Clay's divorce
Captain Cg

Hattiesburg, MS

#21 Mar 31, 2008
Clay Walke fan a long time. I was watching "fall" video and I thought that he may have had a double to be the guy kissing that girl. Then, I was doing a search and I came to this topic and was taken by suprise. From the outside looking in, I thought him and Lori would always be together. She was in alot of his videos and it just all seemed that they had what it takes to be together forever.I do not care what anybody says, I do not see Clay Walker being happily married and then cheating on Lori. If things are as true as I have read on here about Lori and their fading marriage, well then, he may have split and evetually started moving on with someone else after the fact that he realized it was totally over before the divorce was final. It is a bad situation all the way around. My Uncle is from texas and when he and my aunt sepearted (Due to her cheating on him) he still hung in there hoping for things to work out but when he found out by his kids that she spent the night at this other guy's house and slept in the same bed, he gave up and that is when he moved on. So, sometimes that just shows that sometimes you just have to let go and move on. So, clay, keep on keeping on and good luck with your future, bro.....

United States

#22 Aug 2, 2008
i just see clay at the fair in cali i can care less about the bull he was grate on stage i love his music cents i was 15teen he is the best!!!!!!!
A Beaumont Tx Girl


#23 Aug 18, 2008
First of all none of you know your ass from a whole in the ground. There was an interview with clay and Lori and clay did no running around until after his divorce. Clay also stated NO Matter what he did she was never happy and always wanted much more and she threw fits like a sopiled little child. He slipped into depression and started staying on the road just to get away from her. She was a shelfish person whom would never even let him around his family much either. (Father and mother)I am glad he divorced Lori and is getting remarried. He deserves happiness. Let Lori find another man to throw her childish fits with. Dumb Bitch
Barbara Houston

Houston, TX

#24 Aug 31, 2008
I seen Clay at the racetrack lastnight and he was great, and i can't wait to see him again. He is so sexy and his daughter sang she was great.
Reality Check

Philadelphia, PA

#25 Sep 25, 2008
Are you kidding me? He's a musician... of course he ran around on her when he thought he wouldn't get caught... OR SEEN! Unfortunately some saw it... and yes, this was on the road before they were separated. NOW... doesn't mean she was an angel and wasn't doing it too. Like someone said, there are always two sides to a story but I don't think you should make him an angel either. They were probably both at fault in their own ways which is why they couldn't salvage the marriage. My two cents...

Coyote, CA

#26 Sep 29, 2008
Get over it! It's life. Things happen for a reason. Look Clay is a super star now he can go out, have his fun, and get any women the man wants.. That would be my dream. Just use a rain coat clay and good luck.

Tampa, FL

#27 Sep 30, 2008
Look Clay, cheated on Lori, Lori is the one who had money through her family, she found him in a bar and helped get his career started, of course she wasn't perfect but who is? I think Clay let the fame and fortune go to his head...

United States

#28 Nov 13, 2008
Let me tell all of you who dont really know clay something,I know him well,I used to play in his band, behind his big fake smile is a insecure self centered a-- hole! I laugh every time I see him doing a interview or a magazine article,most of the stuff he says is complete bull shit.He tries to portray himself as a real cowboy,he says stuff like he was raised on a ranch with bunches of horses and cows,When in reality he did not have a pot to piss in.He had more junk cars in his yard than he did horses,he says stuff like he team ropes with george straight.wich is a crock of shit! hes not a pimple on george straights ass. He spent a many of night at my house in the next town over with some skank so lori would not find out.He would pork anything with a pulse! me and my wife knew his marrige would not last,and lori was no saint herself she was a gold digger from way back ,well that pretty much sums it up for both of them.have you ever seen anybody elses picture on clays website,like a band member or family member,no its just pictures of clay and his selfish ass smileing like a possum eating briars. oh by the way clay couldnt rope a 55 gallon drum!!!

