, by changing addresses or by any other means. They are permanently linked forever.


Duarte, CA

#9 Dec 29, 2007
Okay, let's try something more enjoyable.
Tim McGraw's Do You Want Fries with That?

Help me's something about
I hope you choke on a pickle
and I know your buns are stale
Your chickens raw.
Would you like fries with that?

Can someone help me out?

Dang it - where's Blake Shelton and his choir when you need him?

Duarte, CA

#10 Dec 31, 2007
Useless Amy trivia: AG is only a bike ride away from her parent's house.
Just call her Amy Pitt with all that bicycle. Does she regret marrying someone who flattens bicycle tires?

Duarte, CA

#11 Jan 7, 2008
I don't see what she sees in "him" but then again his type just doesn't appeal to me. Does anyone see what she sees in Mr. Second Chance?

Now, back to the fun part of the show.

Let's see which Gary shows up to sing,
"Would You Like Fries with That?"

or "Small Town Southern Man"

Duarte, CA

#12 Jan 13, 2008
Since we've danced around the elephant in the room, it's time to take a deep breath and ask,
"Does anyone here see what Gary's ex sees in
the person Nashville Scene refers to as
Mr. McDreamy (aka spouse #2)"?

Duarte, CA

#13 Jan 18, 2008
Feel free to wade in.
Vanilla Brownie

Duarte, CA

#14 Jan 29, 2008
Did you not write, Gary, that no one would know until they got HEAVEN and Amy said "some things you carry to your grave"...

I don't see either party telling the tale.

There were a lot of things I stuffed or buried and when I found out my name was on the TITLE of the house I put blood sweat and tears into and that I'm either a co-owner or total owner, I felt justice had been served.

Spring, TX

#15 Sep 27, 2008
I'm still at 50% from everything I have researched, but
Tenacious C isn't going to give up her 50% and thinks I should just roll over and play dead (see picture of me on my back with tongue hanging out). She was the third wife, never had kids with him or adopted any kids. It was more of a companionship deal. Then he fell ill (just like her first husband) and she thought she was going to get a lot of property. His dad outlived him, so he never inherited from his dad. The will was changed so that the kids got it which irked her to the moon. They've already sold most of the property and cashed out.

I figure she will call around the anniversary of his death or my birthday since the taxes will be due soon.

She tried to find out if there was something in the divorce where she could force me to pay for things and there is not.

I have basically been praying about it, left it in God's hands.

Spring, TX

#16 Oct 26, 2008
Hey, Gary! Just a heads up. Did you know Janis is back in town and has a myspace? Maybe you could co-author a book? Her article in the Tennessean seemed pretty well done.
Ben A Drill

Spring, TX

#17 Jan 13, 2009
And now moving to the present. Maybe you and Cassie could journal and write about some of your travels together. I didn't realize she was 28. She looks younger. Hope all is well.

You know some fans can not stop talking about you.

Spring, TX

#18 Feb 24, 2010
Why didn't anyone care when Janis Gill wrote a tell all article back in 2003 titled "In the Shadow of the Spotlight" and why does Jenny Gill always seem to be hanging out with her dad these days? I thought she and her mom were more close since he was out on the road all those years and otherwise canoodling it up with someone other than Janis Gill. Maybe Gary's book
will tell the rest of the story.

Spring, TX

#19 Feb 28, 2010
I hope he's not pulling our collective legs, but even if there is no book...
life goes on.

Spring, TX

#20 Mar 15, 2010
Now, that there is confirmation of a book or books from both GC and JG, why doesn't anyone have anything to say about it?

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