Is Eminem bad influence on teens??

Salinas, CA

#45 May 2, 2011
I find him real cool....there is a lot of music i can relate to of his..... hes not a bad guy...hes just trying to release all this crud....also what hes doing is showing people who have gone through the same thing as he did that their not alone.... I admire him for his "i dont give a crap" attitude

Pleasantville, NJ

#46 May 31, 2011
Croatian wrote:
I read many many times, that Eminem is bad influence on todays youth...I am big fan of him and i don"t understand why are people saying that...I am listening to him from when i was 13-14 and now i am 18, in that time i didn"t kill anyone(lol),i didn"t rape any girl and I don"t curse.....I think people don"t like him because he is telling true, about politics , todays parents ,drugs.Yes he was little too hard in his song Kim, but he only sings what he feels and i love and respect him for that... Funny thing is that adults say that Eminem is bad influence to us i didn"t hear and teen who said that..........Many people hate him only because he is white, like Eminem said :(Many people hates me because I"m white, they ignores skills).In some book I don"t remembber name, the topic was 100 enemies of America, and Eminem was 40. enemy of America, maybe I am not drom America but i heard every of his songs and it not makes sense...What the rest of guys think, is he bad influence to teens???
hey m&m lover maybe yall should learn how to spell first. anybody who listens to this crap in an oxygen waster!!!

Pleasantville, NJ

#47 May 31, 2011
rap sucks and the wigger's who listen to it are a---es oops i'm sorry my bad is that thec right word? WIGGER

Pleasantville, NJ

#48 May 31, 2011
hey> miguel chavez your life without listening to this oxygen waster would be a lot better. how the hell can you say>> Eminem is my idol without him I donít know how would my life be but it would be boring has hell.???? do you live in a cave? where only rap is your world? listen to led zeppelin, and i guarantee you you'll never listen to m & m again

Mount Gilead, OH

#50 Jun 4, 2011
His song is about his life and he is not soon anything bad!
The Real Eminem


#51 Jul 20, 2011
I know i have been swaerin but at the end of the day I dont see why people who dont like me go and lay in the hay esspecially on may ay
I have heard alot of other rappers that are black swearing in their songs and they always talk about their bongs is it coz im white that you all think its night I have been rapping for many of years now so if you dont leave me be I will drink some tea and find my front door Key no one ever complains about the black rappers beibg homophobic but I am white and I get complainets about me being homophobic I only found my talen when I was at high school and got bullied and beaten up and when I found out my talent I was getting the respect from some of the people that used to bully me at high school

Santa Fe, NM

#52 Sep 21, 2011
No he is not a bad influence just cuz he cusses does not mean he is bad. and the things you hear in some of his songs are based on his life . And i cat judge him , you cant judge him, no one can judge him only GOD can
chicken boy

Surry Hills, Australia

#53 Nov 24, 2011
eminem is sooooo coool
sweet girl

United States

#54 Dec 17, 2011
cant say anything about him...

Rockport, IN

#55 Feb 13, 2012
hes awesome :0

Greely, Canada

#56 Mar 1, 2012
really, i dont understand it. he is a great artist and i dont see why anyone would have a problem with him. i see so many bs websites about "oh, Eminem is bad for kids and music" well, these people dont know shit about him cause ALL of their facts are wrong. Eminem is The King of Rap, he is the only rapper i listen to because he raps stuff thats actually true, not just money drugs and girls. parents blame children's behavior on Em because they dont want to face the fact its THEIR OWN FAULT. eminem has helped me out so much in my life and by the looks of the comments, others too. He will be missed when gone, I LOVE YOU SHADY

Saint Paul, MN

#57 Mar 27, 2012
how is he a bad influence.
ihatestupidpeopl e

Cheraw, SC

#58 Mar 28, 2012
raphater wrote:
hey> miguel chavez your life without listening to this oxygen waster would be a lot better. how the hell can you say>> Eminem is my idol without him I donít know how would my life be but it would be boring has hell.???? do you live in a cave? where only rap is your world? listen to led zeppelin, and i guarantee you you'll never listen to m & m again
some people have there own opinion. honestly. i like eminem. he's great. i love his music, and i can spell. i'm actually in honors classes. so obviously it doesn't "waste oxygen" and you just can't find a good enough reason to not like him

Amarillo, TX

#60 Oct 16, 2012
Eminem has helped me I love his music

Chicago, IL

#61 Oct 17, 2012
Eminem has helped me a lot he knows what's going on in the world parents hate that their kids are doing bad stuff because of them so they blame it on anything but themselves slim shady if I ever got to meet you I would die
cc x

Liverpool, UK

#62 Jan 3, 2013
Okay so he does rap about girls and stuff but he also raps about inspirational things like one shot and not afraid just because he swears doesn't make him a bad influence and he also raps about what people can relate to like mockingbird so he is a good and bad influence

South Africa

#64 Sep 30, 2013
Eminem tell what happens in the world and the truth about drugs and gang the TRUTH there's nothing wrong with the truth he disses people it's make him feel better people get jeallous cause he's the best

Longwood, FL

#67 Jan 5, 2014
If you are introverted his lyrics can come off and touch you like no other. I didn't have the exact same childhood as him and actually didn't look into his lyrics as much intill this last cd and I've felt a lot of pain since my baseball career ended. Other stuffed caused pain to but lost my goal. And I never knew I could be differently wired then most of the world. I blended in with the world because that's who I thought I needed to be. Felt bad I wanted time alone. Be a good little solider and just listen to what ppl told me or pushed me cause I would let them verbally, by bulling when I was a kid me to do. I became great at baseball cause I used that to push me.. I hurt my arm in college and my career ended. Somewhere a long those lines I forgot what it was meant to be me. And have been just sleepwalking essentially. Now I go through day to day trying to take the pain I felt and motivate me to do something great to inspire others and so that no one has to grow through what I felt. Eminems an artist with his words. If u don't like it blow it out your ass cause he is helping ppl. Dislike him on Facebook or change the radio if u don't like him. He isn't here for everyone but the few that can relate to his personality in his mind. It sounds crazy but it's the truth.

Longwood, FL

#68 Jan 5, 2014
Sorry didn't feel like correcting mistakes but I'm sure u can get the idea

Bartlesville, OK

#69 Feb 25, 2014
he is one of my favorite rappers

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