Yeah, I am there when next in your area. I love that combination of people, joy and stars all around me. If there is an afterlife, and if these movie stars are present ...they must be in their glory! You never know, if you are susceptible to the powers that be you might even feel the presence of Tyrone, Mary, John or Lana sitting right next to you. Gotta love that...LOL

Sorry, gotta tell you, Lana Clarkson was not a loser. The only time she lost a battle was the one with a crazy, misogynistic gun wielding Phil Spector. I can tell you he will never be able to enjoy this kind of freedom again because of that murder. Life in prison...for him the next 19 years....not much of a joyful Saturday or Sunday evening...and certainly not out under the stars.

Thank You, nice words about a wonderful and eclectic place to spend a nice quiet evening
truly among the stars.:)