Mary Wilson of the Supremes Performs ...

Mary Wilson of the Supremes Performs at Edgewater

There are 34 comments on the Laughlin Entertainer story from Feb 6, 2007, titled Mary Wilson of the Supremes Performs at Edgewater. In it, Laughlin Entertainer reports that:

I live by the philosophy that dreams don't die; people just stop dreaming." Mary Wilson Mary Wilson would know a little something about dreams and making them come true.

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Ric Ricland

“"Same as it ever was..."”

Since: Jan 07

Nashville, TN

#21 Feb 13, 2007
Since, Terell has seemingly lost his gift of speech, I, in the fashion of Cyrano de Bergerac, now take the opposing position in this debate to out duel him here as well.

Observe ...

Actually, you're correct, Terell. Everybody at Motown crashed and burned. Everybody ended up alcohol and drug-addicted, broke, dead. Ms. Ross was the only one to not only survive, but to win; and not just win, but win like no entertainer has ever done before.

Maybe if she weren't so ruthless she'd have never got out. Maybe that's what it took to cut through all the BS.


I don't like what she did to Florence, but maybe Ms. Ross somehow knew that no matter what, Florence wasn't going to make it, that Florence was doomed.

And maybe Ms. Ross knew that Mary Wilson was to be kept at a distance too; that, no matter that they started out together, Mary didn't have what it takes either.

Maybe Ms. Ross instinctively knew this.

And maybe being convinced of these things, Ms. Ross understood that no matter how it looked, no matter how it hurt her to do it, that if she was to become the great person she wanted to become, she'd have to separate herself from these people, turn her back on them and their world, cut them off the way gangrene is cut from a limb.

Why should she keep up a friendship with Mary Wilson? Where is it written that she must do this?

Growing up in the projects you don't choose friends, you choose bodyguards, people who will keep you from getting you butt kicked. And so once you reach a point in life where the threat is gone, where does it say you have to be married to these people for the rest of your life?

As you correctly asked, Terell, why won't Mary get it through her head that Diana no longer wants to be her friend?

Nothing personal. We just don't have anything in common, girlfriend.

Okay, so maybe all the above is true, and if it is, then maybe Ms. Ross IS a great role model. Maybe we should point to her and tell our children, that's the way to do it. You must be ruthless. You must turn your back on your ghetto friends. You must rise above your humble beginning and never look back.


Yes, Ms. Ross' accomplishments are great. Maybe Ms. Ross' ambition and drive can be compared to that of other great people -- black or white!-- from history. Maybe it can be compared to Harriet Tubman, Bethune, Angela Davis, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King!

And why not?

Could any of them have done what she did...?


Great Mills, MD

#22 Feb 13, 2007

The comments That I heard about the Inside the Actors Studio are all good. I look forward to seeing it on TV (Bravo) next week. We will have to chat about it when it's over.

I just taught my class on Psychological Perspectives of African-Americans. I have been greatly enlightened and educated by my postings on this site. Last night I was the lead discussant at our Black Student Union's discussion about homophobia in the African-American community. Wow, did I have some fresh experiences from which to draw.

I don't believe in censorship, Larry. As an educator, I believe in listening to everyone, "even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story." I am no longer motivated to engage in discussions that are not thoughtful, reasonable, and civil.

I am sorry that I put the other readers on this site through gratuitous verbiage--and to no avail, but I respect others' rights to have and to express opinions different from my own. I will not get into the name throwing and verbal bashing, as I felt myself drawn into yesterday. I am better than that.

That is just one of the lessons I have learned from Diana (and oops, Mary McCleod Bethune, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, and who have I forgotten... oh yes, Berry Gord :)

Take it easy, Larry NYC.

No one can take my sunshine away. Lao Tzu said "To conquer other people is to have power; to conquer yourself is to know the way." Enlightenment gives you a peace that protects you from the unwise, hostile, and abusive.

Ric Ricland

“"Same as it ever was..."”

Since: Jan 07

Nashville, TN

#23 Feb 13, 2007
The idea is real simple, Terell: go for what you know.

