Is Eminem coming back to rap

Port Moody, Canada

#446 Dec 10, 2007
yo i don't thin Em is gonna retire, he has to rap now that proof is dead it's up to Slim Shady to resurface and continue proof's legacy by continuing to rap. Plus we don't need any more new rappers from Em, he already gave us D12 the Dirty Motherf-ing Dozen, Obie Trice, and let's not forget his biggest protege the kid Fitty Cent and his crew G G G G-UNIT which on it's own is huge,shout out to Tony YAYO. so we don't need more just finish with Stat Quo, help him release Statlanta and come back. There's a whole new generation of kids who need to hear the rawest rhymes of Slim Shady.
RIP Proof

Guangzhou, China

#448 Dec 27, 2007
yo em u should come back we love u dawg ur ur the best u rule man u realy should come back we love u dawg so many ppl loves u not only from u.s.a alote of arabic ppl loves u and in malaysia africa all the world love u im from iraq but i dont live there think about it dawg u realy should come back

Burlington, Canada

#449 Jan 1, 2008
come back to music everyone else blowz

Brooklyn, NY

#450 Jan 6, 2008
you should coom back soon because you are the best raper alive

Brooklyn, NY

#451 Jan 6, 2008
you shold rap for 2008 and I lik the song when im gone

Fall Creek, WI

#452 Jan 9, 2008
RI DUH wrote:
<quoted text>
I think u really funny Dawg dawg a dawg dawg mothufriggin dawg do u work in a morgue, eating piece of tird stairing at ugly dead birds, what ? read these words...LOOK OUT YOU WILL SEE ME about without a doubt, ill give a clout, b4 i start to shout, cmon free write forum rhymin feel lk going driving but im flyin n im down to drown a clown looking at me with a frown, can i stop, shall i go rob a shop av a pop or smoke a cop with a lollipop rocket in my pocket,, stick my dik in an elecrtic socket 2 recharge my nuts to bang butts off dirty slutts,wha wha ddawg Lol
Keep it real ! its only fun !
<quote> "619 soldier
UK Flag for Review | Reply » Thursday Feb 16
yo em u got to come back dawg what about d12 n shit dawg you can't just f**k every thin 4 a girl. if u do then ur ain't in this 4 the feelin of rap and ur fans dawg it's just the money."
Rap Shady -Limited-

Manama, Bahrain

#454 Jan 14, 2008
Shady dude man ur music changed ma life pls come back n i really aint sayin shit 2 u kid{dissin her} commn man do u want her 2 be proud of her old man {The King Of Rappers}u rap like hell pls dude we Miss u think bout ur fans to
Slim Shady

Manama, Bahrain

#455 Jan 14, 2008
Ay yo slim man please be back rap gonna soon die EVERYONE is a rocker they need the one and only best motherf*cking rapper to be back and stick up ma a*s those motherf**king metallica fans to suck it up bi**hes

Dearborn, MI

#456 Jan 14, 2008
he'll sing with some friends,but rapping for himself. i think he is past it and is on to bigger things!(like helping others make money!!!)

Sussex, NJ

#457 Jan 14, 2008
I love Eminem!!! I want him to come back to rap. I have all of his CDs. I love Eminem!! He is freaken awsome!!!! COME BACK TO RAP!!!!

“Girls Like Football Too.”

Since: Dec 07

***Brooklyn, NY***

#458 Jan 14, 2008
CotMoFlash2 wrote:
I love Eminem!!! I want him to come back to rap. I have all of his CDs. I love Eminem!! He is freaken awsome!!!! COME BACK TO RAP!!!!
Thats the thing....dah rap game aint dah same no more......all they talk about is candy, cars, and some dumb dance and make up a name for is a "Laffy Taffy"..........and its sad. 2004 was the last year of rap....wit Game n 50......WTF is wrong wit music??!!!
tyler young

Columbia, MO

#459 Jan 15, 2008
EMINEM!!!if u are on i never really liked musoc....

then u came when i was only 7 and i fell in love with music u r the greatest mc ever and i want you back so much and i bet haile does to u r the best and i wish u where my dad u r better than pac big.u made a next generation of music yet to come and withought u dr dres aftermath would be nothing withought u there would be now 50 cent that we like u r the fucking greatsest ever and i wanted to tell u that i dont care if u r white. knnow that u came and blew up hip hop it doesnt matter anymore no one can beat u on the mic u r a genis and i know tupac is proud of u
Ricky Das

Ogden, UT

#460 Jan 17, 2008
Please Come Back With lots More Song...

Cirencester, UK

#461 Jan 18, 2008
em you need to come back man, your the king of rap, better than 2pac and everyone. fuck all these low-end rappers make your own music. you can come back and claim yourself as the best rapper of all time. oh yeah and i really liked drama setter, the chorus you did was sick but the rest of the song was kinda shite.
I'm a Drama Setter, gripping my baretta sipping Armaretta
Man you crazy if you think Ima let up
I told you I'm a Drama Setter
I'll be the first to set it homie, you can bet it just don't get in the way of my chedda
Man cause I'm a Drama Setter
I don't go looking for no trouble but somehow the trouble always finds me
Don't make me have you in the trauma center
With you momma crying cause her only son is dying
She don't know it's just your karma catching upcause I'm a Drama Setter
great lyrics. anyways hope you come back man, and besides you're only 35, would 2pac have stopped rapping at that age, think about it.
anyways, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Stamford, CT

#462 Jan 20, 2008
YES HE IS. He has a new album which is pretty much already done. It will be released in the summer or before the summer of 2008. It is called "King Mathers". The album includes some people aloong with of course Eminem like T.I. and 50 Cent. Maybe you are reading this and it is the future so you already have seen the album and maybe he has some new albums that I'll see aswell in the future cause it is 2008 January 20 right now. But he has the new songs and album which will probably win something like all his other stuff and he'll be on the Rollingstone cover and his music will be better than ever before even though he has been gone for some time. But Eminem Slim Shady Is The Greatest Rapper Ever And He Will Be Forever Because His Talent Does Not Just Happen Like That And He Is Back!Yeah!PS he will be wiping the floor with these want to be rappers like Lil Wayne and Solja Boy, they dont even rap and what they say makes no sense Solja Boy repeats everything and Lil Wayne I have no idea what he is talking about, Fireman?, My Lether So Soft?, Stunnin Like My Daddy? That shit makes no sense, it sounds a little good bet nothing like the greatest Eminem Slim Shady Marshall Mathers.

Sunderland, UK

#463 Jan 21, 2008
hes supposed to be coming back this year i think

“Girls Like Football Too.”

Since: Dec 07

***Brooklyn, NY***

#464 Jan 21, 2008
I think this will be one of his best albums...but his last......I'm in tears writing about his retirement......but he will be a producer n appear in songs once in a :(
tyler young

Kearney, NE

#465 Jan 28, 2008
emine is the best rapper ever! without him i wouldnt be listening to rap he is the best thing to happen to rap in a long long time he is way better than big and 2pac come back slim plzzzzzzz we need u rap is wack without you dogg


#466 Jan 31, 2008
Eminem is da best cm bk m8!!
Valery loves you Marshal


#467 Feb 1, 2008
lousie wrote:
i hope he does come back to rap but i think he spend some time with his famliy. i also think that his marrage won't last long because of the past and all the shit has happened but i hope that he will make some more f**king great songs soon
sorry can you tell me what's the name of his new wife. here in Bulgaria I don't know from where I should take an information about Eminem. It’s so hard because I don’t understand English very well but I love him so much and I want to know what is happening to him now. Help me

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