hi hi wrote:
Judy, the record shows that you are the only party repetitively mentioning Sandusky or making any implications connecting gays with pedophilia.
But you know this. You know that *the thread shows this clearly*, and that the thread *shows you clearly misrepresenting* what others are saying.
What's strange is that you think it'll make them back down when it *NEVER* has that effect, making them only all the more stubborn and all the more opposed to what you say and all the more likely to label you as amoral and anti-American.
Congrats on that. I am certainly one of those who is not about to blink in the face of your complete lack of a moral compass.
Thanks for reading.
But you want people to be arrested, have to hire lawyers, then answer to politicized pro-homosexual judges of permissible speech.
Just for saying that homosexuals like Jerry Sandusky shouldn't be bullying little boys into pedohomosexual activity.
You want people to be arrested just for typing what I did.
Says a lot more in a negative fascistic sort of way about you and people like you than it does about normal people and what we want.