extermination of white people

extermination of white people

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Kevin Allen

Notre Dame, IN

#1 Apr 4, 2009
Liberals want to systematically exterminate white people off the face of the planet. Just look at the statistics. I can compare two east Asian countries, South Korea and Japan, to two western European countries, Ireland and the Netherlands, to show how there is a massive plot by leftists to kill off white people. Ireland is 10% ethnically non-Irish, the Netherlands is 20%. Japan and South Korea are virtually ethnically homogenous being both over 99% ethnically Japanese and Korean, respectively. Some people say that there is mass non-western immigration to western Europe because it is payback for western Europe's colonization of the rest of the world. This sounds like a reasonable argument until one considers one word: Ireland. Ireland never colonized anyone and was itself a victim of colonization, so there should be no reason for Ireland to be flooded with immigrants. Japan, on the other hand, did colonize other countries such as Korea, China, the Philippines, and many Pacific island nations, subsequently brutalizing the people of these countries. From the colonization argument, it should follow that Japan should be flooded with immigrants, but this is not the case. Japan is a first world country, the second richest country in the world, so one would expect there to be immigration to Japan in the same way that there is immigration to Canada, the United States, Australia and all western European countries, but this is not the case. The reason there is not a deluge of immigrants to Japan and South Korea is because the people in these countries are Asian and not white, so they are not a threat to the Marxist, Barack Obama, UN utopia. White people are a threat to this utopian ideal. In the mind of liberals, people with a mental disorder,(liberalism is a genocidal mental disorder), white people are all evil and must be killed off in order for a utopia to be established. Some people also assert that the reason Japan is not flooded with immigrants is because it is a really crowded country. But the population densities of Belgium and the Netherlands, countries which are being flooded with immigrants, are larger than the population density of Japan, so this argument is obviously not true either. The fact of the matter is that liberals are crazy, and see white people in the same way that the Nazis saw the Jews, as a rich minority which is evil and can be blamed for all the world's ills. Liberals are pussies though and are afraid of guns, so need to find some way to exterminate white people without putting them in death camps like the Nazis did. What they are going to do is flood all predominantly white countries with nonwhite immigrants so that over time, perhaps one or two hundred years, there won't be any white people left. 200 years sounds like a long time, until one realizes that this is just a blip of time in the big picture of history. The Irish people have been developing as a people with a distinct culture, identity, language, etc. for around 10,000 years, and it is an utter shame that this people will be irrevocably killed off in a mere two hundred or so years. I am looking in the long run, which as Keynes said, "in the long run, we'll all be dead," so even if there will always be white people around while I am alive, I think it is a worthwhile goal to preserve this race of people. The reason America has porous borders is so that millions of Mexicans will come into our country illegally, to ensure that there won't be any white people anywhere, in Europe or in the Americas. So even if 99% of France becomes ethnically non-French, there will still be some small plot of land in France, much like the island of Ni'ihau in Hawaii, where the indigenous French can flourish and protect their history, culture, language and ancestry. Hell, this place could even be turned into a tourist attraction where people can go to see REAL French people.

Paradise, TX

#2 Apr 4, 2009
lol,thats the best thing of read on cnn yet,you,ve got it figured out never looked at it that way.and the only reason japan ain,nt covered up with immigrants is because they don,t live next to dirty old mexico,those people are so stupid they cant do for them selves in there own country they have to slum off us the true americans. if we don,t put a stop to the mexican hords of illegals in this country,not only will the white man be pushed out like we did the indians,but also the blacks........this is our country,god bless america.
Pink Elephant

Chengdu, China

#3 Apr 12, 2009
Finally! Someone with half a brain and more! Kevin, I fully agree with you! Blame the mongrelization of the west on the Jews because they control the media.

White man lacks a racial consciousness, unlike many other races.

If (and when) white man dwindles away, there will be widespread corruption and chaos in the world.

Why is white man better, and should prevent other races from mixing with whitey?

