Hi to anyone just as sad and lost as me to ramble on about famke i have recently grown an obsession for Famke because i have enjoyed her turn as jean grey/pheonix in the xmen films. i think she looked absolutely georgous in x2 and then i saw hewr look for x 3 and just took the obsession to a whole new level. i believe the only reason for this is because iam currently unemploiyed and completely lost in what i am doing in my life. When she appeared in nip tuck i thought it was the most courageous and commited performace (or want of a better word) that i have seen for a little while by some actor i ve read some things on the net and it sounds like Famke might not have appreciated the direction that Ava moore took in that show.Anyway Famke is sexy and brave it appears although i do not know and possibly a little conflict and dis connected is the sense im getting from variouis interviews i have read i can totally relate. I hope sghe can deal with the issue as i hope i can deal with mine.

See ya Bpd wana get rid of is there a cure? ha ha