Denzel is not very nice
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Brooklyn, NY

#1 Oct 11, 2006
I just ran into Denzel Washington in the street. He was filming a new movie called "American Gangsta". I guess he was in between shots because he was alone in the middle of the street. I passed him by and I was very excited to see him. I felt like he just brushed me off and that sucks because he is one of my favorite actors.
Denzels Number one Fan

Fairfax, VA

#2 Oct 31, 2006
I don't think That is true because he will never do that to a fan.Even if he was very busy I don't think that statement is The least bit of true!!!!!!!!!!
Denzels Number one Fan

Fairfax, VA

#3 Oct 31, 2006
Yaritza wrote:
I just ran into Denzel Washington in the street. He was filming a new movie called "American Gangsta". I guess he was in between shots because he was alone in the middle of the street. I passed him by and I was very excited to see him. I felt like he just brushed me off and that sucks because he is one of my favorite actors.
I doint think that is true he would never


#4 Nov 6, 2006
Yaritza wrote:
I just ran into Denzel Washington in the street. He was filming a new movie called "American Gangsta". I guess he was in between shots because he was alone in the middle of the street. I passed him by and I was very excited to see him. I felt like he just brushed me off and that sucks because he is one of my favorite actors.
Don't be upset... he may have been in character or could have have been thinking about and preparing for his very next scene. Remember, stars are human beings and can't be happy and excited all the time just because you want them to be. Sometimes stars aren't prepared to react when very excited people they don't know approach them. Denzel seems to appreciate his fans and his career. You shouldn't feel bad, especially since you don't know what kind of day he had before you saw him.

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Nov 8, 2006
yes wat she is sayin is true b/c i was on the set providing security and he was very bizness like he wasnt talkin 2 anyone

Bangkok, Thailand

#6 Nov 11, 2006
I've been watching Denzel over the past couple of days here in the north of Thailand, and I hate to say that my experience of him is a negative one too. I walked over to him when he away from set to ask politely for a photo. On seeing me coming he quickly said, "Not during the day." His two big security guys made sure that I didn't get within sniffing distance of him and one tried to block me incase I went for a quick shot. I asked if it would be okay to take a photo in the evening and was told it was fine. Next day (in the evening) I get refused again when I approach. I I explained what I had been told the day before and basically got sent packing. One little snap would have sent me off contented. Yes, I know all about their dislike of paparazzi, but my little digital hardly counted and for 20 million dollars I'm sure that ain't too much of an inconvenience. I won't waste another day trying.

United States

#7 Jan 11, 2007
seriously people, why do you need a photo with Denzel or need to talk to him, he is just an entertainer nothing else, quit holding people who's jobs are to perform and entertain in such high esteem, because in all reality a good actor is nothing but an impeccable liar.
I hope Denzel slugs one of you in the face the next time you try to get a photo.
Because at least then you would have valid complaints other than "he didn't drop everything and make his world revolve around me like my parents do" complaints

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Jan 16, 2007
As some people have mentioned, Denzel is never mean to his fans. I know b/c I got an autograph from him with literally hundreds of other fans. The entire time I was there, he was patient and gracious. If he was in the middle of shooting a movie, then most likely he was in character. From so many interviews I've read whenever Denzel plays a role, he always stays in character and acts just like they would even when the cameras are not rolling. That's how he is able to give out such strong, believable, brilliant performances. For example, in Man on Fire, during a scene w/ Dakota Fanning when the character Creasy is supposed to be annoyed w/ Dakota's character Pita, Denzel stayed in character in between takes. When Dakota asked he director, Tony Scott, if Denzel was not in a good mood, he explained to her that he was still in character. So I would not take it personally b/c he was only doing his job.

Bangkok, Thailand

#9 Jan 19, 2007
Matt, The man was sitting chewing the fat with his bodyguards; it was all about a miserable photo and not the exagerated scenario you came out with.
rosa perez from new york

Sunnyside, NY

#10 Jan 24, 2007
hi i just met denzel a few months ago he was filming american gangster it took me 7 hours to talk to him and get him to sign a book he wrote but he did and he was real nice i broke down in tears and was nervous he told me to take care i was so emotional and he was to ,seen me cry like he did i sow it in his eyes and the way he spoke to me he would never forget me

Chino Valley, AZ

#11 Feb 1, 2007
Has any one heard that Denzel Washington as a home in Prescott, AZ ?

El Cajon, CA

#12 May 14, 2007
I would first like to say that Denzel is a bornagain Christian and is very active in helping to advance the Kingdom of God financially and any other ways through the church he attends in Los Angeles. Secondly, I would like to add that just because you bumped into him in-between takes when he was probably preparing for his next scene that probably required a certain state of mind, doesn't at all reveal to you that he is not nice...because I know that he is and very nice at that. I am a very nice person also, but when someone comes up to me that knows me or knows about me and I don't know them, I can be a little leery to especially if I am in the middle of something. So, do me a favor and stop wearing your emotions on your sleeve.

Carmel, IN

#13 May 20, 2007
I never seem to understand how people think they acutally know celebrities because of what they read and see on TV. People know only what the celebrity's publicists want them to know. Mr. Washington was recently at an after party for the Mayweather-De la Hoya fight and was hitting on my friend in the most aggressive of manners. I was not there but she is a truthful person with no reason to lie. She had a romantic moment with him (quick makeout session) and then stopped it there. Even as innocent as it was, he plainly suggested how much more he wanted from her despite his twenty plus year marriage and four children. So much for being a born again Christian.
The Wannabe Denzel

United States

#14 Jun 15, 2007
Yo! does anybody want to meet me? I look just like Denzel and I'll talk to yall and take pictures all day if its that important. What can I say,"it's the least I can do."

Ashburn, VA

#15 Jun 26, 2007
How can u say that Denzel issn't nice. he is awesome. he even sent me an autographed picture and a letter. he is a great role model too. get over urselves.

Plano, TX

#16 Jul 3, 2007
Stop being a cry baby
Sefanit Mengistu


#17 Jul 19, 2007
i relley to tell the truth about Denzel he is so wise and good thinker he is the king of black man race so proud
MV Resident

Elmsford, NY

#18 Jul 23, 2007
All is know is that Denzel was here in Mount Vernon, NY the other day and he was very pleasant and signed autographs and took plenty of pictures.
He also endorsed Legislator Clinton Young for Mayor.
Denzel Fan

Elmsford, NY

#19 Jul 26, 2007
Denzel Washington has endorsed a politician for the first time in his life. In an effort to turn around the years of mismanagement of the city that he grew up in (Mount Vernon, NY), Denzel Washington has endorsed Legislator Clinton Young for Mayor of Mount Vernon.

I just think that Denzel has done so much for us, that we should make every effort to assist hi with this effort. Denzel promoted and helped raise funds for millions of Boys and Girls through his efforts with the Boys and Girls Club of America.

It's now our turn to help him. Please go to www.climtonyoungformayor and donate what ever you can or volunteer if you live in the area.

Let's help Denzel save his hometown. I understand the current mayor is under federal investigation and has been served two federal subpenas. I also understand there is several millions in missing dollars.

Once again:

Maitland, FL

#20 Aug 7, 2007
I watch your show all the time and you inspire me so much. I’m Katrelia Cunningham a country girl that has struggled all her life. I got myself in to a bad situation seem like my life is head into a dead end. I need some direction in my life I’m a mother of a daughter and raising my niece . Please just take time to hear me I’m not asking for anything but and opportunity to do something I love I want to be an actress and know that I have what it takes just don’t know where to start maybe you can help me. I need a financial break through so I can help myself and family. Please keep me in your prayers.

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