This is my turf. I'm the ruler of all forums. My exhibition directly above should show you that and more.

You had a point but lacked the skill to defend it. You assumed your supposed professional skills would transfer here to an open forum. You now know this isn't how it works.

Ironically enough, though, you were entirely correct about Diana, something I didn't discover until I began posting. You were right, I was wrong, yet somehow you managed to lose, and I win.

Ms. Ross IS a great person, awesome, really. I realize that now. Ms. Ross became what she is because there was no other way to get out of the hell in which she was born.

I defended Florence Ballard because I've had empathy for Flo ever since I can remember. However, I never thought Flo through. I never updated my thinking on her.

Yes, Flo was a loser. And it hurts to admit this after all these years, but I now know it's true.


San Francisco, CA

#24 Feb 16, 2007
Wow, it is truly amazing how people think they know what Diana, Berry, Flo, and Mary thought about anything. Why hate Diana so. I personally love her and have since 1964. Since the first time I layed eyes on her. To claim that Mary and Flo were more then backup singers has yet to be proven in fact. Diana was not respondsible for the lives of anyone but herself. Just as Mary and Flo were respondsible for there own lives. Anyway, I wish y'all peace and good wishes. Let's lose the hate. I love you Diana....

Greensborough, Australia

#25 Mar 8, 2007
I read with interest the debate entered into by Ric Ricland and Terell Lasane re Diana Ross vs. Mary Wilson.Whether either of these ladies is or was a misguided diva is immaterial.The unmitigated joy they,Flo Ballard,Cindy Birdsong,and every other woman who wore the tag "Supreme" gave to millions of people in the 1960s and 1970s with their songs and public appearances will remain a constant.And,rightly or wrongly,they built Motown up to support other acts who have gone down as blockbuster classics during those years and the years since.Yes,Berry Gordy has been criticized for making Ross anstar on the backs of Wilson and Ballard(and probably Martha Reeves and every other girl in Hitsville)but crafty as a fox,his plan worked,for everyone at the label.
We all have our favourite Supreme,and they were all relatively superficial and plastic...that was their image,for crying out loud!Wigs,lashes and fake boobs are hardly 'relevant'.They represent an escape into the non-reality of showbiz,and ours isn't to question whether they were or are good people under it all.That is their business.
Thank you.

Ric Ricland

“"Same as it ever was..."”

Since: Jan 07

Goodlettsville, TN

#26 Mar 9, 2007
A woman died in poverty and squalor. Her children now live in poverty and squalor and we can expect their children will live in poverty and squalor.

Meanwhile, a woman everyone says is so much like Flo Ballard it's astounding, just won an Oscar.

But Gordy and Diana Ross thought Flo didn't have any potential, that's why they marginalized her and then booted her from the Supremes.

Somewhere all of these things intersect.

Terell Lasane

United States

#27 Mar 9, 2007
Thank you for your sensible and succinct summary Andrew (Something I admittedly have never been able to manage).

I appreciate your comments, but I do take issue with you on one thing: There was never a debate between me and Mr. Ricland. A debate takes place when two parties provide opposing views on a topic, provide EVIDENCE in support of their view, and respond intelligently to the claims of the others. A debate does not take place when one person slings character attacks at the other, actively discredits everything the opponent proffers in support of his view, and fabricates, lies, exaggerates, twists his own points to prevail in the forum. That is not a debate. That is the narcissistic ravings of a self-absorbed bully.

We began talking about simple things and when I provided reasonable perspectives that attempted to support my position, my sexuality became front and center. It is still the trump card that Mr. Ricland uses to distract others. He doesn't care about what I have to say or anyone else for that matter. His focus is singular. He wants to prove that Diana Ross is inherently evil, compassionate, killed Florence Ballard with Berry's help, and that all gays are depraved individuals who view Diana Ross as their patron, perfect, infallible goddess. Each of those claims are so ridiculous that I--and the patient, loving people on this site--have not the stomach, time, or masochism to endure his petulant attacks.