1. Most inventions are by white man ex. car, plane, tv, computer, internet, Newton, Archimedes, Tesla....
2. White man has best art ex. Picasso, Da Vinci
3. Best music ex. Mozart, Beethoven, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Led Zeppelin...
4. Best sports people ex. Daniel Carter, Johnny Wilkinson, David Beckham, Brock Lesnar, Fedor, George St.Pierre...
5. Least corrupt countries are mostly white
6. Best looking people are mostly white
7. Greatest Explorers were white

And on and on..........

White man must unify and win.

Hitlers biggest mistake was that he lost. If he had won, the world would be strong, smart, healthy, and have a sense of purpose. Unlike todays people that are directionless, porn obsessed, money obssessed, fat, lazy, and boring.

Orlando, FL

#4 Apr 12, 2009
pink elephant,praise god for your kind of thinking.
Albert E

Saint Charles, MO

#5 May 8, 2009
I totally agree with Kevin, white people need to wake up and not be caught off guard.

White people need to quit feeling sorry & guilty for any past transgressions, they need to bolster themselves up and stick together as a race. Any thoughts of integration working, or we can all just love each other is simply asinine in nature.

Show me a place in the wild that Lions & Gazelles live together in harmony. It doesnt work in nature, it doesnt work in our world.

The time for white people to see the rising tidal wave coming at them is NOW.

Den Haag, Netherlands

#6 May 24, 2009
If you people are serious, you have really not understood a whole lot of the world. Who the hell are "the liberals". They are not a single group of people. I am actually from the Netherlands, I'm half black half white. So my mother is trying to kill my father? Are "Liberals" trying to make my black (Caribean) mother kill my Dutch white father. No of coarse not! My mother came here to go to college and get a job.
Culture changes all the time anyway. Irish culture is heavily affecten by British culture (so the British are actually a greater threat to Irish culture than non-whites are). O and these days Japan is watching MTV, seeing American movies and eating McDonalds hamburgers, so also in that case Americans are a greater threat to Japanese culture than non-whites. Furthermore, American culture is totally based on European culture (which changed and evolved into todays society in the US). So European culture aparently has more effect on the US than non-white culture.
Maybe you people need to start thinking and meet some black, asian or whatever kind of people. Comparing a gazelle to a lion has got to be one of the dumbest metaphores ever made. Humans are humans. You can better compare Polarbears to Grizzlybears, but even better would be simply thinking rationally. The Netherlands has a lot of mixed couples because people here actually communicate with eachother. Maybe you should stop being afraid of others ("muslim terrorists"). Nobody is trying to kill you. People don't hate whites.

United States

#7 May 25, 2009
Can anyone tell me why White people (Liberals) want to give America away to the Black race?????????? Don't the White people want their own nation?????????? China is the only great UTOPIA in the history of the world. They learned how to create a one race nation without the philosophy of Adolf Hitler.

Sacramento, CA

#8 May 27, 2009
When will we learn that all of mankind belongs to the same tribe! All of us are Homo Sapiens Sapiens; and, any virile man is capable of producing offspring with any fertile female on this planet. Would this be feasible in nature if there was not some divine plan behind it? Moses, a man described in the bible as being "exceedingly fair skinned" married an Ethiopian Woman with God's blessings! I say that because Moses, according to scripture, was as close to God as few mortal men have ever been. And for those of you who scoff at racial intermixing I implore you to delve further into the life of Moses and see how God punished the Sister of Moses when she criticized him for marrying a Black woman! He struck her with Leprosy: a debilitating skin condition that lasted until she recanted!
WHITE INVENTIONS? Every continent has had some direct bearing on the inventions that we now enjoy. Read some World History!

“I love Sweet Tea!”

Since: Nov 08

Atlanta, GA

#9 May 31, 2009
It doesn't matter what land you are from, the fact that you are white gives them ( in some cases) a reason to payback what your kind has done to others.

I don't know if Karma is real or not , but its kinda funny if you look at it.You can't expect people to give a damn about your opinions of how they should justify there cause.

