I think i would be correct in saying we have heard nor seen the elusive paperback writer DAN BROWN for three years!
Has the once flamboyant character simply run out of his own ideas, or jumped ship and now lives life as a recluse.
With the original ideas stolen from his British counterpart, printed and published by Corgi Books and Bantum press in the U.K, the real author is still chomping at the bit to release the much widely anticipated fourth follw up to the Lost Symbol, the Solomon Key a long with several other projects all on hold with a long running dispute with the associated author's legal wrangling as to who the real author behind the trilogy still waits to be acknowledged.
It is a crying shame of the red tape and misfortune that the real author has had to wait now for over ten years be be paid any royalties from the proceeds of the book sales and the movies including the DA VINCI CODE.......
How long this farce is going to continue only one man seems to know the truth, Roger Holden, managing partner of Hansells solicitor's Norwich, Norfolk, England.