Beyonce vs Christina Aguilera

Beyonce vs Christina Aguilera

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United States

#1 Mar 13, 2007
To me beyonce can just as good, dance, and she look better than christina. Christina has more material voice meaning she can belt, whistle, and do much more. but those things are just what mankind invented to classify a vocalist. I think its tone, and control as well as the sound itself. Beyonce and christina aguilera both have 4 octave ranges according to BET and MTV. BET said during an interview with big tigger that beyonce has a 4 octave range and some man during christina's MTv interview said she has 4 including her whsilte ranges. Both ladies have are tied when it comes to vocals. Beyonce and christina are the voices of the generation until jennifer hudsn releases her album. Jennifer hudson can sing waaaaaaaaay better than both ladies. When it comes to power christina has more power in sound but controling power beyonce has more. christina uses throat singing to make her voice sound stronger as well as amy lee, whitney houston, and kelly clarkson. the notes come from there stomache of course but the sound is created by her throat and thats why when she talks, she sounds normal and soft and sweet but when she sings it sounds strong and violent. Beyonce is all natural with hers. Vocally the ladies are said to be recording something together stated in New York times and both are excited about it. christina's rammy performance was amazing but does it compare to beyonce's 1st oscar performance or her version of i believ in you and me. Christina diserves the title voice of our generation (even though she isnt the best). This is my opinion so please respect it and dont jump on me for saying they are tied vocally. Dacning.......Beyonce has mastered hiphop dance in loosemy breath wearing heels, ballroom dance in naughty girl again wearing hell, belly dance with shakira and babyboy video as well as performances, and she has did a nu,mber of catchy dances including the booty bounce which is a club dance and the back bend in hells as well. Christina did her thing in candy man which to me is her best work of dancing. beyonce is a better dancer. beyonce is a golden globe, NAACP, screenwriters, and balck film awards nominated actress. and she is the only recording artist ever to perform at the oscars three years in a row and 4 times altogether.Many were upset that she did have the oscar nominee as well.

United States

#2 Mar 13, 2007
they both have amazing styles but christina is the one who actyally changes her style more even though beyonce lost alot of weight and she is changing her hair from , blond, black to red.christina wins this one. beauty goes to beyonce. she has more curves than a freeway. christina is very beautiful as well. both ladies made mariah carey upset for different reasons, mariah is really mad at christina for no reason and shes mad at beyonce because they recorded a song together produced by jermain durpri and beyonce blew her away stated by oprah and mary j blige. even with the production beyonce still had her. both ladies have had success. both have 4 number 1 singles. sadly christina hasnt wrote any of her number ones but she still owns them. i also think beyonce is a better songwriter as well. both ladies have had there share of lyric success and both winning awards for writing but beyonce has been regonized as the leading lady in writing whcih make britney spears ass look fake. beyonce has had more success with awards, top singles, albums, and awards. and she is known to the world as the most beautiful person ever topping every list out there. hope yall respect my opinion and HOW DO YALL FEEL ABOUT THESE TWO..............


Since: Mar 07

a city

#3 Mar 21, 2007

Norwalk, CA

#4 Mar 21, 2007
Beyonce is ten times better than Christina. Beyonce does not go the raunchy route to get noticed and heard. Even though Christina has strong vocals, she is too desperate for attention to the point that she acts sleazy; takes steamy photos, reportedly gets intoxicated then bitches about other women in the industry. Beyonce is way to classy for that temper tantrum tirade and is self-accomplished without stomping over other people in the process. Hands down, Beyonce wears the crown.

Nagar, India

#6 Mar 22, 2007


Since: Mar 07

a city

#7 Mar 22, 2007

Gaborone, Botswana

#8 Mar 23, 2007
beyonceeeeeis way better the ladies mightbothhave arangeof 4 octaves but b has got more control of everything even her hooks

beyonce sounds shrill

United States

#10 Mar 27, 2007
they both can sing, but christina oversings, and beyonce's high notes are painful at time. Plus beyonce does so much runs that it is distracting. However, BOTH of them are hoochies who uses sex to sell albums. Beyonce's first album has a picture of her with shiny strings that just cover the nipples, while pretty much everything else is revealed. Christinas ass was bare in a magazine. They are both bad role models who can't go alone on talent, hence the gimmicks.


