Shame on Dolly Parton
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GotTheHeckOutOfD odge

Jonesborough, TN

#1 Feb 15, 2011
I was visiting Pigeon Forge yesterday and saw someone with a huge sign that said Shame on You Dolly Parton. Anybody know what that is all about?
No Clue

Tullahoma, TN

#2 Feb 17, 2011
I saw that as well. I really don't know, but since I don't think any of Dolly's ventures are unionized, and since I have seen the same basic sign in front of other businesses in town over the last few months, my guess is that one of the service oriented unions is trying unionize some of the local businesses.
jamie jo
#3 Mar 22, 2011
if the reason is bc she does not have a union i am proud of her. im not sure of the reason for the sign but im in pigeon forge now and i love dolly parton. no matter what the reason i will always love her. she is someone people can look up to.
Teamsters Local 79

Gaffney, SC

#4 Mar 28, 2011
Unionize Dolly it's best for your workers,pay them like they need to be paid and give them benefits and a good pension so when they retire in this low paying area they can live without worry. You can afford it big girl, stop being so cheap.

Tullahoma, TN

#5 Mar 29, 2011
Instead of expecting a better deal than normal workers, how about union members  just work in the real world like everyone else? If you don't  like working for Dolly, get a new job. I am self employed, so I'm responsible for my own situation. If I do good work, I make my customers happy and get more business. If I don't work hard, I don't keep getting paid. I don't need some organization to protect me.

 I find it funny that union members tout themselves as the abused workers, when in reality, they make up about 15% of the workforce, and generally make more money and have better benefit packages than their non-union counterparts. It seems kind of selfish to me that they believe they are entitled to have a better deal than the other 85% of the workforce who are actually compensated for the job they do, and not their seniority, and are not protected from being fired if they don't perform. 

Also, when companies unionize, their labor costs go up, which means they have to charge more for their goods and services. That means that when the 15% of the labor force that is unionized is compensated more than they normally would be, it ends up costing every one else. Basically, unions are just a club where the members reap the benifits, and everyone else pays for it. 

Boone, NC

#6 Apr 5, 2011
I worked at dolly wood for a couple years as a summer job, and we had great benefits... people need to lay off. No wonder there is so many unemployed. The unions are getting us all laid off because companies can't afford to pay us anymore, its a darn shame.

Tullahoma, TN

#7 Apr 5, 2011
I'm with you, Jamie. I'm glad to hear that you worked at dollywood and were happy with your experience. I noticed the union people were back this week, hassling dolly and the "spirit of the smokies". I'm betting they are trying to muscle their way in both places. Shame on them.
Adopted by the South

Cleveland, TN

#8 Apr 8, 2011
To: Teamsters Local 79. If you don't mind paying union dues and supporting the likes of Jimmy Hoffa (I know, he was buried somewhere by union thugs but his legacy lives on) have at it. As for me, I prefer not having some union bosses telling me what to think, how to vote, while paying for their life styles and retirement packages. Perhaps had the unions been interested in making workers more productive, instead of wanting more money for less work, we would still have our major manufacturing industries still in the USA. BTW, if you would do your homework you'd know how much Dolly has brought to this area, including the Imagination Library.
yearly Dollywoodvisitor

Benton Harbor, MI

#9 Apr 9, 2011
We (wife and kids) go to dollywood every year based on our 3 boys request. What we notice is that workers are retirees working for extra money or college kids. Most (it seems) are not using the income to support families. Unions will only drive the employees wages up resulting in families not being able to afford Dollywood (which we can barely afford now). Meaning no customers no jobs. Also, unions charge union dues. So that .50 cents and hour they get extra will not mean anything when the dues are taken out.
Adopted by the South

Cleveland, TN

#10 Apr 13, 2011
Some union is paying people to sit with the banners because the construction company Dollywood uses is non-union BY CHOICE and the union doesn't like it. I wonder how much the union is paying those people to sit there (minimum wage, perhaps)?

United States

#11 Apr 14, 2011
Im in pigeon forge, and just saw this sign as well. Its a shame. Dolly made this town, and without her, her efforts, and her money that she has invested into this community, it would be just another dot on the map. Without Dolly, dollywood, or splash country, there would be no jobs in this town. I told the lady and gentleman holding the signs, to leave Dolly alone. Be thankful this great community has her. Its ashame that people are so ungrateful, and so no respect. Sad!
anita s

Hendersonville, TN

#12 Apr 25, 2011
the south is no place for unions !!!!! go home !!!! southern men/women dont need you around !!!!

United States

#13 May 2, 2011
Unionizing the work force of 3,000+ employees will only drive up ticket costs and reduce tourism in an already struggling economy. Jobs at Dollywood are also mainly seasonal so the thought of unionizing makes little to no sense when most employees do not work for most of the year. Just my though.
Roger N

Clemmons, NC

#14 May 6, 2011
I think everybody needs to lay off of Dolly. She is what made Pigeon Forge come to life. There was nothing there until Dollywood so Hooray for Dolly!!
April O

Kingsport, TN

#15 May 9, 2011
I have been visiting Pigeon Forge since I was 7 years old and now I'm 32. I went to Dollywood for the first time last year and loved it so much we upgraded our tickets to season passes and ended up going about 6 times last year. This year i upgraded my pass to the gold season pass. I love it and I've met Dolly. These people need to leave her alone.
April Summerville, GA
Dollywood is cool

Richlands, VA

#16 May 15, 2011
They need to leave her alone. She has brought the area to the front. Don't let a few cry babies bad mouth her.

Hyattsville, MD

#17 May 19, 2011
I visited Pigeon Forge for the first time and had a wonderful time.If if this area is a result of Dolly Parton's input, I think she has done a great job.
Just left Pigeon Forge

Louisville, KY

#18 May 21, 2011
My mother and I just left Pigeon Forge. We saw the people with the banner. It bothered me for a moment that they they actually had the nerve to sit out there with that banner. But after I thought about this for awhile, they are the disgrace and they need to get a life. Without Dolly, there would not be that many jobs in the Smokies.

United States

#19 May 23, 2011
I'm glad to have answers to why those signs were there. We just left the area and saw them on our way out. It is sad that people can be so mean. Dolly has done so much for so many people. Every day we read wonderful books to my son from Dolly's Imagination Library. We know each one by heart, they are so loved. She makes sure no child goes without early childhood literacy development, thanks to that program, and the books she supplies to America's children.

Greer, SC

#20 May 27, 2011
GotTheHeckOutOfDodge wrote:
I was visiting Pigeon Forge yesterday and saw someone with a huge sign that said Shame on You Dolly Parton. Anybody know what that is all about?
i worked for a union and it is no better than not having one. unions favor the people they like and everybody else is out in the cold. dollywood does not need a union or any union scum around. and like many have already said with a union the prices will have to double to pay the difference and nobody but the rich will be able to go.

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