Diana Ross had no female Motown friends

Kansas City, MO

#21 Jan 22, 2008
I'm a very big fan of Diana Ross. Diana Ross is born under the sign of Aries, and if anyone has ever met an Aries, they are very private people. They are very ambitious, opportunistic people who will in fact step on the necks of others to get what they want. They are not very lickable people most of the times due to their cuddling up to those who can help them in some way. Diana did this throughout her career with befriending and finagling her way into the group then pursuing what she felt was her ambition to look beyond the group and further her career. She looked to Berry Gordy to pave the way for her success, and therefore Mary and Florence where secondary to her, on the outside looking in it looks cold and calculated and perhaps it was because the other two girls felt betrayed. But Diana was a free spirit and she had all the power with Berry in her corner. Berry on the other hand, being a man and in his prime saw Diana as not only a commercial success, but one he could make his. Diana knowing how to get what she wanted, got with Berry maybe out of love, maybe out of desire to reach a successful status. Everyone blames Diana for the demise of Florence, but it was in fact Berry who tore the group apart, not Diana. Sure she played a role, but the Supremes after Diana's departure went down hill, not because she was the best singer, but because Berry forged her ahead of the rest of the girls. Mary and Florence both resented this, and yes they could blame Berry, but they blamed Diana for the lack of girl power to keep her place in the supremes. Later years found Diana in movies, and television specials etc., while the supremes changed members. Diana meanwhile had to prove herself, and with the cloud of the supremes and Florences death looming over her head, she was a success, but not as successful as she would have been if it where not for the speculation of the Florence Ballard. True enough, Diana, an Arian only keeps people around who can help her, or give her something. She didn't have many female friends at Motown and many of the Motown members outside of Berry and Smokey will be there for Diana, but others have said she is and will remain a Bitch because she has made a lot of enemies over the years. Even in honors, a lot of the new comers will present Diana with awards, but none of the others from her past will or has been forgiving of her attitude towards them...even past husbands. No one can take Diana's place as the ultimate Diva, and she has proved herself time and time again, but to have someone in your corner, that will be there for you through good and bad times, Diana has always found that in the respect and strength of her children. As a woman as rich and successful as she is, Diana will find it very hard to find a man who will be willing to deal not only with her success but with the wrath that is Diana.
Black artist lover

Trinidad and Tobago

#22 Aug 23, 2010
I admire Diana Ross and feel sorry she never had good luck with love. I blame Berry Gordy for messing up her life. I think he used sex to control her but he never loved her. He saw her potential and feared her independence.. I think he pursued her and threatened her. From reading everything I put two and two together and realised from her songs Diana sang about her relationship with Gordy in "Where did our love go?" Unfortunately this relationship alienated her from the other supremes whom she wanted to love and to have it reciprocated. I think Gordy interferred with her relationship with Eddy Kendricks. I wish she would give us the true story cause she ain't got nothing to be ashamed of caused God allowed everything so that racial barriers were broken in which she and the Motown black groups were part of a heavenly plan. If the sound is true she surrendered to the powerful rich Gordy its the most human thing she could have done in her time looking at her poverty and opportuinity as a woman to stand up took her years. I wish she would tell all but her privacy is her right.

Hayward, CA

#23 Aug 27, 2010
They all wanted the cross over appeal Diana has alway endured...If half these women concentrated on their own careers instead of what Diana was doing...just maybe they could have been as successful! Berry Gordy always said..."When Diana got Paid, so did the other artist"

United States

#24 Oct 16, 2010
Still blaming others, I see.
What is it about Black folks loving to blame everyone else for our failures? Crabs in the barrel syndrome to the extreme.
Diana Ross didn't "stab anyone in the back" or "walk over" anyone. She just walked past them. When Berry unveiled his plan for world musical domination to include performing standards & Broadway show tunes, everyone else at Motown complained. Diana jumped in with both feet, and changed music history, opening doors for every other Motown artist, many of whom would have never performed in the world's top venues w/out Diana Ross. Let's be honest.
Girls didn't like Diana. So what? Does everyone you meet like you? Quit being so damned PETTY & QUIT WHINING because the one w/ whom you identify is the one who FAILED. It's their own faults for not following Diana's example & parlaying their Supremes success into other musical ventures, setting up their own contacts, as Diana did.
Motown's girls didn't like Diana for the same reason they NEVER like overachievers-they KNOW, on sight, she has something they never will, but, again, instead of getting their acts together & working harder, they just clung to the sidelines & complained.
That's why they all failed.
Their behavior is the ultimate recipe for failure.
Take responsibility for your own lives, for once.

United States

#25 Oct 16, 2010
Correction: What is it about SOME Black folks' NEED to blame others for our failures?

United States

#27 Nov 2, 2010
So what if she didnt have any female friends? Have you ever heard that we are enemies of our own kind? I prefer male freinds myself, its nothing personal against women, its just my personal preference in friends. Good lord, its sickening!

Saint Catharines, Canada

#28 Dec 9, 2010
Thank God , She didn't have any Female friends @ Motown!

"The Supreme" Mary Wilson made A Career out of trashing her, All While maintaining they were "Sisters".

Ross even offered the "Old Fog Horn", 4 million Bucks to sing Baby, Baby @ 30 shows!

We all know what happend after that!

She's a beautiful Classy Lady with 5 Great kids & a new Grandson, I really don't think she suffers.