Austin, TX

#29 Dec 24, 2008
let pray for his family, we have no right to judge. because we didn't create him. One she'll know the truth that Jesus is the way. Clay you will protected under the blood of Jesus. you are not alone.

Bryan, TX

#30 Jan 2, 2009
barbara justi tx

United States

#31 Mar 3, 2009
I really like clay and hated to hear about his divorce. I hope he and lori find happiness. Unfortunily the kids are the ones who suffer most from divorce but i hope that ever thing works out all right.

Cove, AR

#32 Apr 30, 2009
Lori has her own money.. she doesn't need Clays... she is a successful woman. HE CHEATED ON HER! I know them both... Sometimes people get so caught up in.. "this person is famous the only reason she is with him is for money"... Whatever.. They went their separate ways...

Kuna, ID

#33 May 13, 2009
Being Christian has nothing to do with divorce or infidelity. Plenty of so-called Christians do that, even minsters and pastors. I'm disgusted at the comment that Lori deserved it because she wasn't doing her job right. No one deserves having an unfaithful spouse, if, in fact, that is the truth of the grounds for this divorce. I knew Clay years ago and he was and still seems to be an egomaniac, but that doesn't make him a bad person. Sometimes it takes two to tango in divorce and separations, but then again, sometimes it just takes one. I absolutely wish Lori and Clay the best, as I would with anyone, and I hope the girls have been as unaffected as possible through this.
Clay in law

United States

#34 Jul 17, 2009
You don't always hear the truth - there is some fault on both sides as is true in all break ups; but anyone who could put up with Lori as long as he did is somewhat of a saint. Jesse is a sweetie and such a total opposite to Lori. And yes, I know what I'm talking about - I'm his sister's mother in law. By the way - you might want to research George a little closer also - not such a perfect marriage there either.
Anna wrote:
From what I have read about the divorce it was Clay's fault. He ran around on his wife with his new girlfriend. I thought Clay was a Christian but I was fooled again as I have been so many times in the past. I thought they had a good solid marriage that would last forever like George Strait's marriage. Clay used to say he wanted to be like George in that way morally is what I mean but he proved to not be like George in that way.

Saint Paul, MN

#35 Jul 31, 2009
Lee Lee wrote:
Ha, I knew his wife, before she met Clay and she was NO angel....She was a wanna be cowgirl, who dressed slutty, and was always hunting for men with money. Poor Clay, he just fell under her charms, and we knew she would dump him sooner or later, especially after hearing he had M.S.....Good thing, now he can find a nice woman..
Clay was diagnosed with ms some time ago, so saying she left him after she found he had ms is a poor statement. Seriously, he has probably had it for longer then when he first came out about it, just didnt show the physical effects that MS can cause.

Willis, TX

#36 Nov 21, 2009
I am very happy for Clay and his new wife.I love his music, please don't stop singing those beautiful song's. Good luck to you and your new family. Hope to see you at the woodlands pavilion next yr.2010. God Bless yall.
Kitrena Walker

Franklin, TN

#37 Feb 10, 2010
I just losted from divorced.I feel like dieing.I have MS also.sorry right now i wish i was dead.

United States

#38 Mar 11, 2010
I actually live on an adjacent ranch to Lori and the girls... In my opinion Lori is one of the nicest people I know, she has been over several times for dinner and her girls have had playdates with my nieces.
Diane Houston Texas

Houston, TX

#39 Jul 4, 2010
Clay is like everyone else people change, life changes and some times the people we are with don't move forward with us in life and we have to get out to be ourselves. It's not about whose fault it is sometimes it is just the way it is and you accept it and move on. Life has a way of changing when we are most comfortable and healing us when we think we are down and out. I wish the best for both of them and their children.

Albuquerque, NM

#40 Oct 28, 2010
who cares who was cheating who ...all that matters is that he is happy I have met him many times and been to several husband played poker with him until 5am at the Casino we visit often and he seemed like he was a very nice man. And it does take 2 to screw up a marriage....

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