Whether you like it or not, everything that was done to people of color by whites was because of skin color and not really of culture . Al tho , not saying cultural differences couldn't of played some what of a roll in this as well.

Its all cool now that some white acknowledge we are apart of the same group, however it was white people who invented race in the first place for their own benefit to divided us.

Halifax, Canada

#10 Jun 2, 2009
The problem is that blacks/asains breed like rodents. Producing litters rather then produce quailty. The average number of children for black people is between 6 and 9 for asain's 4 - 7 for white's 1-3..... We are doomed. Like all other species that where introduced to a none native land they over produce and end up killing out all the native's.

Halifax, Canada

#11 Jun 2, 2009
BTW tea you idiot, the slaves where SOLD to the white's by their leaders aka black people. So blacks where sold to whites BY BLACK'S. The fact that the concrete monkey's can't figure that out proves my theory they are lesser being's. Hopefully we can get off this planet before they swam like rodent's and kill all the crop's.

After all look at all country's lead by black people they are doing so well. Aferica and such and now U.S.A.

Utrecht, Netherlands

#12 Jun 2, 2009
@ Peter: Your theory is that black people are lesser beings? Well in that case you've got downs syndrom. I really think you are mixing up "nature" and "nurture". People are as dumb as they grow up. A lot of black people in America grow up without proper education, because they have no money. The reason they have no money is because they have no education and because black people in America never had any capital until just about the 60's. This had caused a certain type of nurture of defense and madness, mixed with a lack of education (which is nurture and not nature).
Being European and reading this forum, I see a lot of Americans can't aproach racial problems rationally, but do so by emotion. This is because they are in the middle of it, and I can look at it from a distance. Apart from that, a lot of people (reading the last 2 reactions and the opening essay) are just not smart enough to actually come with realistic arguments. I don't know whether this is ignorance, dumbness or lack of information. Please base your arguments on actuall proven or widely excepted history or rational thoughts. Calling black people "concrete monkeys", comparing Lions to Gazelles while reffering to white and black people, and stating "there is a massive plot by leftists to kill off white people" in the Netherlands shows little intelect and knowledge.
Being half white and half black I am also a proof that black and white can simply join, and being Dutch (like I also stated before, see above) I can also say that blacks are not killing of whites here. By the way, my critisism is not only to whites in America, but also to blacks, which also use dumb prejudice and individual examples to acuse an entire (white) race for whatever they want to acuse them for.
And don't atack me for atacking you, unless you have good arguments, because it will only prove my prove my point.
Sebastian Stevens

Tyler, TX

#13 Aug 21, 2009
There's only once race and that's the human race. Yet only one people fit the description of truly being "human" and that is the white race. All other "races" are merely sub-human muds that need to be sterilized out of existence. This world should be for whites and elite Asians and all forms of interracial inter-breeding between the different "breeds" of humans needs to be put to a stop by any means necessary.
Juan Martinez

Tyler, TX

#14 Aug 21, 2009
Hey you silly gringos! No one's killing you. You're refusing to have babies and your women are only concerned with getting their college degrees and making money. Ha ha! We are moving in and taking the land and your country and soon all the money will be ours and your lily white race will have dwindled out of existence. Our women like having babies and being mommies and wives. I feel sorry for you white boys. Y'all is played out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Calhoun, GA

