what happened to diana ross's late hu...

Hayward, CA

#41 Sep 9, 2009
Rita...you ae a POOR EXAMPLE of a human being. Racist Pig is what you are...Arne Naess left Diana a ton of money..he stated that she would never have to work again. You are one sad person who needs a shrink, cause you sound pathetic and ghettofied!
Larry NYC

New York, NY

#42 Sep 11, 2009
Rita is a c--t !!!!

United States

#43 Sep 17, 2009
Ijust love Diana Ross,her singing and her movies she a good mother to her kids,and she cares,so don't be trying to hate on her, sometimes you do what you got to do,to make it.
the authority

La Jolla, CA

#44 Nov 5, 2009
Ican't believe some of the misinformed idiots on this site!!
the authority

La Jolla, CA

#45 Nov 5, 2009
Rita you are a very un-happy and miserable person you need to just go away.......

Since: Oct 09

Marlboro, NJ

#46 Nov 5, 2009
yeah, her run ins with the police while blithering drunk and abusive have been really classy. i want my daughters to be just like her when they grow up.

Fayetteville, NC

#47 Nov 26, 2009
actually they were married.
Cheryl Harper

United States

#48 Oct 13, 2010
All of you people are taking this too seriously. Diana has had a full life. Few people at on earth, or for that matter, at any time in recent history have been celebrated and rewarded as widely as she. With tenacious work habits and creativity and a cunning relationship with the press and audience Diana has managed to keep generations spell bound. She is arguably a woman who has been able to realize one of the most glamorous lifestyles around. And all of this while having fulfilled almost every woman's need for motherhood. I for one wish I could have been a little fish in that wonderful family. I wish that I could have been the daughter of such a regal, self determined, astute emotionally complex and engaging queen. At the age of 33 I know that I have wasted my life. I am an over weight, acne ridden, broke, un-published novelist who couldn't put the pieces together if you gave me a wrench, hammer and crazy glue. Diana is not someone we should be arguing about. The reality of her every day goings and comings and all the people therein are probably too wonderful for many of us to even witness without breaking down into tears.

Melbourne, FL

#49 Nov 4, 2010
Arne Naess said he married Diana Ross because he lusted after her. He also gave her some real estate in Oslo. Naess had two girls before Diana's two sons with him. I didn't know he had taken up with another woman after Diana. About her and her sons not being welcomed in Switzerland it may be that Diana never learned to speak well nor develop acceptable manners. Who knows but that reminds me of Oprah going to a store at closing time to have the place to herself and being denied entry by the girl in charge. Oprah was in curls and looked like a ghetto cow. Sorry, but Oprah's show is booked by her managers to be a middle class oriented show. Just notice that Oprah isn't very knowledgeable about anything and most of her guests have to exercise patience with the standard questions she asks. Back to Diana, I used to love her songs till she turned her back on Mary. I wish everyone involved well. God bless us all.
graham stoke

Milton Keynes, UK

#50 Nov 9, 2010
is rita realey mary wilson,miss diana\ ross no talent and a has been what planet are you from rita dear,diana ross is a real legend and i mean legend and an icon and i mean a real icon,the ladys got nothing to prove she did it all with grace and style you rita or should i say mary are just a very unintelligent person period and realey im ashamed to be answering a loser like you,viva miss ross you were the supremes and i love and adore you.

Houston, TX

#51 Dec 13, 2010
How could he get married again after his death was only a year after they filed the divorce??
Fan wrote:
Her late husband remarried and had two more children after divorcing Diana. Their divorce was final.
<quoted text>

Media, PA

#52 Feb 25, 2011
@troy, u shouldnt get yourself so worked up over dumb people who apparently have nothing themselves. it is always easy to point the finger and put people down but in all actuality it is their own insecurities that make them say and do nasty things. if rita had any accomplishments herself, as many as diana ross has had in her lifetime then she should open her big mouth, but obviously her statements make the old statement come to life, "the green eyes of jealousy'!!!! rita get a life, and maybe u can get back on here and talk some real smack about someone!

Media, PA

#53 Feb 25, 2011
@ rita , it really seems that u have too much time on your hands, u really need to find something in life that makes u happy, u are so full of hatred and disgust, how could anyone find u a joy to be around or have in their lives?? grow up, find a hobby, get a job, do something positive in lfe instead of putting people down . u must have had a rough road in life to have this much hatred in u!

