Orlando, FL

#242 May 22, 2012
Eminem is the best LYRICIST ever, Eminem can rhyme better than any artist ever has, and he's a strait up BEAST!! Eminem is the best selling artist of the 2000's, he has been listed and ranked as one of the greatest artists of all time by many magazines including the Rolling Stone magazine which has ranked him 82nd on its list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, the same magazine has declared him The King of Hip Hop, Eminem has achieved ten number-one albums on the Billboard 200, he has sold nearly 90 million albums worldwide, Eminem is the first artist to win Best Rap Album for three consecutive LPs, Recovery was also named the best selling album worldwide of 2010 joining The Eminem Show, which was the best seller of 2002, Eminem won Grammy Awards for both Relapse and Recovery, giving him a total of 13 Grammys in his career, Eminem is the only artist to win two diamond platinum awards on his albums for The Eminem Show and Recovery, he's the first (one out of two) rapper to ever win the Oscar for Best Original Song for a Motion Picture. His style is aggressive and insane! The way he raps is like no other if you think anyone's better you're obviously mistaken, because there will never be another artist like Eminem EVER!!
Tupac vs Eminem

Albuquerque, NM

#244 May 29, 2012
Compare Eminem vs Tupac @http://eminemvstupac.blogspot .com/ and get the latest news on Eminems new collaboration with Slaughterhouse, their new album "Welcome to our House" is coming in stores June 13th.
leon buco


#245 Jun 19, 2012
I'm 14 and all u ass holes who call ur selfs old skool need to shut the fuck up, seriously, u say tupac is the greatest rapper to walk the earth because he's better than 50 an jay z and dre, hey dipshit pac never made rap at all ice cube made gangsta rap what it is for real, don't get me wrong tupac is great but since he got his ass shot up, he's amazing, Ha please, look at the greats who were at the same time as pac like, nas for example extremely similar, but nas is better easily, and raekwon is a better lyricst, eminem has a wider variety off music and easy listening an his rhymes are mind blowing, there will never be a GOAT in the rap industry every rapper is the greatest in their on right, and tupac never inspired em, LL cool J was his greatest inspiration an beastie boyz got him into the game so, hey, suck my dick u tupac fanboys hu call ur self old skool I can name at least 4 or 5 rappers who win hands down and a lot more who we can debate about, HA revive muthafucka

Ann Arbor, MI

#247 Jul 30, 2012

San Diego, CA

#248 Aug 9, 2012
redgirl wrote:
I don't agree with you eminem's got more skill!
That's not even close to the truth 2Pac Is waaaaaaaaay better I mean he is so far the best

United States

#249 Aug 12, 2012
Eminem is better than tupac say what ever you want.eminem can freestyle better than tupac.tupac doesn't even have a Grammy award. He sucks.how many hit songs has eminem made.he made the best album in rap.was has tupac done? Nothing no doubt about it eminem is king!!!

United States

#250 Aug 12, 2012
That's not true how many Grammys has tupac won? 0. Who's has the best rap album? eminem tupac sucks
Tu cola

Los Angeles, CA

#251 Aug 15, 2012
Tupac sucks with his wack ass lyrics rhyming predictable words, not clever what's so ever with his metaphors, hes over rated just like lil Wayne, eminen 1000 times to the power of infinity and beyond better than PAC, Eminem n nas are the most lyrical Mcs hip hop will ever have, any one disagrees got suck on pacs dick, bunch of idiotic non sense making dick riders, if he would've not got killed he would be just like snoop making songs with Disney people, think about things use the comprehensive part of ur brain comprehend the strain of acknowledgement the mind is capable of, Nas Eminem elite rappers PAC over rated by today's sheep societys blind cattle

Marrakech, Morocco

#252 Aug 18, 2012
I think Em' has some fucking genius lyrics and he's nice for battle etc. His rhymes are so nice i don't know anyone who could do the same lyrics. So i love pac 2. He's a symbole you know his lyrics are nice 2 but not as original as Em ones. Tupac is a G's and he did so much for rap world i don't want to unrespect him but i think if you comparate their career in rap you'll see that Em has done more things than Tupac his flow and style is single no one did some rap like him before you know. But i think like "Eminem fan" said: "Who's better Jesus or God."
Eminem Definitely Eminem

Kolkata, India

#253 Aug 23, 2012
Eminem doesn't rap about drugs,alcohol,girls,or crap.He raps about his family,his feelings, and what other people do.

Stormville, NY

#254 Sep 15, 2012
Tupac is lyrically better listen to all of the loyal to the game, he has more life expierence , tupac is the God of hiphop and em is the Messiah, the one reason hiphops not dead he's the savior.

Greensburg, KY

#255 Sep 30, 2012
Tupac isn't that good, if he wasn't dead people wouldn't even care for him
shanu marhsall mather


#257 Dec 9, 2012
i think no need to arguing on this shit cuz eminem and tupac both are legends .tupac who made rap bt rap still survive in absence of tupac just because of eminem .so both r king of rap.tupac made meaningfull songs nd eminem making it too same as tupac bt eminem flow of rapping is better than tupac isn't it ? So in my opinion both r king.just respect them....

South Africa

#258 Dec 18, 2012
Kryptonite wrote:
I Think Tupac Is Better Lyricly, But If They Were To Go Toe 2 Toe In A Freestyle Battle, Eminem Will Rip That Fool Apart. But Like I Said Tupac Will Always Be My Favorite, If It Wasent For Tupac There Will Be No Slim Shady.
Let's be honest lyrically Em is better, when he puts rymes 2gether its just epic, the words he uses and how he uses then his also faster. I believe Eminem is da greatest rapper that has ever stepped foot on this planet and ya'll know, ppl just say 2puc is better cause his black.. EMINEM IS DA KING OF ALL RAP!!!

Dublin, Ireland

#261 Feb 14, 2013
Response to best rap album: Me against the world & All eyes on me > any Eminems album

Scottsdale, AZ

#262 Feb 16, 2013
Nuff said

Dublin, Ireland

#263 Feb 17, 2013
Eminem isnt best lyricist ever, Nas is.
Ahsab Mathers

United States

#264 Feb 22, 2013
Definitely Eminem. Pac's rap skill ain't no better Em. And so I chose Eminem for his lyrics and for rhyme skills.

Boardman, OR

#265 Feb 27, 2013
BeastFromTheEast wrote:
<quoted text>Tupac, biggie, big l and big pun are the kings of rap period!
Slim Lady aint sh//t

Long Beach, NY

#268 Feb 28, 2013
Eminem easy just look at the statistics slim has 13 grammys Pac only had 6 nominations and never won

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