#15 Aug 22, 2009
who cares about the blacks the real issue is the hordes of illegal mexicans that are here in this country,now they breed like a pack of rats and still jobs from americans,its crazy how mexicans quit being illegal once they cross the boarder,there everywhere and the law dont care,and want do nothing about it. this country is going down the crapper and fast and you can blame it all on the wet back.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#16 Sep 8, 2009
Larry, its a little more complicated than that. You cant really blame it on the "wet back" You can blame it on poverty in Mexico. And you can blame poverty on Mexico on the unequal sharing of wealth. IE the rich man gets 99 percent of it, the rest of us get just enough to make it from this check to the next one. JOB= Just Over Broke. You see Larry, slavery never really ended, it was just disguised to look like "employment" I put it to you this way, if you are making less money than makes it possible to PROSPER, ie save money and do things in life like OWN a house and put your kids through school, you are a SLAVE. A job that keeps you just above starvation, is just enough to just pay the bills and get buy every week, is not a job, its slavery. I know what conservatives will say:" Go to school and get an education". Well just try to do that if you have to live paycheck to paycheck, or better yet try to put your kids through school on the pittance that the average American gets. The system is rigged, the rich kids go to college, become the boss, earn the big bucks, send their kids to college ad infinitum. And you and I, we get this bullshit speech about college but they know we will never approach the means to achieve it. Thats ok because they need workers for the factories and soldiers to go off and fight and die and get your arms and legs blown off so their kids dont have to. We have our purpose. To be their SLAVES. But look here, they have found slaves that will work for even less than we will. They can do this becuase in Mexico the system is even more open slavery. And the Mexicans have more slaves than they need. So they dont get upset when they send them here to work cheaper than our ("our" meaning the rich bastards who own this country) slaves will. So dont get mad at the Mexicans, get mad at the greedy pricks who will hire them just to not have to pay you a living wage. THAT is who you should be pissed at. Not some poor guy who is just here because he has a choice between coming here and letting his family starve. Believe me if you were in the same situation you would walk to Canada and to the same thing in a heartbeat. I pray you will never have to make the trip. A lot of people try to make it here from Mexico and dont make it alive.

Norfolk, VA

#17 Aug 13, 2010
I dont want to sound racists or mad at one race. But the reason for the PROBLEMS of the world is because of the european race. The reason the european races set off to other countries is in search of a UTOPIA.. and for RICHES (like gold, rubies and etc) And in order for them to do that they wanted to VIOLENTLY take over (killings, enslaving, raping etc) of the countires native race, making a excuse saying they were INFERIOR even though they were. Saying they were more superior because of there look. So they can TAKE what they can and CAPITALIZE. And when alot did this they also MIX BREEDED , and then realized they have done something wrong and are trying to find a way to put a END to undo what they have done.

Middle Island, NY

#19 Nov 15, 2010
To destroy the white race, just marry all their women and have kids with them with blacks. Then they won't be pure white again (According to racist whites)

United States

#20 Jan 28, 2011
Bottom line is that any race can be racist not just white. I see a lot of anti-white propaganda exterminate white people. I say every culture has the basic human right to preserve themselves, not one is better than the other. It is disgusting to see any race behave in these ways. No one no matter what their skin color black, white, red etc. should be persecuted for their skin color. The past it should be left as what it is called the past. No one that committed the crimes of a hundred years ago live today and no one today should be held accountable for those crimes and they should go with the people who did them. Do not blame an entire race for what one person does. Every body should be held accounted for and judged by their actions individually, not as a race. Name calling and ignorance blocks the road to peace and helps no ones cause. Like it or not we all share the same planet and doing so need to respect other cultures and beliefs. Your beliefs should not hurt other people in any physical, psychological or emotional way.

London, UK

#21 Mar 20, 2011
larry wrote:
lol,thats the best thing of read on cnn yet,you,ve got it figured out never looked at it that way.and the only reason japan ain,nt covered up with immigrants is because they don,t live next to dirty old mexico,those people are so stupid they cant do for them selves in there own country they have to slum off us the true americans. if we don,t put a stop to the mexican hords of illegals in this country,not only will the white man be pushed out like we did the indians,but also the blacks........this is our country,god bless america.
I agree completly, i am (white) from south america and live in europe, yes, this is a form of aniquilation of the white population.

i hope the new goverment will do something aboult , cos it is urgent. the liberals, mostly feminists and homos are on to this "genocide" . i never been to USA , but i know how it is there. especialy for a white man, u guys should have never embraced extreme feminism .

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