Hey Ellen I'm a huge fan and definitely pro choice. I. Have a 7 year old daughter who can be a huge responsibility. I just had surgery on Monday called a cathetersation. I hope I spelled it right. They went from my groin area to my heart. Which was an experience. I really need cute sparkly clothes for my daughter and sneakers for my mom and my daughter and me. She really needs uniforms. My mom needs a car a Hyundai sonata would be nice. I really want a IPad. I can really use one. But I've been good blackberry storm and really wanna try it out. A celery green or pumpkin would be pretty. I really want a spa day for my mom she takes care of me and my grandmother. I really want a jeep for her to transport everyone everywhere. Thanks so much in advance. P.S. You don't look a day over 30. It's amazing. Bye