Brooklyn, NY

#54 Feb 25, 2011
Diana is great! She has a beautiful voice even today! She also looks alot younger than she is. I saw her on Oprah today and my God she looked beautiful and young!!!!!!!!!!

Indianapolis, IN

#55 Feb 26, 2011
I so diana ross in opra show aired on february 24/2011, with all her children. i have not seenhing her in yrs. she look a little heavy, but still beautiful and very warm. i didnt know she has that many children. what a lovely and bright and inteligent family. it must be dificulty to be in bussness and raize such a beautiful family. congratulations diana ross. i was glady to see you. you have done a great job with your family and with your work!!

Saint Catharines, Canada

#56 Mar 2, 2011
Mary Wilson Pushed Him!


#57 Mar 20, 2011
I just love Ms Ross and her music and was very sorry to hear of her ex hubsand tragic demise.. I think folks have to understand that when you truly love someone as Ms. Ross stated on OPRAH her late ex-hubsand was the love of her life and that she still loved him -It's true love. Naturally tragic news such as her ex demise would asist in placing her world into a tale spin. So regardless of their divorce one have to read between the behavior and that is Mr. Naesss and Mrs Naess was married for about 14 year's in a Transcontinental situation. For that kind of relation to last that amount time and for them to have put so much effort in trying to make it work should tell us fans that these two people loved each other and that to me is truly amazing. Their divorce is unfortunate however I can respect Mr. Naess feeling of wanting his wife physically with him and loneliness is truly a horrible feeling.
Straus Davis

Fayetteville, NC

#58 Jul 5, 2011
rita wrote:
<quoted text>Honey, how did you learn all that in St. Louis? My, My,I see those ghetto schools have added a little more to the curriculum than free hot lunch passes. I'm so proud of you, because the only place that is as ghetto as St. Louis is the hometown of your idol..Detroit.Has ross ever sang....... "meet me in St Louis, Louie, meet me at the fair......."
Hello Troy, Diana son's are 10 months apart in age...Ross was born on October 7, 1987, and Evan was born on August 17, 1988. This is only 10 months man...
Straus Davis

Fayetteville, NC

#59 Jul 5, 2011
Troy wrote:
@ Rita: How can a trick who probably ain't got a pot to piss in get on this site and try to call someone a Negro Talentless has-been. You whore!!! If Diana wasn't talented do you think she'd have the money and the career that she has. Plus her ex-husband I'm sure was a consenting adult in the conception of their two sons, otherwise he would not have done it without using protection. He's got enough money to take care of his children and she ahs enough money to take care of her children as well...and who uses the word "negro" anymore, it's African American you Skank!!!
Oh and I believe that Arne her ex-husband has 4 children, two boys and two girls from a previous relationship, his daughter Leona Naess is a singer/musician her in the states. His two sons with Diana are 18 months apart in age. From what I've read and seen in photos Diana was very close to her ex-husbands father who you can see in photo's at the burial site, seated together, holding and consoling each other. Diana can be a bit selfish/and self absorbed which is why she isn't liked by some, but in order to deal with her, one would have to know her moods, and being an Aries, you never know what bag an Aries person is going to come out of. Yet they have a softer side, that one can't seem to shake. Leona and Tracee (Diana's middle daughter) have been seen hanging out when they are in the same states, and Diana's two sons visit their relatives out of country frequently. According to the press Diana and her ex-husband where on speaking terms after a while, but during their marriage Diana chose to live in the states and continue her career. Her ex-husband went on television and vented about their marriage not being a marriage because of said reasons above.
Hello Troy, Diana Ross sons are 10 months apart in age. Ross was born on October 7, 1987, and Evan was born on August 17, 1988. She got pregnant one month after having Ross, in 1987. They are not 18 months apart in age. They are only 10 months apart in age.

Springfield, VA

#60 Jan 9, 2012
rita wrote:
<quoted text>That white man jumped off that mountain when he realized how much child support and alimony he'd have to pay that Negro talentless has-been
Wow! a racists inconsiderate person, even about someone's death!

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