Read the posts, if you dare. They speak for themselves. Mr. Ricland wants to have a participatory audience for his rants, but be very clear, he doesn't give a moment's thought to anything ANYONE has to say. He doesn't listen. He simply waits until its his turn to talk (or should I say yell and attack).

Posters of this site who came to discuss the Supremes and their legacy in the wake of Dreamgirls hype and Diana Ross' long overdue return to public consciousness have enjoyed the love and the legacy. Mr. Ricland and a few of his hateful supporters have tried to mock our admiration with sweeping generalizations that are beyond insulting: they are cruel.

Again, I thank you for putting the story in perspectives and for reminding us again that we are here to celebrate Diana's contributions to entertainment, and most of us are considerably less concerned about the what has taken place in her personal life off of the stage. As much as we are fascinated by her mystique because of her spiritual power to draw us all together, you nailed it: Her personal life is none of our business!

You summarized in one paragraph what I have failed to do in over 60 posts and what Mr. Ricland has countered with irrelevant minutae in over 200 posts.
Terell Lasane

United States

#28 Mar 9, 2007
In being reminded of Vicky's message why we all come here to celebrate Diana:

In the post above, I meant "not compassionate". I suppose that is obvious in context.
Terell Lasane

United States

#29 Mar 9, 2007
Corrected from above. Sorry I type too fast, but my brain moves much faster than my fingers.

Those are the narcissitic ravings of a self-absorbed bully.

Each of these claims is so ridiculous

Ric Ricland

“"Same as it ever was..."”

Since: Jan 07

Goodlettsville, TN

#30 Mar 9, 2007
Will someone tell me why Terell thinks whining to some Aussie on the other side of the planet is going to stop the beatings?


Greensborough, Australia

#31 Mar 9, 2007
Mr Lasane,of course you are right re your statement about debate vs.a slanging match.My mistake.Mr.Ricland seems as passionate as you about his personal views on the subject.Do you think he would be open to the IDEA of a debate?Oh,and Mr.Ricland,of course Mr.Lasane's 'whining'to this Aussie isn't going to stop the beatings,but neither are your well-intentioned but one-sided inputs.
Thank you once more.

Greensborough, Australia

#32 Mar 9, 2007
Maybe 'well-intentioned'wasn't right.He obviously believeswhat he has to say is good,right and true(as do we all)but I agree that they are diatribes.

Tulsa, OK

#33 Sep 27, 2007

I'm with you all that you stated was fact. D. Ross was all out for herself! By the time she went to help out FLORENCE BALLARD it was way too late. If you started out with FLORENCE as a friend both coming from the "JETS" then she should have at least felt some type of charcterist of a human being who has a heart that flows blood and is not black hearted (in other words we don't abandon people or cut our friends throats to get on top) Now However succesful that D. Ross looks at this time is only superficial she can't take all the diamonds or gold or wigs with her in the after spirit life EITHER UP OR DOWN (although she might be wearing a wig when laid to rest ?)
Least We Forget! For the Grace of God goes I! Florence Ballard did deserve better treatment and why wait to someone's dead to go to the rescue! GUILT! I just jumped on this Band Waggon but I do like your thinking and Rationale RICLAND Now as for Gay Men I would like to say that Patty Labelle is a much better choice to copycat in 2007
OH HELL TO THE QUEEN! Because Patty Labelle we can all tell is the "Queen of Hearts! Because she has a HEART! HOW YOU DOING TERRELL? WAKE UP

Saint Catharines, Canada

#34 Mar 2, 2011
Mary Wilson, oh please!, A singing anal wart!

Put it in perspective girls!, How imporatant was Buba Knight (in the success of Gladys He was a PIP)

How imporatant was Pete Moore to Smokey Robinson,(Pete was A Miracle).

How Important were the Vandellas to Miss Martha.

Miss Mary is a Wannabe @ best We only know who she is, because she uses Diana Ross as a vehicle to keep her name in the press.

I could of sang all those Oooh Baby, Baby's & the results would of been the same.

Miss Mary is an Obese Has Been that looks like a bag lady & sounds like a Moose stuck in the Mud

Not thats there's anything wrong with that

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