Mankind has now sunk to it's lowest level ever. And his own father saved them for what? Safekeeping? No, it's ALWAYS about $$$$$$. Despicable. Haven't they embarrassed and lied about him enuf? He's sadly been gone 35 years. This is blasphemy. I don't know why Lisa or Priscilla don't buy them to safe face for him. Who know, maybe they will, but I can't imagine that they would be behind it or be happy about it. This is shaming and just sickening. I hope whoever buys it- aside from the family, goes to hell. Pigs. I looooooooove Elvis more than anyone, and I'll tell you, if someone GAVE them to me, I'd send them back to Lisa or Priscilla. Whoever is behind this is a deranged money-hungry wicked person with no empathy, and in my opinion mentally ill and so greedy he or she would probably sell his/her own mother..... ever walked in anyone Else's shoes? How'd you like it mystery auctioneer? If someone did that to you? Or to your children? mother? wife? husband? I am just sick, appalled. You'll get yours, whoever you are.