#11 Mar 27, 2007
actually . Christina Have The Most Strongest Vocal
Beyonce Have a Not Bad Vocal She Was a Very Good Vocalist In Listen
But Christina Dances Are Better Than Beyonce But Beyonce Dance aLot Better For Me Britney Spears Is the One but here its Xtina I love You Chris

Jamaica, NY

#12 Mar 27, 2007
Jennifer Hudson still needs to gain better control of her voice. If you close your eyes and listen to "I'm Tell You" you will be able to hear the mistakes in the song. You don't hear that in Jennifer Holliday's version. I think the best way to really hear a song is to close your eyes, sit still and listen. You tend to be distracted when your eyes are open even if you don't have a visual. As for Christina and Beyonce, I think they both have amazing voices, after Christina's performance at the grammys I would tend to think her range is 5 and not 4 Octave. She hit a high note that I've never heard her reach before akin to Mariah Carey but I think I read somewhere that Mariah was 8 Octave. Beyonce is pretty strong also but after the last performance that Christina gave, I am wondering if she could out sing Xtina. In any event, Beyonce has the entire package. The voice, the look, the body and the dance skill, however, she should speak as least as possible. She needs more work in that area. Christina has the vocal prowess and attitude, so I think Beyonce trumps Christina in the all around category but again, all three women have great voices.

Salt Lake City, UT

#13 Mar 27, 2007
I think that Beyonce tries a little too hard to be the greatest diva she can be. She was first a beautiful singer, then her dancing became very energetic, then she started doing movies... about singing, and now she is obviously trying to out-bellydance Shakira in the video Beautiful Liar. I think she is a little full of herself.
Jordan Taylor

Ramsey, UK

#14 Mar 30, 2007
Beyonce is the best vocalist in the music industry every1 knows it. Watch her when she performs dangerously in love live that note she hits is unbelieveable. She doesnt scream like christina, christina does all thet screaming and shouting just to get noticed. Beyonce is absolutly beautiful.......every1 does love you beyonce....especially me....cant wait to see you in june i know it will b the hottest tour for years n years. Hope everything is goin well 4 u and ur family...i love you loads.

Salt Lake City, UT

#15 Mar 31, 2007
Beyonce's not hotter than Christina. She's just fatter. And it's obivous that she could never out sing Christina.

Durham, NC

#16 Apr 1, 2007
Mariah Carey can sing beyonce can to so does christina. Christina did hit that high note like wow. beyonce sung dangerously in love good, but mariah hits note that even whitney houston cant so oprah and whoever else LIED beyonce will never out sing mimi im sorry. beyonce trys to out do eveyrbody. this is what she'll do when people start to give credit to someone else she'll do a deut with them so she can see if she can do it better. all the attention must stay on me "b". she's overrated and over seen. i need a beyonce break.

United States

#17 Apr 1, 2007
she is such a better singer, and isnt bossy.
did you know in my supper sweet 16,
this girl asked just to sing at a party and she asked for HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!
for real, is christina wasent touring so much (bc shes so wounderful) she would be honered to be choosen for a sweet 16 party.


#18 May 15, 2007
i thnk theyr both hot.. i like them both.. it wudnt matttr 4 da two coz they r frends.. as we all knew, xtina was the greatest singer of their gnration! i know theyv upheld this rivalry but they r 2 dfrent artists. jiust let them do wt they want.. we'll just support both of them.. thanx!


#19 May 18, 2007
xtina is more better
Kelly Kell

Salt Lake City, UT

#20 May 21, 2007
Coming fro ma professional vocalist...I like them both as ENTERTAINERS but as vocalists...I would have to leave it up to the old schoolers like Whiteny, Celine, Barbara Steisand and many other women who actually came on stage and sang without the extra gimmicks, crazy runs and overly sexy dance moces. I know that sex sells but the industry is too saturated witht ehsexy singing women. We all want a break. You have young girls dressing waaaay beyond their age and they believe that they are sexy becuse of what they see. We need to get back to the basics with singing. Thw ay the industry thinks is that you don't have to be able to have quality and tones anymore but if you are bringing in millions to their company...who cares! I say, let's get back to the basics!

Reading, MA

#21 May 21, 2007
I like 3 or 4 Beyonce songs
I listen to all of Christina's
I wish she would sing some gospel songs.
Ed Peerkins

United States

#22 May 22, 2007
Christina Aguilera Bratman is a wonderful artist. I appreciate her work. It is most fulfilling and rewarding i terms of music for me.

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