H1B USA need or not

H1B USA need or not

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Houston, TX

#1 Feb 13, 2009
I am from india. Since everyone is started to focus on cutting down H1B visas, I would like to write simple math related to H1B profits. I may miss lot, I am just writing this like a stupid...

68000 Visas Every Year - H1B

Throughout the Country Average income for H1B people will be $60K --I know its more than $80K..take low number
$68,000 X $80,000 = 5,440,000,000 USD

Here what H1B people giving back to country economy
$68,000 X $ 5000 ( expenses for Visa Processing )
= 340,000,000 USD
$68,000 X $20,000 ( Taxes , I know they pay average about $35, taking low amount of 20K)
= 1,360,000,000 USD
$68,000 X $1000 ( Rental or Own home )
= 68,000,000 USD
$68,000 X $ 1000 ( expenses monthly )
= 68,000,000 USD

Total Basic Math giving back to country =$18.36 Billion Dollars

Common guys..think about it..H1B visa people dont get any Unemployment benefits. We work and live and wake up every morning - we have job or not , if no job - no money. Deportation...bla bla..

Average total, H1B people try to live in safe areas because we are scared for guns and violence, so we spend more on rent & home expenses.

Industry - Without these 68,000 workers - can you achieve the best , I mean best best..infrastructure on IT, Production, Products, Design, anything....?

600,000 job loss in January is horrible, but it didnt cause by this 68,000 visas.

I know people hate me, I will do the same if someone come to my country and take over my job. But I am not competing with anyone in my company, degree & education gave me the job and ready to accept for low salary than average. I am happy with salary, self satisfaction.

Walden, NY

#2 Feb 14, 2009
Your pretty much upset, and justified, because people are making policies that do not make any sort of logical sense. But hey, don't forget the vast majority of people in the world are religious too, And you have got to be a complete moron to believe any of that crap. So as far as counting on regular folks to make rational intelligent decisions goes, forget it.

Our country desperately needs to re-invest in education, and the smart people REALLY need to start ridiculing religious beliefs. If you believe in magic and the supernatural, your an idiot who has no business adding their 2 cents at all.

America screwed up because making money became more important than everything else, and our political decisions reflect that. Republican policy ruined us.

So Sathya, Don't let India turn into another America. Religious belief should never enter into any political decision ever, and people that are religious should not be allowed in decision making positions. Always put education above money.
Or you end up with policies that deny yourself 20 billion dollars as well as the intelligent people to solve problems.

Maybe if we all just pray, everything will be all better.. Facking stoooopid!!

The take home message is that if people can't understand and accept the reality of a simple concept like evolution, how on earth are they ever going to be able to understand political policies.

The game's over in the west, India and China are the new big boys on the block and i hope they prove better able to run the world than America has.

Hey Sathya, I bet if you got those 68,000 people together you guys could do something amazing. Maybe its time to move India towards some new horizons.
Sam T Coolhead

Concord, CA

#4 May 30, 2009
If it takes money, to perform such as assessment, its worth it. This will also reduce the overflowing number of H1 applications and people who deserve to be where they should be would be so .Especially it will, reduce the category of those people who are unproductive manipulators, trying to use some influence & recommendations within their community & within their friend circles projects to get projects. I have seen a section of these type who instead of being resourceful on their work will try outsource it offshore or to their friends, while they move around like rats, trying not to get noticed and choose to go 'maintenance mode' most times. One live example of strong community influence will be with those that are Pakistani or Bangladeshi......I have seen THIS GLARINGLY..In many places... An actual example Mr Rayeesur Rahman from Labore Pakistan, gets a coveted job position using the influence of a highly placed manager in this company who happens to belong to the same hometown of Lahore. I have never seen Rahman work in the capacity , that he was hired for , and most times, he is smoking out & clubbing and playing hearts online. Well , he got inside the same company another fellow Imran, on the condition..that this person "supports" him, in and out. Imran is just an intern , not even graduated, but Raham has bloated his position to that of a senior with 10 years exp. Well WHO verified that he has the 10 years of exp ? Remember Rahmans boss ...the interview was all arranged. THIS KIND OF INSIDER WORK HAPPENS BECAUSE OF THE ABUSE OF "RECOMMENDATIONS" . IN GENERAL ( AMERICAN ) CONTEXT "RECOMMENDATIONS" ARE USED IN good faith when people feel that someone , else greatly deserves some potential offering. BUT IN CASE OF A SITUATION WHERE ONE IS TRANSITIONING INTO AN ENVIRONMENT THAT IS VANTAGED , In terms of pay and work conditions, like this job....RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUCH INFLUENCE ARE ALWAYS INEVITABLY MISUSED AND IN THIS CASE, AT LEAST 3 AMERICANS COULD HAVE FILLED IN THOSE JOBS.
I HAVE SEEN THIS MOST OFTEN WITH CLOSE KNIT COMMUNITIES WHERE THERE IS ALWAYS A "HIDDEN" AGENDA and good example of which is the Islamic Community. More precisely, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. This kind of behavior is the result of insecurity in an openly competitive environment where people feel threatened.
Sam T Coolhead

Concord, CA

#5 May 30, 2009
There SHOULD also be a GC Aptitude test that assesses your overall integrity, and resourcefulness to be a permanent resident of US. As President JFK said " As not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country" .Especially so when the queue for GC's is so badly retrogressed, it does not harm giving a carrot, that if you perform within the top 5 Percentile of this exam, your position gets advanced some 5 years, while the rest keep waiting.
This kinda of approach WILL really put things where they should be.
I hate to be in India because of being so called ' Positively discriminated.'
So far we have seen general discrimination. in US ..e.g. some country's folks want a special position by virtue of their belonging to certain ethnicity and other people at large oppose it .
Now just imagine.......for e.g. Bill Gates or Steve Jobs ...is discriminated against because
<> He is White
<> He is Christian
<> He has all it takes to Steer that Company .
This is called "positive discrimination" or 'reverse discriminated'. That is discrimination because you are too good for something. In India the you have to be an Islamic Terrorist or Backward cast person so that the communal and cast govt. can make 'reservations' for you in terms of jobs and education.
I come from a country where you can be falsely accused of rape by any women, if she chooses to fantasize it and spend the rest of your life in prison ( www.498a.org explains what I am talking about ), BUT if you are a ( Islamic ) terrorist and have actually committed acts of terror....the govt....will acquit you for want of proof.

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