Ofcom's decision to clear the raunchy routines on Britain's X Factor is an insult to the 2,868 people who complained about the show. They have no respect for those of us who still demand some common decency in a world filled with degradation and depravity. Ofcom is not a court of law, and probably employs young whippersnappers on their panel of decision makers.

Female Pop singers with their rude stage routines look like hookers on the game, and some of us, namely those who complain to Ofcom, are not putting up with cheapskates who simulate sexual intercourse.“Daggering” is slang for dance moves simulating sexual intercourse, which is in my opinion, not suitable for younger viewers.

It’s up to the entertainers and companies to tone down their cheap and tasteless routines, when they know that they could have a younger audience watching their shows.