Salem, OR

#29 Dec 26, 2010
You are slightly misinformed:
A)Milton Jenkins, manager of The Primes, founded The Primettes. He asked Flo to join and bring friends. Flo didn't let anyone in but Mary.
B)ALL record companies, including Motown, supported the current hot act. When Martha hit with Come & Get These Memories and Heat Wave - everything went behind them. They had slipped when where Did our Love Go smashed and left everyone else in the DUST. The problem for the other groups was that The Supremes never slipped, so they always got the push.
Jonathan L Gardner wrote:
I have read every possible thing about Florence Ballard you can find on the internet, I know what happened. Some jealousy might have been brewing between Diana and other female artists but the other female artists were more upset at the way they were being treated by mowtown, Berry Gordy said to Martha Reeves to more over because The Supremes were the big thing not her and The Vandellas, now that is NO WAY to treat your artists he did the same to Florence and Florence couldn't stand it FLORENCE DIDNT HAVE TO LET DIANA IN THE GROUP, IF THERE WAS NO FLORENCE OR MARY NO ONE WOULD NO NOTHING ABOUT DIANA ROSS. Appearently HollandDozierHolland (the producers and songwriters who produced and wrote some of the biggest hits in motown history) were sick of the treatment they were getting and thats why they left. Florence didnt go into showbusiness to be pushed to the back she was always solo, her solo singing is what got her noticed and she was ASKED to form a group and Diana was added in OK. I have nothing against Diana as she put her work in including night shift for berry gordy and she is reaping the rewards but so did Mary and Florence. Florence tried they all did they were sisters, not biologically but they were great friends, they just all took different paths or different paths were chosen for them. They are all GREAT singers and Florence had a beautifull soprano voice and a very strong alto one making her versatile, Mary a more jazzy-orientated alto but strong and Diana we all know about. Lets celebrate The Supremes, Diana Ross, Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson and the ones that were to follow. One final thing please PLEASE people do not disrespect these artists what Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, Gladys Knight, Billie Holiday and The Supremes, The Temptations and many others was open the door for many black artists we have today no matter what pot they smoked or who drank what, they shaped music as we have it today so RESPECT them and TREASURE there very existence. The also had racism to deal with in there times as well making it even harder to make it but they did it.
Steve from Brookyn


#30 Jan 24, 2011
I saw Diana a few months ago atC.W. Post. It was my 7th time and the first was in 1964 at the Murray the K show in Brooklyn where I fell in love with Diana and the Supremes. I must tell you I sat in the front row not more than 5 feet away from my lifelong friend I never met. Not only was she beautiful but her voice was the best in years and it was very very evident that there were several thousand of her best friends seeing her. She played for the crowd posing with ever song and allowing her real friends-the fans to take 100's of pictures. It was truly one of the most electrifying and surreal moments in my life seeing her and being so close.
Keith C

Eustis, FL

#31 Mar 26, 2011
Dianna is a very talented singer, and performer, but she is also money hungry, and turned her back on her friends, and "slept her way" to the top! In love with Barry? PLEASE ! She is what she is, I know a lot of people don't want to hear it, just because she is a great artist, but, she is just another celebrity that is all about themself! PERIOD !
paul harrison

Crewe, UK

#32 Jul 3, 2012
diana ross was the supremes,mary and flo were only ever backing singers period,get over blaming diana ross for there failures,miss ross supreme diva she invented the word,and i don,t care if she is a bitch,shes still interesting and relevant after more than 50 years,way to go miss ross.

Peachtree City, GA

#33 Aug 31, 2012
Just read this if you are interested. NO ONE liked Diana Ross! Men and women in and out of Motown. She was a bitch that knew her weapon to fame and used in often. She made men fall for her...BerryGordy.!

Really, just read this and draw your own conclusion because I think Berry Gordy brought that out of her. Since was not always a big bitch she knew wasn't all that.

Rick Reid

Rochester, NY

#34 Sep 26, 2012
I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but she is really good friends with Gladys Knight--she hangs with her a lot.

Nashville, TN

#35 Apr 29, 2013
paul harrison wrote:
diana ross was the supremes,mary and flo were only ever backing singers period,get over blaming diana ross for there failures,miss ross supreme diva she invented the word,and i don,t care if she is a bitch,shes still interesting and relevant after more than 50 years,way to go miss ross.
If she were the Supremes, Berry would not have replaced Flo, and return to love would not have flopped without Mary. Mary was the selling point.
penny primette

La Puente, CA

#36 Oct 21, 2013
I thought Diana Ross passed?...What...she's about 80 now?
Debra Harris

Riverhead, NY

#37 Oct 21, 2013
Diana Ross will always be my idol.

Winchester, MA

#38 Dec 21, 2013
miss ross was a selfish greedy bitch who slept with berry gordy to get her own way and she did.

Winchester, MA

#39 Dec 21, 2013
Diana ross was a selfish greedy bitch who slept with berry gordy, had a child by him to get what she wanted and did.

Winchester, MA

#41 Feb 3, 2014
don't kid yourself neil, what he said was the truth. diane was a nasty selfish bitch who slept with gordy to get her own way and she did. when they started to hit it big diane would have berry turn down flo and marys mic's in the Motown recording studio. how foolish. what's the sense of having back-up singers if you can barely hear them. did you ever hear the song ask any girl, you could really hear mary and flo, and they did not drown diane out. listen to my world is empty without you, you can barely hear mary and flo singing I need you babe. you cant hurry love was another song there mics were turned down. flo was livid when she heard the final recording. that's why ross slept with berry, so she could get her own wy and she did that backstabber.

Winchester, MA

#42 Feb 3, 2014
good for you debra, you must have no class like diane ross.

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